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Katie Dean Williams Portfolio



Portfolio of public relations and media marketing work for higher education.

Portfolio of public relations and media marketing work for higher education.



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Katie Dean Williams Portfolio Document Transcript

  • 1. WUOG 90.5fm Google Analytics ReportGoals: SM Monitored: Audiences:Objectives: Tactics:Aug. 11 – Sept. 10, 2010Compared to July 11 – Aug. 10, 2010Primary Target Audience:Educators and students at theUniversity of Georgia, local bandsand music producersSecondary Target Audience:Athens, Ga. community, local businesses,educators and students at otheruniversities and unable to determineGoals:Increase direct traffic for thenext reporting periodDecrease bounce rateSaturday, Sept. 4: Labor Dayweekendand first game day atUGA –sports broadcastingSaturday, Sept.11: Gamedayat UGA –sportsbroadcastingMonday, Aug. 16:Class starts at mostuniversitiesFriday, Aug. 27: Halftime Hip HopShowevery Friday nightat 9 PMInclude the URL on all media and print materials.When on the air, have DJs directly refer to the URL.Post once a day to keep the information relevant and useful.Make the links from the homepage more user-friendly.    Include  a  “hover”  bar  where  visitors can see where each link will lead them next.Use media to promote the radio station in local businesses.Athens has a lot of visitors, create a strong relationship with the Visitors Center andBureau to make sure they come into contact with your message.Increase direct traffic visitorsby 15% by Oct. 11Decrease bounce rate by10% by Oct. 11Increase # of Secondary TAby 8% by Oct. 11By the Numbers:9139 visits 91.7%2.37 pages/visit 1.48%56.25% bounce rate 4.86%00:02:10 avg. timeon site 13.75%N=24Top Content1. /homepage/2. /live/Avg. time on page 00:03:443. /programming/Avg. time on page 00:00:354. /contact/5. /dj/world/index.php?page=currentplaylistAvg. time on page 00:04:35What this Means:The avg. time spent on apage is 00:01:35. Number 2and 5 on the Top Contentpages are a 205% and a 310%increase from the averagetime spent, respectively. Thisis normal because visitorsstay on these pages to hearmusic, but we can takeadvantage of knowing whatdraws the visitors initially byadding the elements thatwork to the pages that aresuffering. The programmingpage (only 27% of theaverage) is where we couldimplement extra effort. Mysuggestions are to updatemore frequently and addmore photos.N = 9139Traffic Sources OverviewService Providers for VisitorsKatie Dean WilliamsN =3627
  • 2. Pacific Fleet Social Media Monitoring ReportGoals: SM Monitored: Audiences:All data without citation was collected through primary research on a 1/5 sampling rateSearch  Results  for  “Pacific  Fleet”: Pacific FleetBand, Pacific Fleet Choir, Russian Pacific Fleet, US Pacific Fleet,Pacific Fleet EnsembleKatie Dean WilliamsAug. 10 – Sept. 10, 2010Data collected from TwitalyzerCommon Tags: #MilitaryMon, #rimpac, #usnavy,#cooroperation, #pp, #hawaii, #japan, #indonesiaLists TopicsBy the Numbers: 4041 Following 4371 Followers 476 Lists following PFBy the Numbers: 4691 Likes 74 Wall posts 921 Wall posts byothersMost viewed video this month: 1,317 viewsVietnam Dignitaries Visit USS George – 1 month agoBlogs found using blogsearch.google.comMost common times to blog: 9-11am, 3-5pm and 7:30-9pmBy the Numbers: 2712 video views 10 video uploads 24 subscribersN = 22N = 642N = 90What this means: 42.2% of the sample listed@pacificfleet in a military category, either specifically statingmilitary, referring to one of the branches, or using militarylanguage,  such  as  “commands.”  This  gives  us  insight  on  how  the  majority of our followers categorize us, giving us a frame. Sincewe know this is what our followers are looking for, we can targetour messages to inclued this topic in particular.Social Media Monitored: Twitter (@PacificFleet) Facebook (U. S. PacificFleet) Youtube (USPacificFleet) BlogsTarget Audiences:Primary – Active Sailors, Family of Sailors,Navy Veterans and CivilianSupportersSecondary – Army, Air Force, Marines,Coast Guard, Media, Recruits,Unable to determineGoals: Discover which tool bestencourages discussion of thePacific Fleet in Social Media. Determine what people sayabout the Pacific Fleet inSocial Media.What this means: During the sample time frame, there wasone interactive question. This one question sparked more interestthan all the other posts combined. Post interactive questionsfrequently throughout the month to increase communication onthe page. My suggestion would be to continue to include friendlycompetition between the fleet and to post every two weeks,working towards a weekly question.Facebook Activity
  • 3. Pacific Fleet Social Media Report by Katie Dean WilliamsGoals: SM Monitored: Audiences:List Topicsfor Report 1 (R1) and Report 2 (R2):All data without citation was collected through primary research ona 1/5sampling rateSept. 11- Oct. 11, 2010As compared to Aug. 10 –Sept. 10,2010By the Numbers:2900 Video views 6% from R116 video uploads 60% from R142 subscribers 75% from R1Most Commented on photo:Facebook ActivityPinning ceremonyUploaded on Sept. 16, 201040 Likes, 20 CommentsMost loyal fan:Surface Warriors –20 wall postsN = 874By the Numbers:4611 Following 14% from R14922 Followers 12% from R1524 Lists following PF 10% from R1By the Numbers:2381 Likes 50% from R1108 Wall posts 68% from R1868 Wall posts by others 10% from R1N = 99Most viewed videothis month:alk36% from R1: 967 viewsUSS Essex Valiant Shield – 1 month agoAverage Video Time for R2:1:37 secondsN = 165Tweet Topics by PF:N =262Activity Log of Pacific Fleet (PF) during Report 2:What this Means:Nothing is posted on Twitter duringmostweekends. This is followed bya spike (see theActivity Log),as wesee on Oct. 4and5. This isdue to @pacificfleet thanking those whoretweet or mention them. This is importantbecausesocial media is interactiveand shouldbe used for two-way communication. Mysuggestionis to spread these out, so thereisconsistent conversation throughout theentire week.There was a 71.22% decrease in theresponses to interactive questions during R2to R1. This is because the questions asked thisperiod were vague and obviously seekinginformation, suchas: “What is your favoritepage and why?” The question from R1 wasbetter because it directly affected people’slives. “Whatis your favorite ship?”is a directquestion that peoplecan answer easily, as themain target audience is activesailors, familyof sailors, Navy veterans andciviliansupporters. My suggestionis to narrow downinteractive questions so that they specificallyrelate to the fan base.The comments left by people on Facebookand mentioned through Twitter are greatways to geta pulse on youraudience. DuringR2, one example stood out: a fan asked tohave the letters capitalized in“chief pettyofficer.” Within 4 hours of the complaint,itwas addressed by Pacific Fleet. The tellingpart is that after the comment wasaddressed, others commented back insupport of Pacific Fleet’s actions. This is thebest way to establish rapport with a fan base,and I would continue to monitor thecomments several times a day.
  • 4. Pacific Fleet Social Media Report by Katie Dean WilliamsGoals: SM Monitored: Audiences:All data without citation was collected through primary research on a 1/5 sampling rateOct. 11- Nov. 10, 2010As compared to Sept. 11 – Oct. 10, 2010Most Commented on photo:Daddy’s  home…Uploaded on Oct. 27, 2010141 Likes, 23 Comments252.5% from Report 2Most loyal fan:Frankie King – sister of asailorBy the Numbers: 5100 Following 10.60% from R1 5419 Followers 10.09% from R1 562 Lists following PF 7.25% from R1By the Numbers: 3345 Likes 40.48% from R2 95 Wall posts 13.68% from R2 830 Wall posts by others 4.37% from R2What this Means:Twitter followers are more active onMondays and Fridays than any other day ofthe week. This is most likely because they arelooking for something to distract them fromreturning to work, or are looking to kill timebefore the weekend. Overwhelmingly, I havefound that Facebook fans are moreinteractive on holidays or when an interactivequestion is posted. This is due to the primaryaudience’s  awareness  and  interest  in  their  loved ones during this time. For example, allof the most commented on photos and linkshad a strong emotional appeal and pulled thetarget audience in via their sailor pride.Halloween and Veterans Day were bothduring Report 3, so there is a large amount ofactivity surrounding those topics thisreporting period, many of the fansinteractions were positive responses to thelogo change of the page to be more festiveduring these holidays.There was a 88.57% more positive tone infan posts than negative, and 77.14% morepositive than neutral. This is due to the closerelationship with the primary audience andtheir positive interaction with the Pacific Fleetas a whole. In addition, 17% of fan commentswere neutral, meaning they expressed bothpositive and negative feelings. This was mostoften found when a spouse would saysomething like: “So  proud  of  you  boys! Myhusband is leaving today .”My suggestion is to continue to postregularly with interactive questions, but givespecial attention to holidays as that is whenthe primary audience will want the mostinteraction. Also, remember 52.14% offollowers list PF as military or US Navy, givingus a frame. Thus, we should target ourmessages to those topics.Goals: Discover which tool bestencourages discussion of thePacific Fleet in social media. Determine what people sayabout the Pacific Fleet insocial media.Objectives: Increase overall interactionwith Twitter fans by 10% byDec. 11 Increase the positive tonein Facebook posts by 10%by Dec. 11Target Audiences:Primary – Active Sailors, Family of Sailors,Navy Veterans and CivilianSupportersSecondary – Army, Air Force, Marines,Coast Guard, Media, Recruits,unable to determineN = 115N = 140N = 89 N = 951Fan interaction for Report 3:N = 1206
  • 5. Joanna Smith& Water Tower TownRecordsNashivilleCapitolShe was a homecoming queen,he was a football starTheir names in redsoshameless.They made love for the first time...www.capitolrecords-nashville.comTwo  page  magazine  spread:  
  • 6. Created  hash  tags  for  signature  events  at  Ohio  State  University:  Light  Up  the  Lake    (#lutl):    Hash  tag  was  trending  in  the  Midwest.  
  • 7. Consulted  with  the  University  of  Georgia  Alumni  office  to  create  markeHng  strategies  to  reach  out  to  parents  and  families,  as  well  as  students.    As  a  result,  suggested  they  create  a  blog  spotlighHng  student  leaders  and  what  they  are  involved  in  on  campus.  
  • 8. CapitolRecordsNashivillewww.capitol-nashville.com2009 Tours:Honky Tonk Tailgate TourLaunch TourLove, Pain & The Whole Crazy World TourSpring Break with All My Friends TourWater Tower Towns TourYoung & Wild TourGet Tickets:Check out the Membership & Registrationtab on our website.3322 W End Ave # 1100Nashville, TN 37203(615) 269-2000Contact Us:Awards:-label of the year by Billboard-Radio & Records and Music Row in 2005-Two Juno AwardsBackground:- First country music outpost in Nashville in1950- Part of EMI, the world’s largest independentmusic company-More than 1,000 artists-For more information on EMI go to:www.emigroup.comTri-­‐fold  brochure:  
  • 10. Open Micwith Dean CullyThursday, Nov. 116-8pmDrewry RoomHosted by:The Grady Ambassadors &The Grady Student SocietyDiscuss your interests andconcerns with Dean Cully Clark.All topics welcome, but there willbe discussion of:•WNEG•Major changes•New mediaOne night only, the second annual
  • 11. Student Opinions Welcome at Dean’s Town HallHe swears his place at Grady College was meant to be. Not only because he’s did his dissertation on theoriginal Henry W. Grady, but also because he hails from Grady County in south Georgia.However he found his way to us, Grady College Dean E. Culpepper “Cully” Clark will be answeringquestions from students this week. “Open Mic with Dean Cully” will be held on Thursday, November 11,from 6-8pm in the Drewry Room.Students will be able to address Dean Clark directly in a Q&A format. There are plans to discuss WNEG,Grady College major changes and New Media, but any and all topics are welcome.This is the second annual “Open Mic with Dean Cully.” Last year, Grady College students live tweetedduring the event so that alumni and others could follow along. This year students plan to do the same,using the hash tag: #gradymic.As open communication is essential in a student-inspired environment, “Open Mic with Dean Cully” is anopportunity to generate feedback that might not otherwise have be voiced."Open Mic with Dean Cully" is a joint venture between The Grady Ambassadors and The Grady StudentSociety. Both groups are focused on creating a bridge of communication between faculty, alumni and thestudents of Grady College.Both groups worked to make sure the event was scheduled on a day when most Grady College studentscould attend, as many students with concerns or interests also have commitments within the college.For those who cannot attend and wish to know what was said, the discussion will be filmed and releasedvia the listserv, as well as tracked on Twitter.The forum will allow Grady College students the chance to hear from the man in charge, and to expresstopics of interest or concern.!
  • 12. EXTRAORDINARYNowthat’sThe League of Extraordinary Students supports the goals and programs ofthe Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy.To learn more about how to join the League, visit our Web site: www.tinyurl.com/ferstlesGet a groupRaise moneyand volunteerPick alocalchildPromotechildhoodliteracyAndyoucanbetoo!Join the League ofExtraordinary Students1234
  • 13. Two  page  pamphlet:  
  • 14. TRADER JOES “Skippy the Scanner” :30 RadioSFX: BEEPING GROCERY SCANNER NOISE, TRADER JOE’SBELL, GENERIC GROCERY STORE NOISE.UPBEAT MUSIC BEGINS TO PLAY, THEN FADESUNDER.SKIPPY THE SCANNER: Hey, Athens! I’m Skippy the Scanner and I just startedworking at Trader Joes! Things sure have been busy aroundhere since we opened up.SFX: CARTS CRASHING, SCANNER BEEPING, MOREGROCERY STORE NOISE.SKIPPY THE SCANNER: I love my job because I get to see all the exciting things youbuy.SFX: SCANNER NOISE, FOLLOWED BY SKIPPY’SLAUGHTERSKIPPY THE SCANNER: (gleefully): Oooh! Those fennel fronds sure are tickly! Andfresh!SFX: SCANNER NOISE CONTINUES INTERMITTENTLYEVERY 3 SECONDS TILL ENDSKIPPY THE SCANNER: Italian Roast Coffee? That’ll give you a kick in the morning!And look! Trader Joes almond butter! Kind of like peanutbutter...but yummier!SFX: CART ROLLS UP AND STOPS.MALE VOICE: (friendly): Hey, Skippy. How was your first week?SKIPPY THE SCANNER: Great! I love working at Trader Joes because everything hereis healthy. You just never know what great stuff we haveuntil you check it out… it’s an adventure every day!SKIPPY THE SCANNER: Come see me at the new Trader Joes on Epps Bridge Parkwayand I’ll make sure you leave on a good note!SFX SCANNER NOISE, LOUDER THAN NORMAL,FOLLOWED BY SKIPPY’S LAUGHTER.
  • 15. Script:(( (SCENE( AUDIO( VISUAL(1( Normal(house(noises:(hum(of(a(refrigerator(and(a(TV(playing(a(news(reel(in(the(background.(MS(with(Mom(and(her(two(kids(sitting(on(their(living(room(couch,(watching(TV.(2( Space(shuttle(launching(noises.(Mom(talking:(“Hey(honey,(can(you(get(me(a(Coke?”(MS(from(behind(their(heads(over(the(couch(in(the(living(room.(The(space(shuttle(launching(in(the(center(of(the(background(on(TV.(3( The(dad(says:(“Uh,(sure.”(Fridge(opens(and(closes.(TV(noises(in(background.(MS(from(kitchen(perspective,(dad(gets(a(Coke(from(fridge.(There(are(magnets(and(kids(projects(on(it.((4( Click(of(can(opening,(fizzing.(Noise(of(TV.(ECU(of(a(Coke(can(lid.(5( Kids(exclaim:(“Oh,(cool!”(Upbeat(music(starts:(“Space(Oddity”(by(David(Bowie,(and(continues(throughout(other(scenes.(LS(Cut(scene.(Family(is(in(space(wearing(colorful(tech(space(suits(on(Mars.(Dad(is(still(holding(the(Coke.(No(helmets.(Mars(is(red(and(they(are(near(a(cliff((see(key(frame).(6( Hear(laughter(and(alien(noises((happy(ones)(and(a(bubbly(rippling(of(water.(LS.(Family(walks(to(the(edge(of(the(nearby(cliff(to(investigate(and(look(down(over(the(edge,(where(they(find(a(river(of(Coke.(7( Splashing,(laughter,(shouts(and(party(noises.(LS(Zooms(in(to(a(CU.(Aliens(float(by,(tubing(on(the(river(of(Coke,(having(a(great(time.(There(is(also(an(alien(party(on(the(opposite(side(of(the(river.((Everyone(is(holding(a(bottle(of(Coke(and(a(few(aliens(are(even(dipping(Coke(out(of(the(river,(having(a(grand(ole(time.(((8( Coke(melody:(“bum(bum(bum(Ba(Bum.”(Space(shuttle(flying(noise((Vroom)(as(it(passes.(CU(of(an(alien(dipping(Coke(from(river(Zooms(out(to(LS(of(entire(planet(of(Mars(and(stars(in(the(background.(A(space(shuttle(in(the(shape(of(a(Classic(Coca^Cola(bottle(flies(around(the(planet(with(an(alien(driver(holding(a(Coke.(As(the(shuttle(passes,(the(stars(behind(the(shuttle(light(up(brighter(than(normal(to(spell(out:(“Open(Happiness.”(((Video  script  outline  for  Coca-­‐Cola: