Eval pres 1


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Eval pres 1

  1. 1. How effective is the combination ofyour main product and ancillary text
  2. 2. Relationship between task My magazine and poster all have things in common, I have done this so that people can easily recognise the film, to be successful youneed to have a strong connection. If so they will be able to sell better and more. This is why I chose to have similarities between mine.
  3. 3. How do they support the genre I feel all the tasks I have done have meat the genre, I feel this because of the factors used inmy poster, magazine and trailer. House style font layout and horror conventions are some of theways that I have supported my genre, it has also helped build a good relationship between my ancillary and my main products
  4. 4. House styleThrough out my magazine and poster I have used the same colours, red black and white, these colours can all symbolise one thing, an exampleof this would be the colour red represents danger and the colour black represents darkness, so these are good colours to use when doing a horror trailer.
  5. 5. Font styles In my poster I used very little text and just used one piece of text at the top of the image in big blue letters, I done this as I wanted the image tostand out more and people to focus on this, for my magazine I used a lot more colour and size, my title was still the biggest piece of text in red but there were smaller sub heading in all different colours, for example, yellow,white and blue.
  6. 6. images I did not use many images in my poster or magazine. I chose to just use an image of oneperson, I did this because my trailer is about one person who gets possessed and start killingpeople so I wanted my posters and magazine to resemble what my trailer was about.
  7. 7. Layout Throughout the project I have pretty much used the same layout. For both my poster and magazine the layout was the same, as on boththe big headline either the title of the magazine or the name of the movie on the poster was at the top of the page and the image of the film was central and below the text.
  8. 8. Horror conventions/identities My horror conventions and identities was paced around possession and murder, After watchingfilms just as paranormal activities and seeing howthey try and poses people I tried to use this in my own and man the victim become possessed and start killing and go after the person who nocked him down.