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Slide deck from webinar done on May 16 titled "Web Content Management with Sitefinity" along with Greg our Sitefinity sales engineer.

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  • Hello and welcome to the weekly Sitefinity Technical overview webinar!My name is Greg, I am a sales engineer at the Sitefinity team in Telerik.
  • Most companies rely heavily on their web presence. When building and maintaining a website there are two key moments:The efficiency during the development of the websiteThe adoption of the system by the business users that are ultimately going to use it on a daily basis to insert and manage the web contentFor developers and designers, the key factor when choosing a CMS is the level up to which the system eases their lives. This happens in a number of ways:One is - providing tools that deliver the functionality which the end client requiresAs expected the core functionalities – creating pages, news, events, inserting images , videos, documents, creating forms and lists come out of the box. Easy permissions control, user management, publishing to multiple channels and workflow come out of the box too. However there’s no CMS that covers 100% of the needs of a business – there’s always something specific for the company that the CMS has to cater to, so the developer has to add it in.Second - Using familiar technology, which developers and designers don’t need yet to get acquainted to, in order to extend the system easily.A HUGE advantage would be if the CMS facilitates the process of extending the core functionality through tools that speed it up.As for the adoption - after all, at the end of the day, it’s the company employees – the business users, that will take on the website and start managing it, adding new content and controlling the one that’s already there. The CMS HAS to provide interface that will be easily adopted and wouldn’t require too much effort to be understood.
  • Regardless of what industry you are in, we help you reach your business needsContent publishingManaging approval/workflow processCreating a slick web presenceDesigned to help users at any level.
  • Web Content Management with Sitefinity

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    2. 2. Telerik at a GlanceTelerik is a leading vendor of productivity solutions, which streamline the software developmentprocess from idea generation to deliveryEstablished in 20022013: 12 global offices, ~750 people, more than 100,000 loyal customersNumerous business awards, hundreds of technology awardsMicrosoft Gold Certified PartnerMicrosoft Partner of the Year for Central and Eastern Europe 2010 – with SitefinitySofiaLondon MunichBostonWinnipegHoustonAustinSan DiegoSydney“Deliver More Than Expected”GurgaonHudsonKopenhagen
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    5. 5. Sitefinity is…Primarily focused on Web Content Management(Internet, Intranet, Portals)Built on modern standard technologiesMicrosoft .NET 4Very focused on usabilityBuilt with our own toolsHighly customizable and extendableSuccessful:Powering 10 000+ commercial sitesSee also sitefinity.com for2200+ Showcases170+ Partners170+ Case StudiesSitefinity Overview
    6. 6. What is Sitefinity?
    7. 7. Sitefinity is a modern CMS platform designed to helporganizations pursue their online goalsWhat is Sitefinity?
    8. 8. What is Sitefinity?• extensibility and developer productivity• ease of useThe two main areas Sitefinity focuses on are:
    9. 9. What is Sitefinity?For personal, hobbywebsites, or blogsFor small business andstart-up websites aswell as brochure-typeand microsites.For growing onlinebusinesses, which needinteractive, full-featuredwebsites.For comprehensivewebsites and portalsof largeorganizations.For enterprises with largeweb content and editingneeds.CMS Platform For Any OccasionLicense model that scales with your project:FREE $7,999+Number of usersNumber of domainsNumber of serversFeaturesContent ModulesSupportCommunitySmallBusinessStandard Professional Enterprise
    10. 10. SitefinityNextsteps:• Download a trial / activate an online demo to experiment withSitefinity.com Try Now• Contact us with questions or to request a personal demo:+1.888.365.2779sales@sitefinity.com