Animation an Effective tool in marketing


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Promotion of animation Animation an Effective tool in marketing.

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Animation an Effective tool in marketing

  1. 1. The Objective of this project is To describe the structure of the animation industry. To introduce the effective use of animation industry as a marketing tool. Determine the scope of services of the animation industry both locally and abroad.
  2. 2. Animation is the non personalcommunication of information usuallypersuasive in nature aboutproducts, services or ideas byidentified sponsors through variousmedia.
  3. 3. Most of the functions and jobs in animationsdon’t require very specialized piece of hardwareand can be completed using a sufficiently powerdesktop computer. However, these are someparts of Pre-production and Post-production thatdoes require specialized hardware to an extentor another. 1. Graphics Tablets 2. Motion Capture 3. Render Farm 4. Editing suite
  4. 4. In Pakistan, animation sector is not defined as such. Inorder to conduct our research effectively, we defined ourscope of research as follows:“The companies that have a prominent presence in themarket; are involved in production of 3D animated contentfrom concept to completion, and we took a tangential lookat the game development sector as well”.We focused almost on 3D animation because this is thepredominant animation techniques used in Pakistan.
  5. 5. Audience
  6. 6. Animation is a tool which can help a company toachieve goals. It is not the end, but a means toreach the end. The functions of animation dependupon six objectives.1. To make product distinct from others.2. To communicate information.3. To push the customers.4. To expand distribution.5. To encourage brand preference.6. To reduce sales cost.
  7. 7. •Pakistani professional animator have startedcatching the foreign demand for animation.•Post production work of some Hollywood movies isnow given to Pakistan mainly because of theacceptable quality of animation and relatively lowerprice in the region.•Scope of Animation Industry in Pakistan has nowcrossed the borders.
  8. 8. • We see 100’s of ads every day.• Consciously or subconsciously Animation have tremendous effect.• Animation can not only change buying decision but also changesmindset & attitude of people.• Animation reflects the culture of a nation.• Animation industry also supports media industry, In fact mediasurvives on Animation because they go hand in hand.• Animation can be used as an effective tool for a social cause.• Animation also helps in spreading information about new technology& innovations
  9. 9. Strengths• Animation industry in Pakistan was growing at 30% in 2009, and it isestimated to reach US$ 1.5 billion by 2015• It has become one of the biggest entertainment and information media.• Animation Industry covers all kind of advertising concerns and it hassecured a high range of target audience.• It has well established division’s 2-D animation in advertising and 3-Danimation being used by TV for entertainment.• Increasing trends in overall revenues and profits.• High brand awareness among the people.
  10. 10. Weaknesses•High operating cost.•Industry has lower skilled workforce so it takes more time to completeprojects.•Costly and high specs hardware and softwares required.• Poor working conditions in advertising agencies and low wages paidby owners.• Less support from Pakistani Government for betterment of animationindustry.• Continuous innovative ideas are required to retain the attention ofcustomers.
  11. 11. Opportunities• Can work into different segments for enhancement of its scope.• Market development in small cities.• Benchmarking to improve management practices.• Free-lance work and online foreign projects.• Develop more attractions for target audience.• Introduce mocap system to reduce production time and increaseproduction
  12. 12. Threats• Security Threats due to terrorism• Employee often skips work due to energy crisis in Pakistan.• High competition in Advertising Industry.• Social and religious groups.• Government policies.• High demanding market in terms of innovation.• Searching, paying and retaining innovative people.• Lack of awareness and cultural terms.
  13. 13. The animation industry has its great importance for last manyyears. It is emerging as a powerful tool in marketing because itdirectly affects the audience and communicates the message to thecustomers more efficiently and has more realistic approach. In thismodern Era of information technology though animation industry isplaying a vital role for marketing of products in Pakistan but themajority of people is illiterate and does not know much about thisindustry.
  14. 14. •Institutions should be established by the Government andprivate sector for R&D and to produce skilled workforce.•Government support should be manifested in the purchaseof software’s which are highly expensive.•Government should reform the structure of this industry andrevise the wages of workers to meet international standards.•Banks and other financial institutions should provide softloans on easy installments.•Tax exemptions for hardware import