Enter the Team City


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Enter the Team City

  1. 1. Continuous Integration with TeamCity Presenter: Imam Raza
  2. 2. Quote of the day Developers spend most of their time automating processes for their users, yet don’t always see ways to automate their own development processes
  3. 3. What is CI? • Find problems earlier by building often.
  4. 4. With CI we can answer following questions • Do all software component work together? • Is the team adhering to the coding standards? • Is all Unit test case passed for build? • How much code is covered by automated tests? • Were all test successful after last change • Were there any problem with last deployment • Are the builds developer environment Independent? • Is the build source code synch with SVN?
  5. 5. CI Typical Steps • Developer commits code to VCS • CI Server detects that change. • CI Server starts getting changed code and building it • CI Server generates feedback and send to specific members
  6. 6. Component of CI System
  7. 7. CI Practice Says • Commit code frequently • Don't commit broken code • Fix broken builds immediately • Write automated developer tests • All tests and inspection must pass • Run private builds • Avoid getting broken code
  8. 8. CI Benefits • Reduce Risks o Defects are detected sooner and fixed o Health of software is measurable o Reduce assumptions (environment problems) • Reduce Repetitive manual process • Generate deployable software at any time and at any place
  9. 9. CI Benefit (cont) • Enable better project visibility • Establish greater confidence in the software product from the development team
  10. 10. What prevents team from using CI? • Increased overhead in maintaining CI System • Too much change. • Too many failed builds. • Additional software and hardware costs • Developers should be performing these activities
  11. 11. CI Tools Available in Market • Open Source o Cruisecontrol o Jenkins/Hudson o Continuum o Draco.Net o Lunitbuild • Licensed One o TeamCity (professional version is free for 20 projects)
  12. 12. CI withTeamCity's Benefit • Minimum work to integrate with any heterogeneous development platform. Java, .Net Iphone objective c,blackberry ,android ,c++, ruby etc. • Distributed build management through buildAgent. • Scalability with cloud computing • Pretested commit • Support with IDE including IntelliJ , eclipse etc
  13. 13. CI withTeamCity's Benefit(cont) • Support with number of VCS (SVN,CVS,GIT,TFS,VSS, perforce..etc) • BuildRunner choices (Ant, Nant, maven, MSBuild, MS sln2003,MS sln2005, MS sln2008,Shell scripts..etc)
  14. 14. Benefits for different organization Roles • Managers • Can monitor project progress and quality with changes of each team member. • Can see in detail the quality of project with help of quality reports. • Can make build by just clicking build button on the dashboard and provide builds to Customer without the need of developer at any time. • Developers • Can see his changes in each build so that make sure if his changes went in build given to QA. • Can review code report and improve his code. • With Bugzilla integration, developer can see what changes he made against a particular bug
  15. 15. Benefits for different organization Roles • Quality Assurance Engineer • Can get environment independents build that would save their time. • Can compare builds from build archive. • Can make builds directly from Teamcity. • Can see developer change in each build. This can serve quick release notes. • Can benefit from code changes if QA is whitebox tester as well. • Bugzilla and selenium integrates with teamcity. • Graphic Designer • Can see their changes in each build so that make sure if their changes went in build given to QA
  16. 16. TeamCity Demo Let me now show you Live demo of teamcity Iphone projects of below features: • See User commit changes in each build with build artifact. • See Coding Standard Reports, static code analysis Reports and duplicate code analysis Reports of each build. • See Manual and automatic Build trigger scheduler as soon as some change is made in VCS