Beyond bestiality a real shame for india


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Guwahati molestation case that shocked the nation...

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Beyond bestiality a real shame for india

  1. 1. Beyond bestiality- a real shame for IndiaA shameful and extremely disgust crime took place in Guwahati (Assam) on the eve of 9th July,when a bunch of bastards molested and stripped a teenage girl outside a pub, in full public view.The girl cried for help, but nobody came to rescue her.Instead of saving her from these aphrodisiacs, a local TV reporter and few nearby people shotout a video of this heinous crime. (Obviously in the zeal for TRP & entertainment). And our late-latif police reached the incident after half n hour, when the culprits were already done withtheir lecherous desire.The video footage went viral on the net (thanks to our so-called internet savy Gen-next) and thepride, dignity of that girl dissolved completely. though this video helped Assam state police tofind 4 out of 11 accused , my question is: we could have definitely stopped that incident atthat time, if people surrounding there worked in a humanness approach rather than beinga mute spectator.The incident triggered a massive reaction across the state and the country. In Guwahati, socialactivists put up hoardings across the city with photographs of the 11 culprits and asked people toinform the police about their whereabouts.“We have recorded the statement of the girl and registered a case against all those involved in thecrime. We have identified all the culprits by checking the video footage captured by a local newschannel, Four of them have already been arrested and search is on to trace the rest." saidadditional superintendent of police (City) Longnit Teron.So, Mr. Teron, let me tell you one thing- you may get succeed in finding the culprits, or evenpunish them brutally. But, you cant set back that girls pride, freedom and her dignity. She willnever forget what had happened to her due to "your departments tardiness in taking action ".This was not the only case, same thing happened in November 2007 at Guwahati and in2010 at Bengal when teenager girl was stripped, beaten and forced to walk nude for 8kmacross three villages with hundreds of men molesting her all the way and taking videoson their mobiles. According to sources, the girl’s fault in later case was just that sheloved a boy from another community. Police were shocked to learn that the panchayatsand other local bodies knew of the incident but hadnt bothered to inform theadministration.This is a very shocking picture of our emerging India (If we still think so).(PS: author doesnt want to incite further emotions by this article; the idea is just to show thenakedness of Indian youth, & declination of our cultural ethics.)By- Kashyap Shah (LDRP-ITR) CONTACT: +91-7878097788