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Get to grips with Twitter
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Get to grips with Twitter


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Set up and be proficient on Twitter within an afternoon: learn how to tweet, tips to following Twitter, the important of bios, hasgtags and profiles.

Set up and be proficient on Twitter within an afternoon: learn how to tweet, tips to following Twitter, the important of bios, hasgtags and profiles.

Published in: Technology

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  • Participationsocial media encourages contributions and feedback from everyone who isinterested. It blurs the line between media and audience.Opennessmost social media services are open to feedback and participation. They encouragevoting, comments and the sharing of information. There are rarely any barriers toaccessing and making use of content – password-protected content is frowned on.Conversationwhereas traditional media is about “broadcast” (content transmitted or distributed toan audience) social media is better seen as a two-way conversation. As the name implies it is about being social. Social media is about having a conversation, so you need to have something to say. It's not about broadcasting one message, it is about 'telling a story' and communicating with your audience in an engaging way. CommunitySocial media allows communities to form quickly and communicate effectively around common interests.Such as a love of a hobby, a political issue or a favourite TV show, or a product. E.g. Big gardening community online, allotment owners, ConnectednessSocial media thrives on its connectedness, making use of links to othersites, resources and people. e.g. (Blog containing YouTube video) (Link to YouTube on FaceBook) (Tweets on your website homepage)
  • What’s in it for you?Build relationshipsSocial media allows your potential customers to interact with your brand on their own terms and of their own accord.Even by simply presenting insider expertise, companies are finding they can generate more traffic and interest in their products or services.Connect with passionate customersSocial media lets you reach people who are already interested in your product or service.You can deliver messages and information relevant to your target audience, you’ll build even more loyal relationships and gainreferrals from current customersDevelop a personalitySocial media allows you to create a personality, more accessible to your users.There not just dealing with someone at the end of a phone, or a click here to buy button on a web site.They might even see you demoing a product on YouTube or making comments on your Facebook pageAccess customer feedbackBlogs, forums, Q&A sites and social networking sites give you a feel for what your customers really think and feel about your product or service. They also enable you to respond to feedback and engage with customers. Feedback from social media can be so much more insightful than the traditional and awkward feedback form.Listen to your customersSocial media isn’t just about promoting your products and services. It also lets you listen to your customers, and talk to them on a more personal level.Enjoy a global platformSocial media gives you a global platform for users around the world to interact with your brand. e.g. (Devonshire Tea selling to US – Twitter)Compliment other marketing campaignsSocial media marketing can compliment and make your online and even offline campaigns much more powerful. ??Build links for SEOSocial media builds links for SEO, improving traffic flow to your site.
  • Twitter is an Information NetworkYou don’t have to tweet to get value from Twitter340 Million140 million
  • It’s very similar to texting and you can actually tweet from a standard mobile phone using text, you don’t need an all singing all dancing smart phone … although they make life easier!
  • Share. Share photos and behind the scenes info about your business. Even better, give a glimpse of developing projects and events.Users come to Twitter to get and share the latest, so give it to them!Listen. Regularly monitor the comments about your company, brand, and products.Ask. Ask questions of your followers to glean valuable insights and show that you are listening.Respond. Respond to compliments and feedback in real timeReward. Tweet updates about special offers, discounts and time-sensitive deals.Demonstrate wider leadership and know-how. Reference articles and links about the bigger picture as it relates to your business.Champion your stakeholders. Retweet (repeat) and reply publicly to great tweets posted by your followers and customers.Establish the right voice. Twitter users tend to prefer a direct, genuine, and of course, a likable tone from your business, but think about your voice as you Tweet.
  • Go to the URL above orIf you were logged in you’d search in the small box top right.Next slide lets try some searches
  • HANDS ONEnter your search query into the search box. (Press the return key to perform your search.) No results – explain that the Timeline is liveClick ALL on results list If you find a conversation relevant to your business, jump in and see what value you can add or what needs you can address.Swap between Tweets & People
  • Profile Page > defaults to Tweets TabShortcut to Open your Profile Page Press G and then P key from your keyboard to see your twitter profile.Access your Twitter profile page from the menu in your top navigation bar, or from your Home tab.Your profile displays your Tweets, stats, and information about who you are.Others see this when they look you up on Twitter. Edit any of this info by clicking on Edit your profile. Shortcut to Open your Profile Page Press G and then P key from your keyboard to see your twitter profile.
  • When you mouse over a Tweet you may have also noticed the Open link.This expands the Tweet and gives various info depending on the content of the Tweet.This example is a retweet of @The_HobbitMovie ‘s Tweet and shows the number of retweets and favorites it has as well as being able to play the video from within the Tweet itself.This adds a degree of Multimedia rich content to Tweets which most people think of as simple text messages
  • I have put a link to this twitter sign up page on the Handy Links hand out that I’ll give you later on.I have already created the Twitter training accounts in advance of this course so there is no need to fill in this form.But some points to bear in mind when you set up your own account at home.Enter a password. Make sure your password contains letters and numbers to make it strong.Twitter automatically suggests available usernames based on the real name and email address you've entered. Try to pick something that describes your business – for example, all Cosmic staff have their Twitter name prefixed with Cosmic. So mine is @CosmicStuW.Most common usernames have already gone so you may have to think up something imaginative, it must be fewer than 15 characters in length.If you are going to Tweet for personal and business use, don’t mix business with pleasure, create two separate accounts. I’m @StuWitterer out of hours!
  • Profile Page > defaults to Tweets TabShortcut to Open your Profile Page Press G and then P key from your keyboard to see your twitter profile.Access your Twitter profile page from the menu in your top navigation bar, or from your Home tab.Your profile displays your Tweets, stats, and information about who you are.Others see this when they look you up on Twitter. Edit any of this info by clicking on Edit your profile. Shortcut to Open your Profile Page Press G and then P key from your keyboard to see your twitter profile.
  • Followers TabThe Followers Tab shows a list of all people who follow me.My Tweets appear in their TimelineThey are subscribed to my TweetsWhy do some say follow but one says following?
  • FollowingThe Following Tab lists all the people you Follow.You can unfollow by clicking on the Following buttonFollowing someone on Twitter means:You are subscribing to their Tweets as a followerTheir updates will appear in your Tweets timelineThat person has permission to send you direct messages
  • InteractionsThis tab offers a simple way to see what's happening on Twitter in relation to you.- which of your Tweets are favourites, - plus the latest retweets (of your Tweets), - Tweets directed to you (@replies and mentions), - your new Followers.(If you'd only like to see your replies and mentions, click on the Mentions tab on the Connect page.)
  • Mentions TabOnly shows Tweets where I get mentioned @CosmicStuW
  • The Discover Page has 5 TABSStories, Activity, Who To Follow, Find Friends, Browse Categories,StoriesYour Discover tab displays the top news stories and Trending Topics on Twitter.Stories are personalized for you based on recent popularity and your connections, location, and language.
  • Activity TabThe Activity tab is where you can discover who the people you Follow are engaging with on Twitter. It shows the latest Favourites, Retweets, and Follows made by the people you follow on Twitter – all in one place.
  • Who to FollowTwitter can help you find accounts to follow by directly recommending new accounts that may be of interest to you, based on the accounts you're already following.
  • Find FriendsThe Find Friends tab under Discover allows you to follow friends and colleagues with a simple contact import from your email address book.
  • Browse CategoriesThe Browse categories tab under the Discover section includes lists of engaging and well-liked accounts on Twitter, organized by common interests.These suggestions represent just a small sample of all of the great users and content you can follow on Twitter.Probably a bit main stream and American to be of use for small business purposes – hunt down local users using search.
  • I’m going to cover Hashtags more in depth later on this morning
  • I’m going to cover Hashtags more in depth later on this morning
  • SP US spelling FavoriteJust click the word Favourite and it changes colour and says Favorited and a star appears in the top right cornerThe Tweet then appears in your favourites list
  • Who uses hash tags, has anyone created their own?
  • You may have seen hashtags appear at the start of TV programs to encourage you to chat about the program on Twitter.You can do this for your own events to “@bugsbunny can’t wait to see you at #exeterfoodfest next week!”"Thanks @bugsbunny @elmerfudd @sylvestercat for tweeting about #exeterfoodfest“#tedx#scocmtn 
  • You can type your hash tags into and get a timeline of there usage…X factor
  • Link to Twitter Search Operators on hand-out sheetsExplain themWe can actually let twitter write these advanced search's for us
  • Go to this url
  • We can use twitters advanced search operators to find tweets from specific locationsThe best thing to do is to experiment with this.To search for jobs in bars, within 50 miles of Bideford for example, you would use“All of these words” = bar“This hash tag” = job jobs -If you want more than one hash key to be included then list them with spaces i.e “job jobs”.Make sure you select your language.When selecting a place name be sure to add “UK” to it to save on ambiguity so just “Boston” will give you the USA but “Boston UK” will, not surprisingly, give you the UK.Twitter does understand counties ie “Cambridgeshire” but do not combine place county and country ie “Cambridge Cambridgeshire UK” – Twitter does not understand this. Use “Cambridge UK” or “Cambridge does not yet support language and location-specific variables”
  • Highlight BAR and #JOBSAt the time of searching only one Tweet was available, but remember Twitter is a live feed so jobs could appear at any time.By adding this as a saved search we wouldn’t have to type it again.
  • "holiday cottage" lang:en near:"Exeter UK" within:50mi ?lang:en near:"Barnstaple UK" within:25mi :) ?Remember Twitter search results are live so sometimes you might not see anything, but two minutes later there may be lots!
  • People tweeting questions about Holiday Cottages within 50 miles of London UK
  • People tweeting Questions and Happy things within 25 miles of Barnstaple
  • Talk through each one and change name and add profileSave any tab you change.
  • If you think someone may have found out your password, you can change it here.
  • If you want to Tweet using a normal mobile phone, you can register it on this screen.
  • This screen allows you to Control when and how often Twitter sends emails to you
  • Avatar – square Maximum size of 700k. JPG, GIF, PNG 300 x 300 pixels min to avoid distortion if expanded when clickedName – This appears in bold at the top of each tweet so has to be either your name or your businesses nameLocation – Helps when people are searching for local services, don’t leave it out! Add to Bio tooWeb – A link to your main websiteBio160 characters‘professional desc1, professional desc 2, and professional desc 3 who likes to personal desc 1‘ Wedding photographer and portrait pro who likes to photograph his family at embarrassing moments’Facebook – Don’t recommend connecting
  • Talk through the elements.A good profile helps you get found in relevant Twitter searches and Google searches
  • My Profile PageClick on EDIT YOUR PROFILE button to change yours
  • Pick a theme or make a custom background and included contact info and extra company info as part of the graphic.See on handout sheet
  • Shows groovy design of background
  • Various apps on your phone or on the web may interact with Twitter, if you ever stop using an app you can revoke it’s access permissions on this tab.
  • Does anyone here use lists?Lists are a great way to organise who you are following (and even who you are not following) into groups categorised by you.You can decide whether your list is open or private. If open, anyone can see that list and it will come up in list directoriesYou don't need to follow a user to add them to a list – Great for keeping tabs on the competitionThis example creates a list of North Devon Surf SchoolsOnce I’ve shown you this example I want you to all have a go creating a list.
  • This example creates a list of North Devon Surf SchoolsKeyboard Shortcut to Open your Profile Page Press G and then P key from your keyboard to see your twitter profile.Click on - Lists (left hand side) – Click On (Create List)-(right hand side)
  • This box pops up.Name your list and give it a description.Set Private or Public – If public people can subscribe to it!Click “Save List”
  • Read slide text
  • This page shows my list and Tweets from people in the list.I can edit the list, see it’s members and if public see who’s subscribed to it from this page.
  • OK lets try a hands on exercise, I want you to create a list, name it and add in 3 relevant users.e.g.North Devon NewspapersLocal Football TeamsLocal Politicians Whatever you want!
  • Another challenge?Search for @CosmicStuWI have one Public List.Find ItSubscribe to itWhat’s it called?
  • A quick example of subscribing to a listIn my who to follow box I saw NT South West, so being nosey I thought I’d see what public lists they have!Clicked on the their avatar icon
  • This screen appeared and then I clicked on their Name in Bold
  • Their profile page appears
  • Clicking on the Lists tab got me their lists pageI then clicked on their Trustsites listNote – the other two lists belong to other accounts
  • I then click the subscribe button to add the list to my own list page
  • Hootsuite.comLink multiple social media accounts, search columns for hashtags, search terms etcScheduled tweets and Facebook posts.
  • After you type your Message, click the button with the calendar icon. A calendar will then pop down, enabling you to set the date and time. Next choose whatever social network profile you would like to send the message to. When finished, click the Schedule button to confirm.
  • Tweetdeck – explain interfaceRather than navigate around twitter.coms multiple tabs and pages, Tweetdeck allows you to open columns containing just the information you need.Post from different accountsSchedule postsSearch columnsFacebook
  • Start building your network. Listen first before you start the conversation! You can find people to follow by using the ‘Who to follow’ link on the main Twitter #Discover menu at the top of your home page, which will open a left menu with a selection of tabs where you can search for people already using Twitter by real name or user name, or choose from ‘Who to follow’.#Discover Page > Who to Follow –Or for the name of your townSelect People instead of Tweets
  • Many of you will be past this stage, but Listening is a good way to find communities and discussions to get involved withBy listening we really mean searching, reading and following interesting relevant people
  • Network, communicate, inform and be informed, update, be updated – that’s what Twitter is about!
  • – Content with key wordsUse the hashtag symbol # before relevant keywords in yourTweet Use Follow Me buttons and widgets on your website and BlogYou may recommend your friends by using “#Followfriday” Tag. Then you may write their user id one after the other with @username separated by “commas” . You may also use #FF as well, The abbreviation of  Followfriday#sbs Theo Paphitis to retweet your business to his 225,817 followers
  • In this example, when @shopcalico reach 2,000 followers they can simply search Twitter for the Hashtag #followshopcalico and pick a random winnerHas anyone tried this sort of thing to gain followers?You can do a similar sort of thing on Facebook for Likes!
  • If someone Mentions you Thank Them. Try and personalise it a bit though…If someone RT’s you Thank them too.There is a link to “10 tips to master Twitter etiquette“ on your sheets
  • If you Tweet with location turned on, your tweet will have a map pin icon on the bottom left corner.Portable devices such as iPhones with GPS will actually pin point the exact location from where the tweet was sentYou can zoom in on the mini map and it will show the location.But what's quite scary is this…… when you click on “from Exeter” Google maps opens in it’s own window.
  • Dropping into Street view mode, the location of the tweet is still marked!! (security)I don’t advise you Tweet “I’m at home alone”“Off on holiday…”With a GPS enabled device!
  • There is a link to the advertising page on your hand out sheet.It’s relatively new to the UK so I’ve yet to find a small business whose used it, but it may prove useful to some of you.As yet I can’t find any costing information, I believe you fill in the form and someone contacts you, but a self serve system is reportedly coming soon!
  • There is a link to a document called “137 Twitter Tips” on your Hand-out sheet.Here are a few to start..
  • There are many ways to promote your Twitter @username online and offline: business cards, signage, advertising, price labels, receipts, menus, delivery vehicles, product packaging, storefronts, email signature, your website, etc. Anywhere your customers interact with your brand is an opportunity to encourage them to follow you on Twitter. (and your facebook address!)
  • They are also using Social Media as a promotion tool within fliers and newspaper ads to draw people onto their Facebook page.10% off if you like us on Facebook!Also puts signs up in gardens where he’s working so people can see he’s on Facebook and go and look at his work.Early days, but a good start!
  • “Like Us on Facebook” stickers on their van
  • Costa
  • Email Club NewsletterSocial media channel links at bottom
  • Real world example of a MentionTo post a mention on Twitter:Type your message normally, but replace any names you include with the Twitter @username. Twitter will recognize and highlight the username, as shown in this tweet from Lord Sugar mentioning @CHRISDJMOYLESIt is simply a way of grouping tweets that include your name in them, in one place. These mentions and replies allow you to keep an eye on what’s being said about you and often offer up the opportunity for you to reply or comment about what's being said.Lets try it out……….
  • Wherever you go on the web to find the answer to the question “What is Social Media”, you will get 101 different answers…I quite like this one because it simplifies it quite nicely
  • This image demonstrates how quickly and exponentially information, advertisements, ideas, etc. can be spread by utilizing social media. It is also a great depiction of how a Youtube video can go viral, propelling its creator to fame, even it is often short lived. When applying the concept to business, it is clear how a good business idea such as Starbucks receiving customer suggestions and ideas can spread so rapidly. A good idea will spark interest and interest will lead to sharing. With so many users on sites such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, the sharing occurs at an incredibly fast rate.A recent example of this sort of viral phenomena is a one man pet photography business in Los Angeles
  • The underwater FETCH photos were added to which is a site where links are shared and voted on by users.It quickly went viral being shared via Twitter and Facebook usersHis web site went from 200 to 100,000 hits per dayAnd his Facebook likes went from a few thousand to 70,000 almost overnightThis shows the power of the net and social media
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social MediaFocus On Twitter Kate Doodson
    • 2. What is social media?Social media is best understood as a group of new kinds of onlinemedia, which share most or all of the following characteristics:• Participation• Openness• Conversation• Community• Connectedness
    • 3. Why Use Social Media?• Build relationships• Connect with passionate customers• Develop a personality• Access customer feedback• Listen to your customers• Enjoy a global platform• Compliment other marketing campaigns• Build links for SEO
    • 4. Twitter340,000,000 Tweets per day 140,000,000+ active users
    • 5. What is Twitter?Twitter is a free social networking andmicro-blogging service that allows itsusers to send and read other users’updates (otherwise known astweets), which are text-based posts ofup to 140 characters in length.
    • 6. Twitter for College – Why?– 91% of 16-24 are on Social Networks– (58% of 35-44 – their parents)– 22% of 16-24 yr olds use Twitter every day– Mobile devices 45%16+ have mobile device– ONS 2011 survey
    • 7. Twitter for College• Broadcasting messages• Communicating with students/parents/alumni• Listening
    • 8. Guided Tour
    • 9.
    • 10. Try These Basic Searches• Bicton• Students• #Exmouth• Alevel• @educationgovuk
    • 11. 1Tweet Tweet Flow 2 Expand 3 View conversation
    • 12. Open
    • 13. Log into
    • 14. How To Sign Up on Twitter CosmicStuW
    • 15. 1 Tweete Tweet Flow 2 Expand 3 View conversation
    • 16. Click on Followers – following you
    • 17. Click on Following – you follow
    • 18. Who to follow• Local businesses (work experience)• Other Colleges – CornwallCollege• Group: The group/Me @cosmickated• Education – TEDChris – Changemakers – Khanacademy – GettheMath
    • 19. The Connect Page
    • 20. The Discover Page
    • 21. Stories
    • 22. Activity
    • 23. Follow more people?
    • 24. Find Friends
    • 25. Browse Categories
    • 26. Anatomy of a Tweet Tweets are the building blocks of your communications on Twitter.You’ll be surprised by how much you can say with 140 characters or less.
    • 27. Watch your Twitter Feed…• ‘Hello’
    • 28. Now it’s your turn It’s #FatTuesday & we’ve got great music from The Trail Blazers who @guardianmusic calls Phenomenal TWEET140 characters including spaces (note no formatting)‘I’m working on my Twitter skills today, so apologies forlots of Tweets!’
    • 29. It’s #FatTuesday & we’ve got great music from The Trail Blazers who@guardianmusic calls Phenomenal ADD LINKSTwitter’s link-shortening feature allows you to paste a link of anylength into the Tweet box and it will automatically beshortened to 19 characters. This makes it easier to fit long URLsinto the 140 character limit.
    • 30. It’s #FatTuesday & we’ve got great music from The Trail Blazers who@guardianmusic calls Phenomenal ADD A MENTIONSometimes you want to bring a Tweet to someone’sattention, but you still want all of your followers to seethe message. So instead of a reply, use a mention.Include the @username of whoever you want tomention in your Tweet, and it will appear in theMentions section (in the Connect tab). All @usernamementions are clickable and link back to the mentionedindividual’s profile.
    • 31. Mention Alert Email
    • 32. It’s #FatTuesday & we’ve got great music from The Trail Blazers who@guardianmusic calls Phenomenal IMAGETo include an image click on thecamera icon
    • 33. It’s #FatTuesday & we’ve got great music from The Trail Blazers who@guardianmusic calls Phenomenal ADD A LOCATIONAdd a location to your Tweets – ifyou want to!
    • 34. It’s #FatTuesday & we’ve got great music from The Trail Blazers who@guardianmusic calls Phenomenal REPLYYou can respond to a Tweet by hitting the reply button. Whenyou reply, your response is public, and will show up in yourhome timeline and the timeline of the person to whom you areresponding. The reply will also be visible in the home timelinesof people who follow both you and the person to whom yousent the reply. Meaning, someone not in the conversation hasto follow both of the people replying to be able to read bothsides of the conversation.
    • 35. It’s #FatTuesday & we’ve got great music from The Trail Blazers who@guardianmusic calls Phenomenal RETWEETYou can pass along someone’s Tweet by retweeting it. Just hitthe retweet button to send the original message to all of yourfollowers.Include your comments to a Retweet using the …..< love it!
    • 36. It’s #FatTuesday & we’ve got great music from The Trail Blazers who@guardianmusic calls Phenomenal HASHTAGA hashtag is any word beginningwith the # sign. People use hashtagsto organize conversations around aspecific topic. Clicking on a hashtagtakes you to search results for thatterm. #BictonCollege
    • 37. DIRECT MESSAGEClick on the Tweeters nameand then on Send a DirectMessage
    • 38. Favorites
    • 39. Delete a Tweet
    • 40. Stuck for Content…• Bicton Stars• Question of the day• RT inspiring content• Twitter Open Day (staff from all dept, students, prinicple)
    • 41. Hashtags
    • 42. HashtagsDefinition: The # symbol, called ahashtag, is used to mark keywords ortopics in a Tweet. It was createdorganically by Twitter users as a way tocategorize messages.
    • 43. Helping you find interesting Tweets• People use the hashtag symbol # before relevant keywords in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets to show more easily in Twitter Search• Clicking on a hashtagged word in any message shows you all other Tweets in that category• Hashtags can occur anywhere in the Tweet• Hashtagged words that become very popular are often Trending Topics
    • 44. Hashtags• Education – #edchat #college #bictoncollege – #BCstars2012 #students• Agriculture/Equine – #agrichat #equine #horses #agriculture #organic #farming• Local – #bicton #Exmouth #Budleigh• Campaign- #sosdairy
    • 45. Using hashtags• Dont #spam #with #hashtags. Dont over-tag a single Tweet. (Best practices recommend using no more than 3 hashtags per Tweet.)• Use hashtags only on Tweets relevant to the topic• See if the hashtag is in use already
    • 46. Twitter Event Hashtags• Start publicising your Twitter event hashtag a week or so in advance of the event. #exeterfoodfest• Publicize the event hashtag on signage and check-in materials at the event• Monitor the Twitter hashtag, and then identify and promote the most active tweeters
    • 47. How do you decide Hashtags?
    • 48. http://hashtags.orgThis Graph shows Hash tag usage over the 90 days leading upt oChristmas for a specific Hash tag. Two peaks appear everyweekend…… any ideas?
    • 49. Advanced Search
    • 50. Advanced Search Operatorstwitter search containing both “twitter” and “search”. This is the default operator“happy hour” containing the exact phrase “happy hour”love OR hate containing either “love” or “hate” (or both)hilarious filter:links containing “hilarious” and linking to URLsbeer -root containing “beer” but not “root”nonprofit –rt containing “nonprofit” but not “rt”#socent containing the hashtag “socent”from:cosmic_uk sent from person “CosmicUK”to:cosmic_uk sent to person “CosmicUK”@cosmic_uk referencing person “CosmicUK”
    • 51.
    • 52. Location Specific Tweets
    • 53. Results
    • 54. Search For• People tweeting questions about Holiday Cottages within 50 miles of London UK• People tweeting Questions and Happy things within 25 miles of Barnstaple
    • 55. Account settings
    • 56. Your ProfileDesign every element of your profile to best reflect your business. Your name, bio, website and profile picture should all work together to tell your story.
    • 57. @QueenRaniaA mum and a wife with a really cool day job…@GlinnerI apologise in advance.@oilmanRecommended by 4 out of 5 people thatrecommend things.@TheMadHatReeling and Writhing, of course, to begin with, andthen the different branches of arithmetic —Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, and Derision.@AllisonBatofNaturally and artificially flavoured@RebeccaWoodcockI am a sample size of one, not statisticallysignificant, nor representative.@MadsBloggingMomSmart ass blogging mom. Its all about me, really.
    • 58. @KRCraftAn ounce of perception – a pound of obscure.@DianaSilvaSaysI love my husband, my dogs, all things marketing, three-dayweekends, high-heels, reading, running, knitting, sushi, wine, long walks onthe beach…wait, what?@PamelaLundSpreading smiles like they’re herpes@TweeetstreetNothing more than a man who cared enough to try@EzraButlerI’m the illegitimate love-child of Strategy and Creativity.Now neither parent admits to having me…@brantIt only ends once. Anything that happens before that is justprogress.@cshirkyBald. Unreliable. Easily distracte
    • 59. Lists Create a listSubscribe to a list
    • 60. Create a List
    • 61. North Devon Surf Schools
    • 62. North Devon Surf Schools
    • 63. Create Your Own List & add in 3 relevant users
    • 64. Subscribe to a List• Search for a user• They have one Public List. – Find It – Subscribe to it – What’s it called?
    • 65. Hootsuite & Tweetdeck Making Twitter easy
    • 66. Scheduled Tweets
    • 67. Making Twitter easy
    • 68. I Can Tweet, Now What? Small Business Twitter Strategy
    • 69. Find People to Follow• Start building your network• This can include friends, suppliers, clients, prospects or strangers• Use the Who to Follow links on the #Discover page• Search Twitter for relevant industry related terms• Search Twitter for local People, Places & related Businesses• Follow trade bodies and organisations• Search for hashtags used in your line of business• See who the people you follow are following• Follow people who follow you (not all of them)• With good quality consistent Tweets, followers should grow organically!
    • 70. Listen first• Read Tweets from people you follow• Follow their links to see what they share• Look at their public Lists• Search for and read Tweets relating to your business type• Monitor Saved Searches for Tweets of interest to your business
    • 71. Engage• Network• Communicate• Inform and be informed• Update and be updated• Promote your Blog, Website and Facebook Page• Be engaging and sociable• Focus on your niche
    • 72. What to Tweet?1. Link to news stories on your website2. Promote news from Blogs3. Promote events4. Ask questions5. Talk to people6. Tell people what you are doing7. Share a little expertise
    • 73. Plan your posts• 6 week calendar• Theme – inspiration, giveaway, seasonal, annou nce products
    • 74. How to get People to Follow you on Twitter• Tweet interesting tweets• Use relevant Hashtags• A well written Biography• Follow Me buttons on your Blog & Website• Twitter Feeds on your Blog and Website• Ask for usernames at Networking events and tweet them later• Publicise your Twitter profile and Twitter name on business cards, adverts, email signatures, van signs etc – – @Cosmic_UK• When you follow people. Some people may follow back• Recommend people on #FF• Try #SBS Theo Paphitis
    • 75. Use your followers to get more followersWhen your followers retweet your content — or when they tweet about you —they extend your reach to their followers.
    • 76. Offer an IncentivePeople are more likely to retweet anoffer that provides value to their ownfollowers.
    • 77. Any Questions?
    • 78. Etiquette
    • 79. Tweets With Location On
    • 80. Security!!
    • 81. Promoted Tweets & Accounts
    • 82. Twitter Tips• Don’t use a personal Twitter account for work. Keep them separate!• Search for & follow interesting business relevant People• Search for Tweets of Interest• Retweet Tweets of Interest• Start Dialogue• Find related businesses and see who they follow
    • 83. Promoting yourSocial Media Channels
    • 84. A mention on Twitter
    • 85. What is social media?
    • 86.