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  • {"5":"+ all common social functions (likes, following, comments, news, hashtags, geotags, photo streams, map)\n","6":"+ all common social functions (likes, following, comments, hashtags, photo streams)\n","7":"+ all common social functions (likes, following, comments, hashtags, photo streams)\n","4":"A year ago, we created a website with online photo filters to ease our creative pain. All of a sudden it became popular and we understood people needed such a service and GFRANQ could become a nice business. Our angel investor Igor Rybenkiy got it too and believed in us. We didn’t have iPhones that time and had no idea about our main competitor Instagram. When we discovered it, we got upset a bit but soon understood that we made something bigger.\n","10":"We haven’t worked at Google or Facebook but we have more than 1 700 000 users, talented programmers and marketeers and a super-experienced angel investor who supported such famous projects as ParallelGraphics, Lingualeo and We look like a great team that knows what we do, don’t we?\n"}
  • Gfranq pitch (in English)

    1. 1. Instant photo editing service Creative social network Founders: Artem Orlov, Vlada Orlova Contacts:
    2. 2. Oops, there is a problem… Every second person takes photos but doesn’t get cool shots that are worth showing or being proud of. Still, people want them so bad… Do you?
    3. 3. Painkiller Fast and simple online tools that turn your dull photos into professional works of art at 3 clicks via any device. You won’t be ashamed of your pics anymore! 1 700 000 users take it
    4. 4. The birth of GFRANQ Fast and simple For web, mobile, tablets For amateurs and professionals
    5. 5. Better than the i-word Accessibility: website + mobile version + apps for iPhone, Android Sharing Direct photo sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki Accessibility
    6. 6. Better than the i-word Photos of big size Sizes Any proportions Proportions
    7. 7. Better than the i-word 48 monthly updated custom designed filters Collages Photo collages Interactive albums Filters
    8. 8. Inspiring metrics 1 700 000 Registered users 60 000 Unique visits per day
    9. 9. Where our El Dorado is Freemium Photo magnets, albums printing + merchandising Banner and non-standard advertising
    10. 10. The superheroes Artem Orlov Vlada Orlova Mila Barabenkova CTO, founder CMO, founder Director general Web developer, experienced programmer (Actis Systems, ГК «SNS», ГК «Армада») Entrepreneur, marketeer Ran a media company, launched and ran digital projects Ekaterina Artemyeva Yuri Veretschagin Igor Ryabenkiy Brand manager Editor, copywriter, translator, communications Marketing manager Entrepreneur, marketing models, consulting Angel investor, founder Lingvoleo,
    11. 11. What’s next? Round A Freemium Advertising campaigns App for WinPhone The world market
    12. 12. Thank you for your attention! Contact details: Ekaterina Artemyeva Skype: katerina.gfranq