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Ten years of Top Tips
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Ten years of Top Tips



my best conclusions from a decade of driving and delivering dreams.

my best conclusions from a decade of driving and delivering dreams.



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  • A journey through Bb over the ages for our recently joined friends from WebCT and Angel!
  • Experience and resources brought together in BbWorld (San Diego) and Bb Europe (Edinburgh) in 2006. ABC – access, basics, community were the fundamentals. I would probably now say Accessibility, Brand, Community
  • Make as many things as possible one click – ideally less than one click.
  • Branding was important. Don’t underestimate a good marketing ploy!
  • This was a great portal use of video case studies in 2006 and still is.
  • My top ten (in no particular order, and not the order they’re about to come in!)
  • Ohio videos have people inviting you in and then close up screen shots. Would like to meet this guy after seeing lots of his videos and several hair styles 
  • Trying to minimise people having to think how to find what they want, or even what they want. Need to make it all easier.
  • Ready meals prepopulates basket with lots of resources relevant to a topic you choose.
  • Dynamic search instantly narrows
  • https://eat.scm.tees.ac.uk/ImageLibrary/gallery.htmlHelp yourself.
  • https://eat.scm.tees.ac.uk/ImageLibrary/gallery.html
  • Model good practice. People need to see what they can make/be helped to make their courses look like.
  • Don’t underestimate time spent on making things look nice either 
  • From the presentation I gave to switch jobs in 2005,what are the key requirements and challenges to implementing a VLE.
  • This was a key slide. Don’t just hire geeks unless they have people skills. Difficult skill set to acquire, hire and retain. Don’t consider them cheap and disposable, you’ll regret it!
  • Everyone has drivers. We have a big one...
  • I’m not so worried about the red 90, it’s ‘down’ from last year, but still, it’s not 47. Anything nearer 50 I want to work on. (Usually they’re around feedback and assessment). The university cares what our exiting students say in satisfaction surveys. I care about how to make that better for the next year’s students not say the same. Like – put your assignment title where they can see it in Bb, not on p. 36 of your attached module guide...
  • Our E-learning Framework. Available as a pdf.
  • Last year’s BbWorld presentation was on the querying of data longitudinally against the Framework. All still going in the right direction 
  • Use EricKunnen and Santo Nucifora’s great building block Astro to get your data.
  • Is a document dump a virtual learning environment? Really?
  • Connecting field trips or problem-based-learning direct from Second Life to Bb
  • Arts students opportunities to explore
  • Perfect representation, which staff will be ‘familiar’ with when it opens (newly built) in 2011
  • Come on in and work with us at Teeslife!
  • Staff Lounge in Second Life
  • Remember the poster presentation from BbWorld 2007?!
  • Watch videoed lunchtime seminars
  • Read up what we’re doing
  • Podcast is more relevant faculty > students, less so central support > faculty.
  • Some of the things we do
  • We tweet as @elearningatees
  • Check out Kaltura. Good multimedia. We blog at eat.scm.tees.ac.uk/blog
  • I don’t teach to teach tech.
  • You can lay a lot of groundwork virtually/electronically, but you need to buy them lunch sometime. And then when you’ve created f2f relationships, you need to nurture them. Virtually is good. But getting together to share ideas – like now – also helps. Thanks for listening.
  • Here’s that list again.
  • You can always (well, for a while anyway) find me on Teeslife, on twitter, or on slideshare.

Ten years of Top Tips Ten years of Top Tips Presentation Transcript

  • 10 years of top tips!Driving & Delivering Dreams
    Kate Boardman
    #BbWorld10 July 2010
  • 10 years, 10 tips
    Blackboard.com & CourseInfo
    5.0, 5.1; 6.0, 6.1, 6.2; 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 8, 9...
    Blackboard.com 
    UK 15+
    BbWorldEurope 5+
    BbWorld 7
  • My first full Bb installation, Bb 5 at Durham University
  • Bb5.5, the growth of takeup at Durham, and my first two international conferences, Smarties transactional design at BbEurope, in Amsterdam, and BbWorld in Phoenix Arizona
  • 10 years, 10 tips
    Get Real
    Get Personal
    Get Individual
    Get Visual
    Get Virtual
    Get Data
    Get Communicating
    • Get Creative
    • Get Modelling
    • Get Together
  • Get Real
    Individual ‘desk-top’ sessions
    Live Help
  • Get Individual
    Shopping experience
    Portal modules
    Dynamic searches in documents, FAQs
  • Get Creative
    Rethink pedagogy
    Get rid of document dumps (resource library)
    Think about PBL
    More audio/video/images
    Use generators if people don’t want to be videoed/recorded
  • Get Visual
  • https://eat.scm.tees.ac.uk/ImageLibrary/gallery.html
  • Get Modelling
    Look good
    Easily navigable
    Encourages feedback
  • Get Personal
  • Get Data
    To reward
    To encourage
    To identify
    To report
    To respond
    To be flexible
    To recognise
    To prioritise
  • Get Virtual
    LMS = or != VLE
    “Virtual Learning Environment”
    Ball State BbSL building block
  • Get Communicating
    Podcast (?)
  • Get Together
    Internally (team)
    Internally (school)
    Virtually 
  • 10 years, 10 tips
    Get Real
    Get Personal
    Get Individual
    Get Visual
    Get Virtual
    Get Data
    Get Communicating
    • Get Creative
    • Get Modelling
    • Get Together
  • Thanks!
    ....and goodbye 