My one day stay @IIM-A

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here m sharing my experience of one day stay @IIM-A...

here m sharing my experience of one day stay @IIM-A...

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  • 1. A DAY @ IIM-A : Call before CATIIM (Indian Institute of management ) Ahmadabad, needless to say one of the top B-Schools in India.Every CAT aspirant sees a dream studying there ( but the irony is only a handful ofpeople from lakhs of applicants get selected every year )Joy of giving week (oct 2 to oct 8) has been celebrated all over, by engaging peoplethrough "acts of giving" - money, time, resources and skills - spanning the corporate,NGO and government sectors, schools, colleges and the general public.On part of their Joy of giving week celebration, IIM-A has started a unique eventcalled: " A day at IIM-A ", in which you are literally served as a student of IIM-A for awhole day...The selection criteria is as complex and based upon luck factor as the recentApplication rating scheme of IIMs for admission.( well, I dont want to incite some emotions here, so coming back to our main theme..).One cant get luckier than getting a chance to spend one whole day as a student ofIndian Institute of Management. I had never expected that I will be that Lucky Ass being selected randomly to be the part of 50 lucky people out of thousands ofapplications they received from around the country.Few days ago, in an early morning i got a mail from one of the students (& an organizerof this event ) that boss, youre selected... and i literally rush to wash my face as if i wasseeing a dream..Because, i also applied last year for the same, but somehow didnt getselected.As Paulo Coelho says: wait for the OMEN, everything have its own time to arrive..forme it was 14th October, Sunday ( which eventually turned out into a super fun day ).
  • 2. The schedule for the whole day was already given to us... our day at IIM-A started withSuper Breakfast at IIM-As mess ( If youre thinking why am i using IIM-A several timesin bold respect, then its because IIM-A deserves this... )well, as a student we were supposed to attend lectures as well. Our first lecture was of :" Marketing Management " started on exactly 8:45 am.. one need to get into the classbefore 8:44:59 precisely. “we at IIM-A strictly believes in discipline, and believe me theyactually do.our classroom was in the famous Louis Kahn Plaza which has given manyBusinessmen, writers, entrepreneurs to the country : Harsha Bhogle, Chetan Bhagat toname a few. What attracts most is the structure and design of IIM-A campus..even in classrooms you can feel its soul.Lectures there are based upon case-study method ( which is inspired from HarvardUniversity ). Practical application to the acquired knowledge is given a upper handthere, thats the most needed thing in India right now. even though the lecture consistedmore than 70 minutes, we were in no mood to end it soon.. whether you consider profAbhisheks charisma or IIM-As soul for it, choice is yours.Second lecture followed just after it. In your first year at IIM-A PGM courses you willcertainly find this schedule.. where lectures are scheduled every morning 8:45 AM to1:10 PM with 20 minutes break between them. After the second lecture everyone insidethat CR-4 were Enlighten , my classmates for that day and respected prof. SaralMukherjee knows it well why i am using this term : Enlighten..Believe me, I have not seen any professor / faculty using National Geographic orDiscovery channel videos to teach : Operation Management.. that elephant & cheetahsexample will be remembered forever..after then, we were taken to " Prayaas- an initiative by IIM-A students " ( spending timewith children there will remain as a beautiful memory )you can find all about Prayaas here : the start of our day, we were informed that you will be facing surprise quiz anytime ina day. and, after lunch one welcome note at the notice board proved them right. Thequiz was based on our personal mannerism and the cases which were given. It was anopen-book test with one hour of time-limit. After starting the test i realised why theyhave given so much of time for just 4 mere questions.then, the third & the last lecture started on : Production management by Prof. DeeptiBhatnagar. Again we saw an amazing game played by both students and prof to
  • 3. develop the basic funda of production. Students were asked to make a tower withwooden blocks, with their eyes remained blindfolded and they were allowed to use onlyone hand. (the opposite one). though, it sounds silly but in actual when the gameended, we realized- we have studied a beautiful lesson from it.I think its the " GYAAN ” these professors are having here, is what make IIM-A anindeed knowledge treasure. (well, GYAAN is one of those lingo / jargons used to incommunication at IIM-A... GLOBE, COLD-CALL etc..)The evening sun was there, and as per schedule after the " HIGH TEA " it was the timefor campus-walk . In IIM-A there are 2 campuses: OLD & the NEW oneOld campus of about 59 acres built by American architect Louis kahn, one of the mostinfluential architect of 20th century , is almost entirely made of Red Bricks, also theTrade mark of IIM-A. The message conveyed by the old campus (nude red bricks) isthat„BEAUTY MUST BE UNDERNEATH AND WHATEVER UNDERNEATH MUST ALSOBE APPARENT. New campus on the other side of Cross roads , it is entirely made up of Grey concreteby well known Indian architect Vimal patel in 2006 which covers over 35 acres of land.Both campuses are connected by an underground tunnel, and surprise element is that,you wont experience any type of disturbing noise from the road in tunnel despiteunderneath to 132 feet Ring road which is one of the busiest roads of the city.IIM-A is a magnum-opus piece of architecture, one must say. in IIM-A Dormitory cultureis prevailing :Dormitories aka Dorms, where the students reside, and Dorm culture is just incredible.each and every dorm has its unique name which is given at the time of Institutesestablishment and whenever any celebrity alumni visits, they always ask about thedorms. When a student is having his/her birthday, message via mail, is sent to thewhole IIM-A campus and his/her video is been telecasted in the MESS. It makes onefeel special albeit embarrassment.common rooms are also available there. In sports you will find varieties like cricket,badminton, pool, table-tennis, volleyball, football, lawn tennis, basketball and none theless IIM-As favorite frisbee game. they actually hosts a contest on it, and are thenational champions so far. So, the students are not just the book-worms here.After almost 3 hours of campus walk, we were heading towards the end of the day.. hada delicious dinner at MESS, and had a good chit-a-chat with few WIMWIans ( what theysay: students of well known institute of management studies in west India ). They were
  • 4. modest, humble and as nice as one can possibly be. everyone thanked the Joy of givingteam for this memorable day and for sharing their precious time with us... and thejourney continued further.....When i was leaving the IIM-A campus at 8:45 PM, One thing was in my mind thatTheres something about this campus for sure.... IIM-A: hope to see you soon..Regards,- One of those lacs of CAT Aspirants..