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  • Last night I looked over the Australian Curriculum outline for F-6I can’t show you resources for everything you will need to coverNot enough time, now and last night, and not enough knowledgeShow you some favourites that may help (one place many stories, Picture Australia, 1000 poppies, trove, heritage vicap…)Show you some nifty tools (dipity, history pin, ancestry, comic life…)Offer more research time – I’m starting afresh and learning new skills, tools, sites, information…
  • Picture Australia (also Picture Victoria) has a huge collection of images uploaded from cultural institutions Aus wide – a good start for finding imagesPROV – not the easiest place to navigate but has some great pictures - have to mention it because I have a soft spot for PROV. However other Victorian collections have broader collectionsCulture Victoria – images, stories, videos about Victoria by Victorian cultural institutions – trusted sourcesFlickr – Old Parliament House photostream on Flickr – badge collectionSLV and MV both have Flickr streams too, but you can also search directly on their picture catalogues
  • OK ancestry.com – a commercial concern, but it will give you 14 days free trial (actual logged in days I think since they’re still letting me in!) as a ‘guest’You can make what you put up on ancestry private or public to other ancestry usersYou can create a genealogical tree and upload photos and information about your famil
  • Local historical societies, local library network and city council websites have information online about suburbs around Merri Creek Primary SchoolNorthcote information can be found online through Darebin Historical Encyclopedia There’s a Brunswick historical society website but it’s basic text and skewed photos. Wikinorthia, an initiative of several northern councils, has quite a lot of info and is searchable – like a wiki- and can be added to as well…Fitzroy Historical Society
  • One Place Many Stories was a FUSE funded project involving PROV, History Council of Victoria and Spatial VisionI selected a few maps of this area from PROV’s collection – namely those from the MMBW series of detail plans created for the sewering of Melbourne in the late 19th early 20th century.The OPMS tool allows you to overlay maps and plans on to Google maps and satellite images of the same place. It is a bit fiddly to work – and I understand it’s going to get some tweaking, although I don’t know when – but even with this screenshot you can see the potential. You can also upload photos – the previous screen had one uploaded from Picture Australia (owned by the Coburg Historical Society) – and add stories I’ll update you when I know if anything is like ly to change soon
  • MMBW Detailed Base Plans 40 ft:1 inch VPRS 8601/P2 unit 5 item 1939
  • MMBW Detailed Base Plans 40 ft:1 inch VPRS 8601/P2 unit 5 item 1939
  • 1000 poppies – DEECD funded project with HTAV and the Shrine of Remembrance ‘This project aims to create a space where students from around the world can share stories and experiences, linking the local and the global in an on-line environment and create their own response to honouring the service and sacrifice of veterans and those affected by war to express their hopes for lasting peace.It will allow students to use historical research and understanding to deepen the experience of commemoration’The coming centenary of ANZAC will bring a huge number of resources together online from cultural institutions Australia wide – hopefully from New Zealand as wellThere’s talking…
  • Culture Victoria has a whole section on Indigenous historyMission Voices - ABC KHT Film Victoria and SLV joint project – just found this last night but you may know about it? Audio, visual, education resources and further readingPROV and NAA have a large collection of primary sources relating to Koorie history but we’re haven’t been very good at getting it out there.KHT in King street has a series of programs walks and talks relating to Koorie history and heritageKRU at PROV and NAA produced a book and a touring exhibition of panels about the Pepper family and their encounters with government bureaucracy
  • John Batman’s treaty signed ‘on the banks of a creek’16 June1835 (State Library of Victoria) image from the Documenting a Democracy websiteThis site was developed in 2000 (I think) – classic example of a huge amount of work and then oblivion. Did you know it existed?
  • Documenting a Democracy website will give you a timeline and will have images and descriptions of related primary sourcesCulture Victoria, website has images, text and videos relating to voting rights for women – including the ‘monster’ petition (MCG pitch length I think) signed by 35,000 people in support of women’s suffrage (held at PROV)You can search the petition for the names of your great great grandparents if they were in Victoria then by going to the Parliament of Victoria’s websiteDownload resources tracing the shaping of the nation from colonies to federation from the Museum of Australian Democracy (Old Parliament House Canberra)
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  • Where else to look for ideas?TED -
  • History resources online v.04 kz20120201

    1. 1. history resources online Australian Curriculum F-6
    2. 2. what history?• Foundation – personal and family history• Year 1 – present and past family life• Year 2 – past in the present• Year 3 – community and remembrance• Year 4 – first contacts• Year 5 – the Australian colonies• Year 6 – Australia as a nation
    3. 3. a few of my favourite things• Pictures – Picture Australia – PROV PTC collection – Culture Victoria – Flickr – Even more Flickr – State Library of Victoria • Flickr – Museum Victoria • Flickr
    4. 4. family
    5. 5. family stories• ancestry.com• Culture Victoria• Historypin.com• Grandparents slideshow• Birmingham, ‘my nan and me’
    6. 6. place stories• Northcote• Brunswick• Fitzroy• Heritage Victoria• One Place Many Stories – One Place Merri PS
    7. 7. One place many stories
    8. 8. Merri Creek alignment
    9. 9. Merri Creek alignment
    10. 10. community stories and remembrance• 1000 poppies• Australian War Memorial – Flickr• ANZAC 2014
    11. 11. first stories• Culture Victoria• Mission Voices• Koorie Heritage Trust• Koorie Records Unit
    12. 12. colonial stories• primary sources: Documenting a Democracy
    13. 13. nation-making stories• Nation’s timeline• Suffrage• Culture Victoria• Parliament of Victoria• Museum of Australian Democracy• National Library of Australia• National Archives of Australia• National Museum of Australia
    14. 14. What else? Where else?• PROV online resources• Encyclopedia of Melbourne• FUSE• Culture Victoria – Themes or stories • Indigenous families – Koorie Heritage Trust • Chinese Families – Chinese Museum • Immigration – ACMI
    15. 15. Who else?• History Teachers Association of Victoria – Online resources – 1000 poppies – Annabel Astbury – slideshare presentations – Historical skills in Aus Curriculum – Jo Clyne $150/hr presentation – Conferences – Text books – National History Challenge
    16. 16. Where else? What else?• TED – education series• You Tube for tutorials• Comic Life• Dipity – make a timeline• National Archives UK – media player