Custom Mobile Services


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Karya offers Custom Mobile Solutions that suits various business needs. We are capable of developing Custom Mobile Applications just the way you want.

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Custom Mobile Services

  1. 1. Custom Mobile ServicesBring any functionality from your ERP, CRM or Enterprise Applications to Smartphones and Tablets
  2. 2. Mobile ServicesWe systematically analyze variousenterprise applications and bringthem to Smartphones and Tablets Critical pieces of customer- facing, business and IT functions Alerts and Workflows Data Management– KPIs, Scorecards, Metrics, Reports Location Based Services Mobile to Device Interactions - Device Sensors, Camera, and RFID BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) MDM (Mobile Device Management) Mobile Security & Mobile Printing 2
  3. 3. Critical Pieces of Functions Bring critical pieces of functions to Smartphones and Tablets  Customer facing functions – Order Entry, Customer Service  Business critical functions – Inventory Management  IT critical functions Mobile access to more functionality than ever before Most desktop/laptop functionality optimized for the specific mobile experience Ability to access and use enterprise information from a diverse set of mobile devices 3
  4. 4. Alerts and Workflows Enterprise grade framework Access business activities from your Smartphone and Tablet Trigger personalized alerts/workflow using email, push notification, SMS Customizable alerts and workflows Examples include alerts for inventory levels, workflows for purchase orders 4
  5. 5. Alerts and Workflows - DemoDemo of Web Administration Console Mapping the target system Manage the mobile users Group users by function Audit Logs Workflow sent through push notification Pending approvalsClick this link and experience the live demo 5
  6. 6. Data Management and Business Intelligence–KPIs, Scorecards, Metrics, and Reports Deliver Canned reports, ad-hoc query results, KPIs, Executive Summaries, Scorecards to Smartphones and Tablets Works with any data source OLTP or OLAP, Excel, XML or a custom web service Delivers rich reports, dashboards, scorecards to any Smartphone and Tablet Sophisticated interactive dashboards Data delivered is easy to access, interpret and manipulate Supported devices include Apple iPad and iPhone, Android Tablets and Phone 6
  7. 7. Business Intelligence Demo -KPIs, Scorecards, Metrics, ReportsDemo of iPad and iPhone  Dynamics AX- ERP Dashboard  CEO Dashboard  Executive Dashboard  Expense DashboardClick this link and experience the live demoDemo Link 7
  8. 8. Location Based Services Location-aware field solutions that provide information based on the geographic area. Map integration features Some use cases are  A sales agent can have location based leads from the CRM using his Smartphone and Tablets.  A service personnel can access the shortest drive route provided by his Smartphone . 8
  9. 9. Mobile to Device Interactions - Device Sensors Interface your Smartphone with external accessories  Healthcare - Connect your Smartphone electrocardiogram to monitor your heartbeat  Retail – Use your Smartphone to point and tag items  Logistics – Track your vehicles and shipments RFID Sensor Pay  Scan and tag products with built-in RFID Decline NFC Sensor  Leverage the power of near field communication sensor to make secure mobile payments Bluetooth  Use your Bluetooth to connect to external devices such as a GPS navigation system 9
  10. 10. Mobile OfficeEnterprise Document Access System on Mobile  Meets the security, management and flexibility requirements of the enterprise  Provides enterprise-grade services to business users  Ensures that business objectives and IT security requirements are met. Fewer constraints and faster processes benefit users through accessibility and collaborative share-ability  Simple, secure and reliable system for accessing files  Mitigates the security risks of file sharing 10
  11. 11. Mobile OfficeIssue Management system  An effective mobile application that makes issues accessible on your Smartphones and Tablets  Specifically designed to make issue tracking and management fast and easy  Enables the Smartphone and Tablet user to get instant updates even during commute  Within seconds you can create an issue, set a priority and assign it to a team member or let the team members create, claim, and assign issues to each other on Smartphones and Tablets even while away from the office 11
  12. 12. BYOD and MDMBYOD (Bring Your Own Device)  The practice of employees favoring their choice of the make and model of a mobile device for doing company’s work  Enhances employee efficiency and improves productivity  Concerns: data security and troubleshooting in case of any problems  A good MDM can tackle these issuesComprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) with or without BYOD across mobileplatforms  Designed to manage mobile devices across platforms and services providers  Devices include Smartphones, Tablets, mobile computers, mobile printers and such others  Co-ordinates management of each of these devices individually or together perfectly well  Effective in enhancing security, monitoring and managing the usage of the devices and preventing security breach 12
  13. 13. Mobile Printing and Mobile SecurityMobile Printing Includes all the different ways that are adapted to print documents on the go such as sending a fax to the fax printer, or sending an email to the network printer Specialty is that printing can be done remotely and wirelessly on any desired printer Cuts down the time and cost involved in data transfer and printingMobile Security Performs a host of functions ranging from safeguarding the mobile from theft, loss, security breach, virus attack and downtime Can be used on all kinds of mobile devices and can also be coupled with a good MDM to enhance mobile security. Prevents malware and identity theft in online interactions Helps in locating a lost device  Prevents unwanted calls or messages Prevents your child from browsing or downloading unsuitable content using the mobile device. 13
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