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Question 3 edit

  1. 1. What kind of media institutionmight distribute your mediaproduct and why?
  2. 2. ž  I think that Bauer Publishing would be a good companyto publish my magazine. Bauer Publishing is wellknown and established publishing company thatlaunched in 1875. It is the publishing company formany well-known magazines today such as TV Guide,FHM and music magazine Kerrang!
  3. 3. ž  Though my magazine doesn’t fit any genre that thecompany currently publish, I think the niche in themarket that my magazine addresses is a goodopportunity for Bauer to reach out to a new targetaudience. With my target audience being specialistand a group of people that no other music magazinedirectly adopts as their audience, it is sure to bring inmoney for the company.ž  It also means that Bauer will be able to target anaudience that no other publishing company does as itaudience is a completely new identified niche –therefore this will also give them an advantage overcompetitors.
  4. 4. ž  By choosing such a well-known publishingcompany the magazine might also gain a higherreputation. With it being a new magazine apositive reputation must be achieved as quickly aspossible; as Bauer Publishing has so manyestablished and respected magazines alreadybeing published by them, consumers may portraythe magazine in the same positive light as some ofthese other magazines too.
  5. 5. ž  Not only does Bauer Publishing reach out to audiencesthrough magazines, but they also are a multi-mediagroup that deals in radio as well.ž  This means that the magazine that I have created willhave an opportunity to expand itself through synergyand create a radio station that the same company couldpublish. This makes it easier for the magazine and alsobrings in more money for both parties.ž  It also helps to create a good relationship between thetwo as well, creating a better sense of business andmore insurance that both parties are going to continueto work with each other.
  6. 6. ž  Not only does Bauer have UK based audiences, but theyalso have a large European reach in countries such asSpain, Portugal, Germany and France, as well alsopublishing in the US and Mexico too. This means thatthere could be international reaches for my magazineshould Bauer publish it.ž  With my magazine covering a niche in the market too italso means that this specialist audience is reachedwise-spread, and my magazine would be the primarytarget addressing the audience’s needs. This helps toeliminate any competition that could arise and againgive Bauer an advantage on its competition.
  7. 7. ž  It could be argued that a company such as Future plc.Publishing would be a better suited publishingcompany for my magazine with it publishing magazinecloser to my genre of magazine or genres that couldrelate such as Metal Hammer and Xbox 360:TheOfficial Magazine.
  8. 8. ž  However, I think a company like this might not show asmuch interest as they might feel they partially targetthis audience or something close to it, alreadyproviding products that could potentially appeal to myaudience and therefore opt no to publish my magazine.
  9. 9. ž  This could also be because they could feel they arewasting time and money and not yielding enough profitfrom the publication of my magazine as so far they havebeen the closest substitute to addresses my audiencesneeds – this also means they could find a loss in profitwith other magazines they publish, such as MetalHammer, should they publish my music magazine.ž  Future plc. Publishing also doesn’t give my magazine asmuch chance for an international reach as what Bauerdoes too, as it only publishes predominantly in the UKand US, and Australia, where as Bauer does this andvarious places across Europe too.