Questionnaire analysis


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Questionnaire analysis

  2. 2. AGE?A group of 60 pupils from our school participated in thisquestionnaire. Therefore all the participants lies in betweenthe age range of 16 – 20.
  3. 3. GENDER?The questionnaire was distributed among 30 male studentsand 30 female students purposely to give an equalopportunity for both males and females to express theirideas. Male Female Other
  4. 4. WHICH GENRE OF MUSIC DO YOU PREFER? Hip Hop Rock Alternative R&B Indie OtherThe pie chart shows that a majority of pupils who answered thequestionnaire prefer Hip Hop music, a considerable number prefer R & Bwhile a minority prefer Rock music.
  5. 5. ARE MAJORITY HIP HOP ARTISTS MALE OR FEMALE? Male FemaleThe pie chart shows that the opinion of a majority is that hip hop genreis male dominated.
  6. 6. IN A HIP HOP MUSIC VIDEO DO YOU EXPECT THE ARTIST TO BE THE MALECHARACTER, OR THAT THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT INDIVIDUALS, ONEBEING THE ARTIST AND THE OTHER ONE BEING THE CHARACTER IN THEMUSIC VIDEO? Artist and Character Only ArtistThe pie chart makes it clear that most of the participants prefer the artistto be the male character as well.
  7. 7. WHAT KIND OF CLOTHING DO YOU EXPECT THE MALE CHARACTER TO WEAR? Sales Branded Baggy Informal FormalThe opinion of most pupils is that the male character should wearbranded clothing. A considerable number expect the male characterto wear informal clothing while a least but an equal number of pupilsexpect the male character to wear baggy and formal clothing.
  8. 8. HOW ARE WOMEN REPRESENTED IN MAJORITYOF MUSIC VIDEOS ? Sex symbol Main character Same as the male character The pie chart shows that the opinion of a majority is that women are represented as a sex symbol. A considerable number has shown their opinion as women are represented as same as the male character while a minority has shown their opinion as the women are represented as the main character.
  9. 9. WHAT SOUGHT OF SETTINGS DO YOU EXPECT IN AVIDEO FOR A HIP HOP LOVE SONG? Real life settings Clubs Inside a house The pie chart depicts that most of the pupils prefer real life settings in a video for a hip hop love song while a considerable number prefers to shoot the video in a club setting. A least number of pupils prefer it to be shot in side a house.
  10. 10. DO YOU EXPECT THERE TO BE A BIT OF HUMOUR IN AMUSIC VIDEO? Yes No A majority expects the music video to have a bit of humour.
  11. 11. DO YOU EXPECT THERE TO BE ANTI AUTHORITY (VIOLENT) BEHAVIOUR IN A HIP HOP MUSIC VIDEO? Depending on the lyrics Sometimes Yes NeverThe pie chart makes it obvious that most of the pupils expect anti authority(violent) behaviour in a hip hop music video depending on the lyrics, aconsiderable number expect anti authority behaviour regardless of lyrics oreven without any conditions while a least number of students expect to haveantiauthority behaviour sometimes. It could be concluded that almost everyonewho have answered the questionnaire expects to see anti authority behaviourin a hip hop music video at some point.
  12. 12. WHAT TYPE LIGHTING DO YOU EXPECT TO HAVE INOUR MUSIC VIDEO? Sales Bright Medium DullAccording to the pie chart, exactly a half of the students expect to havebright lighting in our video. A considerable number expect lighting to bemedium while a least number expect lighting to be dull.