Levice sviatky


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Levice sviatky

  1. 1.   Levice fair and 2nd fair The first fair is in Autumn and the second is in spring. Our fair is a big parade with a lot of carousels and stalls with food, sweets, drinks and crafts. It has got an old tradition which began in 14th century. In these ages people wanted to earn some money by selling their own products. Castle Festival •The most significant city-wide action is Levice Castle Festival. •Levice castle festival had a long tradition. After a short break we resumed the ceremony and we again present our folk art. It is connected to the old traditions of our culture. •The content of Castle Festival are folk crafts and historic performances
  2. 2. Levice celebrates Christmas
  3. 3. Christmas & Easter   These two feasts are connected together by religious meanings. During the Christmas feasts christians celebrate Jesus s birth. At Easter time christians celebrate Jesus s crucifixion (he was hang on a huge cross) and his resurrection. Nowadays Christmas and Easter are feasts with different meanings than it was in Mid Ages. Jesus s birth Jesus s resurrection Jesus s crucifixion
  4. 4.   At Christmas time all family members come together singing carols , eating traditional Christmas food such as fish, cabbage soup, gingerbreads and honey wafers. Typical X-mas food is carp with potato mush. People put carp s scales to their wallets to be wealthy. Christmas is connected with many other traditions, for example: people cut an apple on two halves and if they get a star shaped ornament this means they will have luck.
  5. 5. Mid Night Mass Typical decorations
  6. 6.    During the celebration of Easter we traditionally splash girls with water and whip them for being healthy and beautiful. Typical symbols of Easter are easter bunny and easter eggs called „Kraslice“ We can get the chocolate ones in markets Kraslica
  7. 7. Pouring and whipping Typical Easter decoration
  8. 8. It is one of the biggest fairs in Slovakia.  Its history goes back to 17th century.  Regulary craftsmen come there with their traditional handmade products. For example: cheese strings, products from leather, mead, ceramics, skeps and gingerbread.  There are many other atractions and merry-go-rounds. For example: Extreme, cotton candy, Indian‘s and Gypsy‘s traditional music.  There is always a lot of food. 
  9. 9. In the 17th century Nowadays
  10. 10.     The most significant event in town. Show is based on Levice‘s legend about white geese. Turkish soldiers attacked our castle. In castle park there is cultural programme in form of concert and presentation of handmade products.
  11. 11. Hunting Days There is an exibition of hunting trophies and some species of flora and fauna in Levice region. Fish Picnic There is a fish competition held up every year in August. Many local contestants compete in catching fish and cooking fish soup.
  12. 12. Theatre Days The parade of amateur theatre groups from Levice and nearby countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia and Romania), which takes place in April, is very popular between young people.