Implementation of blossoms in pakistan


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BLOSSOMS (Blended Learning Open Source Science Or Math Studies) is an initiative to develop a huge open and free resource of conceptual videos for high school math and science levels produced and gifted by volunteer faculty members initially from MIT and beneficiaries are the educators in Jordan and Pakistan. On the other side Pakistan has heterogeneous education systems and has various implementation issues. In this paper, issues like localization, language controversy, curriculum alignment, implementation, assessment and resources have highlighted. At the end, an implementation model has proposed for the better adoption of BLOSSOMS in Pakistan.

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  • Hope for the implementation of this noble cause of MIT
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Implementation of blossoms in pakistan

  1. 1. Implementation of BLOSSOMS in Pakistan M Kashif Farooq From Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB)
  2. 2. Abstract• Background: Pakistan has heterogeneous education systems (Local & International)• Implementation issues: – localization, – language controversy, – curriculum alignment, – implementation, – Assessment – resources• Proposed implementation model for BLOSSOMS in Pakistan
  3. 3. Generally• Teachers are interested in using blended learning to attain a better professional profile,• to take advantage of learning benefits offered by Information Technology (IT) but always in the context of the school culture otherwise they strongly connected to the established student examination system [1] Ref [1]: Demetriadis, S., et al., "Cultures in negotiation": teachers acceptance/resistance attitudes considering the infusion of technology into schools. Computers & Education, 2003. 41(1): p. 19-37
  4. 4. Survey of Academic Community• More than 80 teachers from following various institutions participated in the workshop• LCWU, Kinnaird College, Punjab School, Sharif Education Complex, Lahore Grammar, Beacon house, Educators, Salamat Schools System etc.• More than 20 teachers participated virtually• Many BLOSSOMS video-modules presented for the workshop audience
  5. 5. Conceptual LevelAll the participants agreed 5 Rating Levalon point 4 3 2 1 0 20 40 60 80 100 Frequency•BLOSSOMS video modules are conceptual in nature(More than 80% people agreed )•Higher education needs conceptual students
  6. 6. 5 Rating LevalLocalization 4 3In Pakistan, there are 2two systems of 1education•O & A-Level 0 10 20 30 40 50(international) Frequency• Matric & FSc (local) Need of Localization • Stronger group believes that there is no need of localization • People belong to international system are used to foreign education system while • other people related to local system have their own apprehensions.
  7. 7. Language Barrier Group1: Need Urdu Translation (Having background of Urdu medium of instructions) Deep learning or understanding from these videos need language comfort Group2: Need No Urdu Translation (Already providing education in English medium of instructions) Level of Language Barrier
  8. 8. Language Barrier BLOSSOMS videos may increase the language comprehension for further higher studies Disagree These conceptual videos should not be used for improving the English language for higher studies Improvement in English Listening Comprehension
  9. 9. Language Barrier In favor of Urdu Translation Against Need of Urdu Translation
  10. 10. Alignment with curriculum No Alignment Required in Video Topics with Curriculum BLOSSOMS videos should fill the gap between high school curricula and pre-requisition for higher education, not to be aligned with high schools curricula Required Alignment of Video Topics with Curriculum
  11. 11. Alignment with curriculum Curricula of high school should be modified as per topics of videos for better adoption Required Alignment of Curricula with Video Topics
  12. 12. Implementation• Faculty acceptance• Improvement of teaching skills• Enforcement• Academic calendar
  13. 13. Implementation: Faculty acceptance People wants change in their •professional methodologies and •accommodates innovation for betterment Conventional type of people does not want any change
  14. 14. Implementation: Improvement of teaching skills Broadminded people improve their skills by consulting other experts of respective field Conservative people criticize others skills and do not want any change in their practices
  15. 15. Implementation: Enforcement Enforced Implementation Voluntarily Implementation
  16. 16. Implementation: Academic Calendar Some people suggested that after completing the high school education, students have some time before joining the higher education that can be used for improving their concepts by BLOSSOMS Academic calendar of high school level is over burdening No room for BLOSSOMS
  17. 17. Assessment: External Evaluation Students must be evaluated on BLOSSOMS topics from local or international examination boards
  18. 18. Assessment: Internal Evaluation In house evaluation for BLOSSOMS has no impact
  19. 19. Resource Barrier for Institutes 5 Rating Level 4 3 2 1 0 20 40 60 80 Frequency Telecommunication Infrastructure Index 2008 of BLOSSOMS Partner’s CountriesCountry Internet PC Cellular Telephone Broadband Infrastructur Index Index Index Lines Index e Index IndexUSA 0.778 0.844 0.509 0.593 0.609 0.6663Jordon 0.154 0.069 0.489 0.109 0.026 0.1693Pakistan 0.086 0.006 0.143 0.034 0.001 0.0540Source: From e-Government to Connected Governance, in 2008 UNDESA: United Nations e-Government Survey
  20. 20. Resource Barrier for Home Users
  21. 21. Proposed Implementation• It should be the part of entry test of higher education like engineering, medical, IT, Computer Science etc.• Students already be evaluated as per their curriculum by education boards while BLOSSOMS topics will add more knowledge and will improve their concepts• Usually brilliant students appears in entry tests, so they can easily understand these topics
  22. 22. Proposed Implementation• Students and faculty has enough time to cover these BLOSSOMS topics in the spare time slot (after final exams and before joining the higher education)• A local portal should be developed to guide the faculty about the adoption of BLOSSOMS topic in existing curricula and academic calendar.
  23. 23. Thank You