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Net503 Policy Primer
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Net503 Policy Primer


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Published in: Education, Technology, Sports

  • Hi Farnaz,

    Thank you for your comments and constructive criticism of my Policy Primer on Twitter's TOS. You have made some valid points, however I would like to give you an explanation as to the choices I have made.

    Firstly, you have addressed the length of my primer and suggested I could have summarised it in less pages. Perhaps this is true, but I think that as many of the pages only contain one line of text I have avoided weighing down the reader with too much information. It also gives it a flow and propels the reader to the next slide, rather than a paragraph of text that can be stagnant in this kind of presentation and have the reader's attention fade and wander. I incorporated images for this reason too, offering the reader a point of interest and provoking response and emotion. For example on slide 15 I am make a point about deception on Twitter, I have used the image of a young boy in a Batman outfit to support this and present it in a way that is familiar and accessible to a generalist audience.

    Secondly, I chose to focus on Copyright and Privacy and had considered addressing other topics such as age restrictions of Twitter users but felt that this would require me to thin out the rest of the information in my presentation and make it less effective.

    The Terms of Service of Twitter (and many other platforms) is long and at times quite dry, leaving the reader disinterested. I believe my presentation has effectively covered many of the key issues of Twitter in an entertaining and informative manner and offers an alternative overview of the TOS for the intended audience.
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  • I think your power point as twitter TOS (Terms Of Service) is a bit long for slideshare users, because it has 41 pages, I think if you summarised it in less pages, it could be much interesting for users and you should mention to some extra points too, however, it has useful information.
    Twitter is free social network who allows everyone to share their photos, videos or any other content they want, as you mentioned in your power point, twitter users are responsible for any content they post, they must aware their content will be accessible by other twitter users, even via websites and third parties (Twitter, 2011). Through twitter TOS you agreed your information be accessible by Twitter, if you use any third parties they can access your information too and twitter does not support any content you post on twitter (Twitter, 2011). When users visit the site, twitter records all information (IP address, domain type, browser and the webpages you visit), that they browsers send and their IP addresses will different every time they logon (Twitter, 2011). I think you should mention, children under 13 cannot use twitter, but because they can give invalid birth date to twitter, twitter cannot guarantee all of its users are above 13, because it does not knowingly collects personally identifiable information of children under 13 and twitter says it’s their parents job to check their children who are under 13 to do not use twitter and if parents contact with and announce their child (under 13) use twitter, twitter will delete their child account (Twitter, 2011).

    Twitter, (2011). Previous Twitter Privacy Policy. Retrieved October, 01th, 2011 from,

    Twitter, (2011). Terms of service. Retrieved October, 01th, 2011 from,
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  • 1. A look inside Twitter’s
    Terms of Service
    What happens when we tweet?
  • 2. “Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you
    find interesting.” (About Us, Twitter, 2011)
  • 3. “Our services are primarily designed to help you share information with the world.”
    (About Us, Twitter, 2011)
  • 4. Some Twitter facts…
    A Tweet is no more than 140 characters
    In 5yrs Twitter has gained over 100 million active users
    Tweets can contain links to images and other information on the web
    40% of users don’t post content but simply listen to what’s happening
    Tweets are generated daily
    From Twitter blog, 2011
  • 5. So where do all my tweets go?
  • 6. When you sign up for a Twitter account
    by agreeing to Twitter’s
    Terms of Service you
  • 7. Your Tweets are Public!
  • 8. Your Tweets are Public!
    But what exactly does that mean?
  • 9. “You are responsible for your use of the Services, for any Content you post to the Services, and for any consequences thereof.”
    (Twitter Terms of Service, 2011)
  • 10. Content must be appropriate and adhere to the Twitter Rules.
  • 11. Twitter monitors the content you add, to make sure it abides by their Rules…
  • 12. …even the personal ones, like DM’s, that you thought were private.
  • 13. Confidential information must not be shared on Twitter, especially if it’s not yours!
  • 14. Threats and violence are not permitted.
  • 15. You mustn’t use your Twitter account to impersonate with the intent to mislead or deceive
    (no matter how cute you may think this is).
  • 16. Even so, you may come across content that is inappropriate…
  • 17. Even so, you may come across content that is inappropriate…
    …harmful or offensive…
  • 18. Even so, you may come across content that is inappropriate…
    …deceptive or inaccurate.
    …harmful or offensive…
  • 19. Twitter takes
    noresponsibility for this exposure.
  • 20. Twitter can do what they like with your content, including making it available to third parties.
  • 21. Who collect data about you, your personal information…for marketing, and research…
  • 22. everytime you access Twitter’s platform your data is collected.
    ‘As a way to improve the Service’
  • 23. And all of this is royalty free, without compensation
    get nothing
  • 24. Yet Twitter makes it clear that the users own the content
  • 25. Youare responsible for your content
  • 26. Content you post on Twitter must respect copyright
  • 27. Third parties may rebroadcast your content
  • 28. So if you don’t own the rights to the content
  • 29. Youwill be liable!
  • 30. And your account could be
  • 31. Or worse still - you could be sued.
  • 32. So while it’s ok to have fun on Twitter and make use of parody and pseudonyms,
  • 33. remember your information can be seen, you can be identified.
  • 34. People and companies may not like what you have to say
  • 35. and could use your personal information against you.
  • 36. Think about what and how you Tweet
  • 37. because the rest of the world can view them instantly…
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    About Us
    Twitter Rules