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Mohan's portfolio

  1. 1. Mohan
  2. 2. Leadership Statement Before the launch of Ford Fiesta in India, a research finding showed that Ford was losing ground in Indiaand it had to clearly reinforce its leadership position ifthe launch had to succeed. The launch of this car was so critical that Bill Ford (Chairman, Ford) himself came to India for the launch. The following ad was released a few days before the launch and was very well received by the corporate world and the general public. Bill Ford liked the ad so much that he had ahuge poster made for his office. That year the ad also formed the backdrop at all Ford stalls in auto shows worldwide.
  3. 3. The Art of DisruptionFact: India‟s most popular film start Shahrukh Khan was associated withHyundai Santro for over 10 years. So much so the name Santro wassynonymous with Shahrukh Khan.Fact: Hyundai was phasing out the Santro and introducing Xing.Fact: Research showed that the Shahrukh Khan- Santro pair was gettingstale.Need of the Hour: Disruption.Campaign Idea: Hyundai sacks Shahrukh Khan.The campaign started off with a teaser commercial that ran for 15 daysprior to the main launch. During these 15 days the PR engine went intooverdrive and heightened the enigma surrounding Shahrukh‟s sudden exitfrom Hyundai.
  4. 4. The power of curiosityThe Ikon was Ford‟s flagship car in India and Ford was ekingout every last dollar by re-launching the same car year afteryear. When they had to re-launch it for the 11th year in arow, Ford decided to use “price” as the selling point. The carwas priced at 499,000 Indian rupees and since no sedan inIndia had ever been sold before below the 500,000 mark, itseemed like a good strategy. A dipstick research showed thatthe Ikon was too old a car for the strategy to be successful initself.Task: Make the price really tempting.Idea: To tease the audience by showing only a part of the price Insight: When you’ve seen a little, you want to find out moreResult: The campaign worked and the sale of the Ikon thatyear went up 27% over the sales of the previous year.
  5. 5. On the billboard, a life size cut out of the painter covered the second number of the figure
  6. 6. Direct Mailer – The postal stamp covers the second number of the figure
  7. 7. When one scratches here, the second number of the figure gets scratched out too.
  8. 8. Table mats at Pizza Hut. The Ketchup stain covers the second number of the figure
  9. 9. Riding on CricketTask: To launch the new MAK lubricant.Fact: Engine lubricants are universally a lowinvolvement category.Strategy: Relate to the consumers‟ aspirations ofturning the impossible into possible. And there isno better time to latch on to this aspiration thanthe cricket season.Idea: Reinforce the strategy by steering clear ofthe engine-lubricant story and exaggerating thebenefit.
  10. 10. Creating HistoryTask: Launch the new Ariel power brush.Fact: Men in India don‟t do laundry.Insight: Men would do anything (evenlaundry) if it could result in some „action‟.Idea: Bring romance into washing.
  11. 11. Slide ShowTask: Advertise the new sliding rear doorof the Mazda 5Strategy: Highlight the benefit and not theproduct.Idea: Use the opportunity to not only bringthe sliding door into focus but also makethe phrase “zoom-zoom” relatable to theconsumer.
  12. 12. Simple relationshipsTask: During the wedding season promote theHyundai Santro as the ideal wedding gift.Fact: In India it is common for the bride‟s father togive an expensive gift to the bride or groom.Strategy: Appeal to the heart and not to the head.Idea: Use the opportunity to highlight therelationship between father and daughter.Result: What started off as a one off adsnowballed into a full-fledged campaign thatexplored different relationships.
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  17. 17. Sleight of WordsTask: To advertize the new Rick‟s bar at theTaj (5 star hotel).Fact: Liquor advertizing is strictly prohibitedin India.Idea: Use provocative words in a way thatgets the job done without invoking the wrathof the censors.
  18. 18. Playing to their tuneTask: Bring the Mazda 2 to a new targetgroup.Strategy: When speaking to youth, speak theirlanguage.Idea: Place the car within their passion points.