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Brand building beyond the firewall - Helping IBM’s experts create a unique digital footprint
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Brand building beyond the firewall - Helping IBM’s experts create a unique digital footprint



A presentation I did at Melcrum DCS in London April 17th 2013 on IBM's Select Social Eminence Program.

A presentation I did at Melcrum DCS in London April 17th 2013 on IBM's Select Social Eminence Program.



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  • VORES SOCIAL STRATEGY ER CENTERET OMKRING VORES EMPLOYEESVi mener at det er på tide, at vores kunder lærer personerne bag løsningerne / Big Blue at kende igen. Virksomheder i dag har distanceret sig fra deres kunder. I am an IBM (IBM/B2B is experiencedthrough the IBMer) People thatmake the brand (I am an IBMermore reliablethan a brandedaccount / community managerAs IBMers, we are innovators and experts paving the way for a smarter world.Our expertise, experience, and world-renowned reputation as industry leaders are the most powerful marketing tools we have.As early adopters of social business, we have remained true to our brand’s forward-thinking spirit–but have yet tofully capitalize on all the ways these dynamic platforms can help grow and evolve our brand, business, and competitive advantagein this increasingly connected, global marketplace.
  • 1 billion users700,000piece of contentshared per min
  • Over 100,000 tweets per min3,000photos to Flickr4,000 photos to InstagramThe explosion in the use of social media and other Internet services has resulted in the generation of 2.5 trillion bytes eachday
  • Todayeverycompany is a public company. Therearenocurtains to hidebehind. This is indeed an era of total transperancy.
  • Nordics 88%”Due to technology the world is more interconnectedthaneverbefore and as a result the level of complexitycompaniesexperience is tremendous”
  • People’s livesarefocusedaroundsharedexperiences and theytaketheir decision making to their social networksAs companiesredesigntheircustomerjourney to be more coherent and consistent so theycan provide an orderly and understandableexperience in a more sustainedfashionduring the entirecustomerlifecycle, they’rediscoveringthat the decisions peopleuse to stay in thatjourneyincreasinglycome from these new sources of trustedadvocates.
  • The missing piece to helpuscope with the complexities.”Marketing is no longer limited to marketing as everyemployee is gettingempowered to sharetheir opinions and expertise”Youused to have these official spokespeoplethatwereallowed to speak on the behalf of the company – noweveryone is a spokespersonwhetheryoulike it or not.
  • Last month I sawthismovie on the life in Denmark in 30s & 40s and there’sthiscompanyoffering to typewriteothercompanies’sstuff, as it wasunusual for employees back then to typewriter. It wasn’t part of their job description
  • ”Marketing is no longer limited to marketing as everyemployee is gettingempowered to sharetheir opinions and expertise”don’t have 1 person doing 100% have 100 peopledoing 1%
  • Welike to think of ouradvocacy program likethisThe companiesthatwillsucceed in this new era of data transparency, data permanence and data velocity, willbethosewhocreateorganizationsthat have a vastlyfederated management system for that, as opposed to a centralizedonethattries to control all the interactions.  The interactionsare happening at toogreat a volume and speed for them all to besimplycentralized and approvedsomehow.  One of the bestmechanisms for an organization to mitigaterisk and controlitsdestiny as a social business is to really look beyondtechnology and to culture.  Organizations thatcreate a lot of diverse interactions with clients, employees and the general public -- and capture the data artifacts from thoseinteractions -- will have a competitiveadvantage.At the end of the day, ifyoucancreate a management system in whichyourpeoplearerepresenting the company and interacting on the company'sbehalf, but in a kind of looselycoupledway, you'regoing to create a lot more surfacearea for yourorganization. Thatresults in the following: it will generate more data whichyoucananalyze, thinkabout and profit from; it willcreate more possibilities for you to understand yourcustomers, the communities and the investors youwant to attract; and it willenable more opportunities to understand eachinteraction.
  • Welike to think of ouradvocacy program likethis
  • Welike to think of ouradvocacy program likethis
  • VORES SOCIAL STRATEGY ER CENTERET OMKRING VORES EMPLOYEESEveryemployee in everydepartmentrepresents the brand.Marketing is no longer a message, it’s a behavior. Practicewhatyoupreach. Beacuseifyourcompanyisn’tauthenticclients and customerwill just find anotherone.Vi mener at det er på tide, at vores kunder lærer personerne bag løsningerne / Big Blue at kende igen. Virksomheder i dag har distanceret sig fra deres kunder. I am an IBM (IBM/B2B is experiencedthrough the IBMer) People thatmake the brand (I am an IBMermore reliablethan a brandedaccount / community manager
  • Who do weultimatelyturn to whenweneed to makeimportant decisions in our lives? That’s the fundamental question at the heart of so muchtodaywhen it comes to media, influence, and ultimately, marketing. What’s more, the reliablesources of trust todayarecurrently on the move. Weare in an erawhere a significantshift in trust is creating an urgentneed to changehowweengage with eachother, ourcustomers, and the marketplace.business leaders and government officials areexperiencing a particularlysharpfall in trust, consumers and regularemployees have experiencedsome of the most significantincreases in public regardwhen it comes to influence and integrity (seechart right.) In otherwords, regularpeoplearenow more trustedthan just aboutanyother source.
  • What is differentnow is thatwe'retrying to usethese third- party platforms as mechanisms to createinteractions with IBM experts and expertise as opposed to simplymechanisms for content distribution. Engagement is reallyvaluable and I thinkyou'll find thatourbestexamplesareveryauthenticinteractions with IBM experts as opposed to simplymakingcontentavailable.A greatexample is social media’sability to spur the convergence of brand and culture (Apple). It encouragespeople to integratetheirpersonal and professional personae in waysthatlead to new and valuableideas and work – for the individuals and theirorganizations.thinkabout Nike, Apple, cokeit's not aboutspecs and features it is aboutvalues - yourcorevalue! Steve Jobs famouslysaidthat Apple don'tsell computers to get the job done, but to helppassionatepeoplemake a positive impact on the world - some small, some large.and it is youremployeesthatequip with social media can show thosevalues to the world.
  • and weareespeciallyfocusing on leveragingourexperts as spokespeopleI believethat the organizationsthataligntheir brands and experience with theirculturewillcome out on top -- and this is wherehavingthoughtful social media policies for employee engagement can provide a competitiveadvantage.Social brand strategistsneed to createintentional systems of engagement thatallowemployees to convey and ultimatelyshape the brand experience. That’sespeciallyimportant for a business-to-business companysuch as mine.
  • Digital IBMer HubLow touch, high volume core enablement, education across IBMDigital Program channel enablementSelf-serve surfacing and engagementWedeveloped and deployed the Digital IBMer hub in whichweareable to present training and guidance for all IBMers to helpthem understand the risks of engagement with social media in the context of the benefits. Wewanted to encourage social media participation, as well as facilitate a deepunderstanding of the individual'sresponsibilities as an employee, and how to protect themselves, theirclients and the company from thoserisks. This training is required for all employees and has beenreceivedverypositively
  • ”The internal Forward Thinker program ensuresthatexpertsarealways at your fingertips”Intermediate touch, high value SMEs – wheter it is internal or externalScalable service to surface expertise externally and internally based on the needs of the businessSelf-nomination. Ifyoudon’tthinkyoucan live up to yourexpertise, youwon’t put yourself out there.
  • ”Makingourexperts visible and accessible to clients on external webpages has provenextremelyeffective in driving engagement”Wecelebrateexperts and are creating a culturewhereit’s okay to say ”hi, I am an expert”
  • IBM SelectHigh touch, high value/potential SMEsthe right customer, from the right SME, with the right content in the right context at the right timeThe most recent development is a program called IBM Voices where we identify and enable IBM subject matter experts in strategic areas of the business and optimize their engagement. We are able to take all the official channels and all the blogs and Twitter feeds from some of our subject matter experts and combine them into a visualization. It is actually a data service that we can pipe into any digital experience so the user can connect directly with IBM subject matter experts, follow their blogs, see their latest tweets or connect with them on LinkedIn or IBM Connections. We've seen markedly higher conversion rate for our marketing tactics when we include the social media activities of a subject matter expert.This juxtaposition of unfilteredfeeds of individualexpertsalongside “official” channelscapturesexpertiseacross the entirecompany in a new way. In doing so, Voices personifies IBM’s values-led culture and massive social media footprint.
  • New position in IBMOversight for all aspectsof a social businessprogramActs as the personal conduit, coach & trainerto expertsreversementoringsupport, support, support – wearechangingbehavior, not a one time offIndividualsuccess in sharingtheirexpertise in social is verypersonal and theircomfortlevelvaries as doestheirskill set, so the ideabehind the assessment and trainingmodules is to give the SME and SBM an idea of what the SME is comfortabledoing and not doing and theirskilllevel at differentthings, so wecancurate actions thatwillactuallybetaking forward as it is customized to them as individuals.So the SBM can sit down with his SMEs and tellthembased on yourcomfortlevel and expertisehereare the thingsyoucan start to do in yourdailyactivities.
  • One of the mainobsticales is "I don'twhat to do out there". I don'tknowwhat to write.We show themthatwriting a blog entry or a tweetsarent the onlyways to participate.Therefore -> Social indicator type. Alignpeople's action plans to the kind of activitiestheyfellcomfortabledoing.
  • so how do we measure social eminence?not social media for the sake of social media
  • whatdoesmycompany stand forInt. commsplays an importantrole in defining and communicatingthisEnablementRegonitionReversementoringMeasurementHands-on (lego eksempel)
  • measurement, only to show progress, not to punish
  • celebratingpersonal brandingpeer recognisation
  • Wearedoingexecutive and leaderreports of the SMEs social interactions’ contribution to the businessRewarded in my PBC
  • Establish public measures in aggregate of the overall program contributions and by individuals to encouragefriendlycompetition or pride in achievement. What’s more, regularsharing enables otherinterestedemployees to learnabout the program, itsgoals, and potentiallygetinvolved as well.
  • ”Using expert (employee) engagement has proven7 timesas effective as traditional digital marketing”
  • The approach is still to educate and inform, not to sell

Brand building beyond the firewall - Helping IBM’s experts create a unique digital footprint Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Kasper Risbjerg, Social Business Manager, IBM (@kasperrisbjerg)Melcrum Digital Communication Summit 2013, LondonBrand building beyond the firewallHelping IBM’s experts create a unique digital footprint
  • 2. we believe that…
  • 3. employee engagement…
  • 4. enhances the customerexperience…
  • 5. which in turn drivesfinancial resultswhich in turn drivesfinancial results
  • 6. this is our reality
  • 7. and this
  • 8. feels overwhelming
  • 9. 68%Source: IBM CMO Study 2011CMOs are struggling
  • 10. 92%people trust… people
  • 11. the missing piece
  • 12. some used to offer writing asa service
  • 13. later on writing became a partof almost any job
  • 14. now think of social media…
  • 15. Analogy adapted from Ethan McCarty (@ethanmcc) & Ryan Boyles (@therab)these two items have thesame volume, but do theyhave the same surface?
  • 16. Analogy adapted from Ethan McCarty (@ethanmcc) & Ryan Boyles (@therab)a bag of marbles has ~300%more surface area of a softball
  • 17. Analogy adapted from Ethan McCarty (@ethanmcc) & Ryan Boyles (@therab)you want to be a bag of marblesto influence markets
  • 18. people are the essenceof our brand
  • 19. I trust…
  • 20. ’social’ goals are IBM’sbusiness goalsSource: Ethan McCarty, IBM (@ethanmcc)
  • 21. 100’s10s of1000’s100s of1000’sSocialBusinessManagerIBM SelectForward Thinker ProgramDigital IBMer HubSource: IBM (2012)social enablement ecosystem
  • 22. Source: IBM (2012)the Digital IBMer Hub
  • 23. Source: IBM (2012)forward thinker program
  • 24. Source: IBM (2012)I’m an expert. Can I help?
  • 25. Source: IBM (2012)IBM Select for high levelSubject Matter Experts
  • 26. Source: IBM (2012)Oversight for all aspectsof a social businessprogramActs as the personalconduit, coach & trainerto expertsintroducing the Social BusinessManager
  • 27. Source: IBM (2012)tailored training
  • 28. tailored trainingSource: IBM (2012)
  • 29. tailored trainingSource: IBM (2012)
  • 30. tailored trainingSource: IBM (2012)
  • 31. measuring performance
  • 32. SMEEminenceKPIs KPI Definitions MetricsEngagementReachAmplificationConversionAudience interactions with contentpublished by SMEsAudience members who have optedinto your communicationsAudience sharing actions of SMEcontentTo be defined by the program SBM. Anexample would be registrations yieldedfrom SME social accountsViewsLikesCommentsLikesComments@mentionsClicksSubscriptionsVisitorsVisitsSearch RankConnectionsFollowersSharesInbound LinksRetweetsRegistrationsmeasuring social eminence?Source: IBM (2012)
  • 33. some things to think of
  • 34. ways of motivating… butnot our way
  • 35. measure to show progress andto celebrate
  • 36. senior leadership visibility
  • 37. Source: Badgevillein the future?internal leaderboards andgamification
  • 38. Source: Ethan McCarty, IBM (@ethanmcc)a few numbers
  • 39. remember…you want to be a bag of marblesto influence marketsAnalogy adapted from Ethan McCarty (@ethanmcc) & Ryan Boyles (@therab)
  • 40. Thank youTwitter: @kasperrisbjergLinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kasperrisbjerg/Website: kasperrisbjerg.dkEmail: risbjerg@dk.ibm.com
  • 41. Picture Courtesy1 - http://th09.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2011/095/5/f/ibm___think__by_zelda_lover-d3dbaee.png4 - http://bottingblogging.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/happy-audience.jpg5 - http://blog.rankpay.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/cohdraNKNmnycns6.jpg7 - http://think-work-play.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/london1.jpg8 - http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3159/2732481889_5d19ba2d7c.jpg11 - http://www.indoorenvironmentaltesting.com/files/6713/3053/1410/Are_you_the_missing_piece.jpg12 - http://resources2.news.com.au/images/2011/02/07/1226001/369990-typewriter.jpg13 - http://venturefizz.com/sites/venturefizz.com/files/16.jpg?133942930414 - http://lazycashformulareview.com/internet-money-making-ideas/21 - http://www.flickr.com/photos/27818006@N07/3265688137/36 - http://www.losasso.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Tape-measurer.jpg38 - http://www.flickr.com/photos/81787495@N00/52925332/39 - http://www.liveinthegrey.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Carrot_Stick.jpeg40 - http://www.losasso.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Tape-measurer.jpg42 - http://images.computerwoche.de/images/computerwoche/bdb/1863638/890.jpg43 - http://blogs-images.forbes.com/tomiogeron/files/2011/06/Untitled.jpg