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A Lap around Kendo UI Web - Presentation done as part of CSC India Learn @ Work Week - Oct 10/11

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  • Hi Everyone
    this is sohaib ameen here and I am working as a software Engineer in pakistan with technology and kendo UI. Actually I have created dynamic Draggable DIVS in which my Data is Residing and there are some Empty DIVS as well in which I want to move my DIVS like simple drag and Drop. When I drop my DIV to Other DIV it does make the next DIV Draggable but does not make the sender DIV drop able like 'Drop Here'. I want to get the ID of DIV being Dragged and how can I replace the HTML Contents of dragged DIV with Empty DIV Content.

    Please do suggest me because I have to finalise a software Release.
    Here is my Code.

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  • hellow everyone, would somebody like to answer my question because I am using kendo Controls for my project and this time its kendo drag & drop but there are some issues with that.
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Kendo ui web

  1. 1. Who Am I ? Lohith G N – Developer Evangelist, Telerik India – Microsoft MVP – ASP.NET/IIS – Bangalore Dot Net (BDotNet) User Group Lead – @kashyapa – –
  2. 2. Agenda What is Building Introduction SPA Hybrid App Apps with to Kendo UI ? Kendo UI
  3. 3. New Age Applications Single HTML CSS 3 JS Page 5 AppOne Structure One Style One Code
  4. 4. Kendo UI- Introduction @telerik
  5. 5. What is Kendo UI ?Everything you need to build HTML5 + JavaScript sites & APPS“Kendo UI solves an important problem faced by JavaScript andHTML5 developers. It delivers a unified framework backed byprofessional support. Its easier to learn, easier to upgrade, ultimatelymaking it easier to build apps with HTML5.” -Todd Anglin, VP – HTML5 Web & Mobile Tools, Telerik
  6. 6. Kendo UI Blocks Kendo UI Kendo UI Kendo UI Web DataViz Mobile Kendo Framework Elements
  7. 7. Kendo Building Blocks a.k.a F/W  DataSource  Validation  Globalization  Templating  MVVM  Drag & Drop
  8. 8. Building Apps with Kendo UIMobile @telerik
  9. 9. Kendo UI WebEverything you need in one place,Not hundreds of plug-ins- UI Widgets- MVVM Framework- Datasource- Templates- Themes
  10. 10. Kendo UI WebReady for Touch- Full support for Touchscreen- D & D also Touch Enabled
  11. 11. Kendo UI WebFast JavaScript forperformance- Every aspect built from ground up- Not another Jquery UI Clone- Lightweight, templating library faster than jquery templates- Optimized animations
  12. 12. Kendo UI WebGreat UX acrossdevices and browsers- IE7+- FF ESR- Chrome- Safari 4+- Opera 10+
  13. 13. Kendo UI WebManage rich views andmodels the MVVM way- Inbuilt MVVM framework- Declarative binding, two-way sync- Can be used with other lib like Backbone.js
  14. 14. Kendo UI WebCustomize themesto match the look & feelof your site and app- ThemeBuilder tool to customize
  15. 15. Using Kendo UI1. Download Kendo UI2. Configure page to use Kendo UI Scripts & Styles, Define basic HTML3. Initialize with JavaScript4. Use rich API to configure behavior, handle events 1. Attribute Based 2. JavaScript Based
  16. 16. DEMO @telerik
  17. 17. Q&A @telerik
  18. 18. Resources Kendo UI Mobile Home Page  Kendo UI Mobile Demos  Kendo UI Mobile Documentation  Kendo UI Dojo 