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33324701 a-project-report-on-brand-awarness

  2. 2. DECLARATION I do hereby declare that this project is submitted by me for partial fulfilment ofthe Bachelor of Business Administration, Information Technology Centre, NorthBengal University. The project report is exclusively prepared by me and has not beensubmitted to any other Institution or published anywhere before.DATE:- SIGNATURE:- I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT At the very outset, I would like to thank my family whom I owe a much. I am really grateful to Mrs Archana Diaz ,sales Manager of Khokan Motors forher guidance to undertake this project and enabling me to turn my dream to reality. I express my deep sense of gratitude to my internal guide, Mr. Suvamay Bhowmick,lecturer Information Technology Centre, University of North Bengal for his help andadvice during the preparation of this project. Finally, I would like to thank all others who directly or indirectly help me toaccomplish my project work..DATE:- SIGNATURE:- I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U
  4. 4. PREFACE Project work is something that every Management student should carry outseriously at any organization irrespective of their topic they choose to do. This is a partof complete management study and carrying out such a project work is required by theexamination and evaluation Department of different Universities necessary for thepartial fulfillment of B.B.A. course. Carrying and completing such a project work is not an easy task. One must becareful before gathering the data required otherwise the very essence of the project willget lost in the midway and the real and correct idea will remain unexposed before thereader. I took my project in Marketing on Brand awareness of Mahindra Xylo from KhokanMotors, Siliguri. I had tried to compile the clear picture regarding the level of brandawareness, measure to increase and retain the brand awareness, and the advertising andthe promotional tools effective for enhancing the awareness level of the potentialcustomers.The project has played a significant role in my life in gaining knowledge in marketingfield. I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U
  6. 6. I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U INTRODUCTION OF THE PROJECT The project is undertaken to measure the brand awareness level of Mahindra Xylo in an around Siliguri, measuring the brand awareness level of a particular company’s brand is of vital importance since it indicates the number of people who are aware of a particular brand in a given period of time and it also highlights the effectiveness of the different advertising or promotional tools used for the purpose. Brand awareness is the consumers’ ability to recognise or recall (identify) the brand within a given product category in sufficient detail to make a purchase decision. This also means that the consumers can propose, recommend, choose, or use the brand. The objectives of most advertising campaign are to create and maintain brand preference. The first step is to make potential consumers aware of a brands’ existence. One of the prominent goals of any business should be to build brand imageand awareness of its product, albeit in as cost – effective manner as possible. Consumertends to make purchasing decision based on peer recommendation and directexperience, as well traditional advertising methods. The project aims towards increasing the brand awareness since its one of theeffective tool to effect the final purchase decision and the volume of sales. I had usedthe topic to find out or measure the brand awareness level among the customers and theways to increase its awareness.
  7. 7. I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 1 Mahindra who has entered the motor industry initially to manufacture general-purpose utility vehicles, Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) was first known for assemblingunder licence of the iconic Willys Jeep in India. The company later branched out intomanufacture of light commercial vehicles (LCV’s) and agriculture tractors, rapidlygrowing from being a manufacture of army vehicles and tractors to an automobile majorwith a growing global market. At present M&M is the leader in the utility vehicle (UV)segment in India with its praise worthy products like Scorpio, Bolero, Xylo, Legend etc. In this project, I went into a search for details regarding the brand awareness ofMahindra Xylo and its acceptance rate and the promotion effectiveness. The analysis was done with the help of the data collected through questionnairetaking the sample size of 50 in an around siliguri. As the brand awareness is directlyassociated with promotion strategy taken by the company its effectiveness is evaluatedand the steps to increase the awarness level of the customers are considered. Therefore I have used various tools and techniques for the purpose of analysis ofthe data and have tried to throw a clear light towards the level of brand awareness ofMahindra Xylo and the measures to increase its awareness and to evaluate the bestmedia of communication for the purpose.
  8. 8. I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 2 INTRODUCTION OF THE COMPANYAbout Mahindra & MahindraType Public CompanyFounded 1945Headquarters Mumbai, IndiaKey People Keshub Mahindra (Chairman), Anand Mahindra (Vice Chairman & Managing Director)Industry Automotive farm EquipmentRevenue US$ 10 billion (2009 H1)Employees 16,000 plusWebsite Mahindra.com Mahindra & Mahindra limited is a part of Mahindra Group, an automotive farmequipment, financial services, trade and logistics, automotive components, after-market,I.T and infrastructure conglomerate. The company was set up in 1945 as Mahindra &Mohammed. Later, after the partition of India, Ghulam Muhammad returned to Pakistan
  9. 9. and became that nation’s first finance minister. Hence, the name was changed fromMahindra & Mohammed to Mahindra & Mahindra in 1948.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 3 Initially set up to manufacture general-purpose utility vehicles, Mahindra &Mahindra (M&M) was first known for assembly under licence of the iconic Willys Jeepin India. The company later branched out into manufacture of light commercial vehicles(LCV’s) and agriculture tractors, rapidly growing from being a manufacture of armyvehicles and tractors to an automobile major with a growing global market. At presentM&M is the leader in the utility vehicle (UV) segment in IndiaBusiness Mahindra & Mahindra grew from being a maker of army vehicles to a majorautomobile and tractor manufacture. It has acquired plants in China and the Unitedkingdom, and has three assembly plants in the USA. M&M has partnerships withinternational companies like Renault SA, France and international Truck and EngineCorporation, USA. M&M has a global presence and its products are exported to several countries. Itsglobal subsidiaries include Mahindra Europe Srl. based in Italy. Mahindra USA Inc,Mahindra South Africa and Mahindra (China) tractor Co. Ltd. M&M is one of the leading tractor brands in the world. It is also the largestmanufacturer of tractors in India with sustained market leadership of over 25 years. It
  10. 10. designs, develops, manufactures and markets tractors as well as farm implements.Mahindra tractors (China ) Co. Ltd. Manufactures tractors for the the growing Chinesemarket and is a hub for tractor exports to the USA and other nations. M&M has a 100%subsidiary, Mahindra USA, which assembles products for the American market.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 4M&M made its entry into the passenger car segment with the Logan in April 2007under the Mahindra Renault joint venture. M&M will make its maiden entry into theheavy trucks segment with Mahindra Navistar, the joint venture with InternationalTruck, USA. M&M’s automotive division makes a wide range of vehicles including MUVs,LCVs and three wheelers. It offers over 20 models including new generation multi-utility vehicles like Scorpio, and the Bolero . At the 2008 Delhi Auto Show, Mahindra Executives said the company is pursingan aggressive product expansion program that would see the launch of several newplatforms and vehicles over the next three years, including an entry- level SUVdesigned to seat five passengers and powered by a small turbo diesel engine. True totheir word, Mahindra & Mahindra launched the Mahindra Xylo in January 2009, and asof june 2009, the Xylo has sold over 15000 models. The US based Reputation Institute recently ranked Mahindra among the top 10Indian companioes in its ‘Global 200: The Worlds best Corporate Reputations’list. Awards:- 1. Bombay Chamber Good Corporate Citizen Award for 2006-07 2. Businessworld FICCI-SEDF Corporate Social Responsibility Award - 2007
  11. 11. 3. Deming Prize 4. Japan Quality Medal in 2007I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 5 Models:- • Mahindra Bolero  Mahindra Bolero Camper  Mahindra Bolero Inspira  Mahindra Bolero Stinger Concept • Mahindra Scorpio  Mahindra Scorpio Gateway  Mahindra Scorpio First • Mahindra Xylo • Mahindra legend • Mahindra MM550 XD • Mahindra-Renault Logan (in cooperation with Renault) • Mahindra Axe • Mahindra Major  Mahindra Souvenir Concept
  12. 12. • Mahindra Commander • Mahindra Grand Vitara • Mahindra DI • Mahindra Cab ChassisI.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 6Core Business Activities • Automotive • Farm Equipment • Systech • Financial Services • Information Technology • Infrastructure Development • After-Market • Two-Whellers • Mahindra Partners Division • Speciality ServicesCommunity Initiatives • Mahindra United World College Of India • Mahindra united, a football club based in Mumbai, Maharasthra
  13. 13. • Mahindra FoundationI.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 7 LAUNCHING OF MAHINDRA XYLO To build a car that has everything the customer’s wants, it is essential tounderstand what he wants first. This had been the basic principle behind the Xylo. They started with thecustomer. To this end they spent time with car users, across the country, observing theirinteraction with cars. We watched how they entered vehicles, what they did inside, whatthey looked for. They noted down complaints and identified need gaps. And then they started building the Xylo from the inside out. This is the first timein India where passenger compartment was designed well before the exteriors of thecar. Every single learning was incorporated on a wooden buck (a mock car interior withinstrumental panel, steering wheel and seats). This was then tested with car customersfor further feedback and only after integrating every desired feature into interior did westart with the exterior. The result was a car that was fluent in form and function. A car that was trulyworld class and a car that was in sync with the peoples requirements. Making the Mahindra Xylo meant challenging the limitations of every car beforeit. It meant determining the needs of our consumers and pioneering technologies to
  14. 14. meet those needs. The Mahindra Xylo was meant to be built around you, out of yourneeds.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 8 It took 160 engineers to do just that. Engineers that were handpicked from acrossthe country. Each of them regarded as an expert in their own field of automobiledevelopment. The engineers spent time with customers across the country, observingtheir interaction with vehicles. They identified need gaps and invented solutions to fillin these gaps and the result was India’s first car to be built out. Every need was cateredto, every requirement met and once the interiors were done, the exteriors began. A lot of research and development has gone into bringing the Mahindra Xylofrom the drawing board to ‘on road’. And every manufacturing process has beenoptimised to handle this special car’s special requirements. Like the body assemblyprocedures that are fully automated to ensure incredible levels of accuracy. So you canbe sure that extra thought and effort have gone into making the Mahindra Xylo perfectin every way. Mahindra & Mahindra Limited launched their latest Multi Vehicle (MUV)“Xylo” in India on January 13,2009. The car boasts of having all the luxurious featuresthat are seen in today’s sedans with the ample space of a utility vehicle. Xylo’smuscular stance contributes to its commanding road presence. Fully packed with thelatest features the MUV is sure to impress Indian consumers and provide a stiffcompetition to other vehicles within its class.
  15. 15. Performance Of Mahindra Xylo Under the hood of Mahindra Xylo lies a 4-cylinder turbo charged, mEagle dieselengine which generates a power of 112bhp@3800 rpm and a peak torque of 24 kgm @1800-3000 rpm. The powerfull engine is developed on the NEF CRDe platform and ismated to 5-gears manual transmission. The car accelerates from rest to 60 km/h in just5.8 seconds.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 9SPECIFICATION:-Engine mEagle CRDe mDI CRDeFuel Diesel DieselInjection Common rail Common railEngine capacity (cc) 2498 2498Power 83.2kW (112 bhp) 69.5kW (95 bhp) @3800rpm @3600 rpmTorque 260Nm @1800-3000rpm 220Nm @1400-2600 rpmFront Brake Disc DiscRear Brake Drum DrumFront Suspension Independent coil spring Independent coil springRear Suspension Multi-link coil spring Multi-link coil springTurning radius (m) 5.4 5.4Tyre size 215/75R15 (381 mm) 205/65R15 (381 mm)
  16. 16. I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 10 NEED FOR THE STUDY Today costumers are facing a growing range of choice in the different brands ofproducts and services. They are making their choice on the basis of their perceptions ofbrand, quality service and value. The company has to adopt strategies to keep brand in consumer’s memory. Astrong brand awareness means easy acceptance of new products. An organization has tomeasure the level of awareness of the potential customers and has to adopt different
  17. 17. strategies to enhance the awareness level and to identify the appropriate promotionaltool. Brand awareness is asset which brand managers create and enhance to buildbrand equity. It is related to the nature and features of product. It leads to brand strengthwhich is constituted by measuring the variable like leadership, stability, Market,geographic, trend, support and protection etc… Creating brand awareness with the use of advertising, promotion eventmanagement etc… a different brand has different kind of awareness which retainsrecognition. Brand awareness satisfies a need of the consumer. A consumer as aims,ambitions, motivation drives and desire. Consumer feels more powerful when he usesthe brand. Satisfactions or preference for a brand shows how loyal the consumer islikely to be brand. In todays competitive business scenario where every companies product iscompeting with each other retaining loyal customer is an essence for which increasingthe level of brand awarness is very vital.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 11This study is not concerned only with brand awareness but deals also with other facts. Itincludes a wide preview of  From where did the potential customers come to know about the product?  Which media is effective in communicating the message to the potential customers?  Did the potential customers feel that the brand is important to purchase?
  18. 18.  Which attribute of the product drive the potential customer to prefer the particular product.?  Did the potential customers felt that the branded product matches their expectations?  How the brands influence the market?  What is the effect of the competitor’s product?  Are the potential customers satisfied with the brand, price, quality etc…?I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 12 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM In the emerging knowledge based economy it has become necessary to know howmuch market power lies with the brand name. The study of brand awareness is essentialin marketing planning. Customer needs and preferences keep changing where brandsultimately command customer’s loyalty.
  19. 19. The realistic side of the problem is to know the acceptance level of the brandawareness towards the product. This study will help us to understand the brandawareness and what problems are being faced by the consumers, to which appropriatemeasures to be taken to solve the problems. This project has mainly been taken up to understand the brand awareness, buyingmotives to ensure the “Brand awareness towards Mahindra Xylo” apart from this, it isto understand the new opportunities in the market for the improvement of brandawareness and sales towards the productsI.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 13 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDYThe main objective of any business is to acquire larger market share ,or higherpercentage of sales in the Industry, This could be only achieved by building a higherpercentage of brand loyal customers.
  20. 20. Any company can survive through the stiff competition of the market if its hasbrand loyal customer. Today many major companies in the market has brand loyalcustomers and they adopt many strategies to maintain and improve there brandedequity. Without creating a proper Brand awareness they cannot build brand image. Strong brands help build the corporate image and also by making it eager for thecompanies launch new brands. Today brands are treated, as major enduring assets of acompany-more over brand equity are major contributor to customer equity. This all canhappen only there is proper brand awareness. The light four wheeler industry has been expanding rapidly are gone the daywhen possessing a small and mid-size cars was seen as a luxury. Now days it is viewedas a mere necessity.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 14 The study has been conducted with the following objectives in mind:-  To judge the awareness level of the prospect customer.  To know how they are aware regarding the product.  To judge in which way they have developed the awareness.
  21. 21.  To judge which promotional tool is effective to increase the awareness level among the people.  To see whether brand awareness influences the buying behaviour or not.  What factors and variables of brand influence them to purchase.  To know how to maintain and improve brand awareness and to build brand loyalty.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 15 REVIEW OF LITERATURE
  22. 22. Uvaisuvi KSB, Calicut conducted a study on Brand Awareness, with specialreference to Maruti Ritz at Indus Motors in his study he tried to find out the “influenceof Brand Awareness on buying behaviour” and through his extensive analysisconcluded that brand awareness has a real and significant influence on the buyingbehaviour of the customers. Madukar N conducted a study on “ Brand Awareness towards Santro Hyndai”from AYS Hyndai in the city of Visakhapatnam in his study he concluded that thebrand awareness of santro Hyndai was quite high and the brand was facing a toughcompetition from other small car industries like Maruti, ford etc.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 16 METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY
  23. 23. The study is conducted empirically using both primary and secondary data. Primary data was collected with the help of well structured questionnaire. Around50 potential customers were surveyed to understand the brand awareness level ofMahindra Xylo in an around Siliguri.All the persons interviewed were in the age groupabove 25 years. It has been deliberately decoded to conduct the survey among this agegroup because they are the people who are generally looking ahead for the purchase of afour-wheeler. Many of these persons interested are either businessmen or professionals;few of them are corporate managers also. The secondary data is collected from Mahindra’s website and by going throughtheir corporate records, brochures and annual reports of the company along with theirnewsletters were used to substantiate the information. The details about the four-wheeler market are collected from a few specializedmagazines like Auto India etc. to get information regarding the organization andproducts.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 17
  24. 24. PRIMARY DATA:- Primary data has been collected through questionnaires. The questionnaire wasmostly related to the brand awareness towards Mahindra Xylo on different feature suchas the model, price, effectiveness of the brand etc.SECONDORY DATA:- Secondary data has been taken from bellow sources:1. Reports2. Pamphlets3. Advertisement4. Newspapers5. InternetI.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 18
  25. 25. SAMPLING:- The sample of 50 has been chosen randomly from in an around siliguri, the peopleresiding in an around siliguri are considered as the population for the study.SAMPLE SIZE:- The sample size of 50 is selected randomly. The study requires on in depth surveyand keen observation in collecting data regarding the brand awareness levels ofMahindra Xylo.SAMPLING TECHINIQUE:- Only simple random sampling technique is adopted in selection the sample. Inthis technique, each and every unit of the population has on equal opportunity of beingselected in the sampleDATA COLLECTION PROCESS:- Based on need and objectives, types of data required for study and other sources ofdata are identified.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 19
  26. 26. Data was collected with the help of the questionnaires Observation Primary Data QuestionnaireData Inside the News Organization Letters Secondary Documents Data Outside the Libraries, Organization Magazines etcI.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 20 GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION OF SURVEY
  27. 27. 1)Have you heard about Mahindra Xylo?SAMPLE SIZE 50 FREQUENCY CALCULATE PERCENTAGE YES 43 43*100/50 86% NO 7 7*100/50 14% Percentage 14% YES NO 86%Analysis:- The project undertaken to know the brand awareness level of Mahindra Xylowas conducted in an around siliguri with the sample size of 50 through questionnairewhen the respondent were ask about whether they had heard about Mahindra Xylo ornot 43 people out of 50 responded that they had heard about the product and the rest 7people had not heard about the product henceforth 86% of people had heard about theproduct which means that the product Mahindra Xylo is a well recognised and to someextent is a popular product among the people.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page21 2. Where have you heard about it? SAMPLE SIZE:43
  28. 28. FREQUENCY CALCULATE PERCENTAGE Television 10 10*100/43 23% Hoardings 15 15*100/43 35% Newspapers & 8 8*100/43 19% Magazines Friends & 5 5*100/43 12% Relatives Others 5 5*100/43 12%Analysis:- Since out of the total 50 sample chosen only 43people had heard about theproduct so therefore this question was analysed taking this 43 people and when thispeople were asked about where they had heard about the product 10 out of 43 that is23% people responded that they came to know about the product through Television,35% people said they came to know about the product through hoardings, 19% peoplerespondent that they came to know about the product through newspapers andmagazines and 12 % people through Friends & relatives and the rest 12% through othersources. Therefore after the analysis it was clear that the majority of people came toknow about the product through Television and hoardings.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page22 3. How often have you heard or seen it? SAMPLE SIZE:43
  29. 29. FREQUENCY CALCULATE PERCENTAGE Many Times 10 10*100/43 23% Often 12 12*100/43 28% Sometimes 16 16*100/43 37% Others 5 5*100/43 12%Analysis:- when the sample was asked about how often have they heard or seen the product10 out of 43 that is 23% people responded that they have heard about or seen theproduct many times 28% people that is 12 out of 43 people said they have often heardabout the product ,16 out of 43 people that is 37% of the total sample respondent thatthey have heard or seen the product sometime and 12% that is 5 out of 43 peopleresponded that they have never heard or seen the product .Therefore after the analysis itwas seen that the majority of people have seen or heard about the product sometimes.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 23 4. Have you done the test drive? SAMPLE SIZE:43
  30. 30. FREQUENCY CALCULATE PERCENTAGE Yes 3 3*100/43 7% No 40 40*100/43 93%Analysis: when the sample was asked about whether they have done the test drive ornot it was found that only 3 people out of 43 that is 7% of the total sample had actuallydone the test drive and the rest 40 people or 93% of the people had not test drivenMahindra Xylo which proved that the people who had taken test drive in an aroundsiliguri are very less.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 24 5. Did you like this product of Mahindra? SAMPLE SIZE:43 FREQUENCY CALCULATE PERCENTAGE
  31. 31. Yes 26 26*100/43 60% No 9 9*100/43 21% Not Sure 8 8*100/43 19% PERCENTAGE Yes NoAnalysis:- when the sample was asked about whether they liked the product or not 26people that is 60% of the total sample replied that they liked the product and 21 %people said they did not liked the product and 19 % of were not sure regarding theirpreference, Henceforth through the analysis it was seen that a sufficient number ofpeople liked Mahindra Xylo.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 25 6. Do you own a personal car?
  32. 32. SAMPLE SIZE:50 FREQUENCY CALCULATE PERCENTAGE Yes 16 16*100/50 32% No 34 34*100/50 68%Analysis:- The analysis was made taking the whole sample i.e 50 people and when thesample was asked about whether they own a personal car or not it was found that 32%of the people that is 16 people out of the sample owned a personal car and the rest 68%people that is 34 people does not own a car after the analysis done on the basis of thesample it was found that not a huge number of people owned a personal car.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 26 7. Do you wish to purchase Mahindra Xylo?
  33. 33. SAMPLE SIZE:43 FREQUENCY CALCULATE PERCENTAGE Yes 8 8*100/43 19% No 15 15*100/43 35% Not Decided 20 20*100/43 46%Analysis:- when the sample was asked about their wish to purchase the product19% of the total sample that is 8 people replied that they wish to purchase the product,35% that is 15 people said they do not wish to purchase the product and 46% repliedthat they have not decided anything regarding the product, after the analysis we came toknow that the people who wished to purchase the product is very nominal.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 27 8. If no which companies car are you planning to purchase?
  34. 34. SAMPLE SIZE:43 FREQUENCY CALCULATE PERCENTAGE Tata 3 3*100/43 7% Hyndai 7 7*100/43 16% Toyota 15 15*100/43 35% Maruti 5 5*100/43 12% Others 3 3*100/43 7% Not Decided 10 10*100/43 23%Analysis:- The analysis for this was taken with the help of open ended question andthe people who were surveyed went a long way describing their wishes for differentcompanies product which included a long list of like Tata, Hyundai, Toyota, Maruti,and etc and out of the total sample 23% replied that they have not planned to purchase acar and out of the long list of companies 35% respondent laid their wish or plan topurchase a product of Toyota, proving that the product of Toyota are pretty muchpopular amongst the people in an around siliguri.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 289. Why do you want to purchase this brand?
  35. 35. SAMPLE SIZE:43 FREQUENCY CALCULATE PERCENTAGE Mileage 4 4*100/43 9% Price 3 3*100/43 7% Comfort 14 14*100/43 33% Style 10 10*100/43 23% Others 12 12*100/43 28%Analysis:- When the sample was asked why do they want to purchase the brandMahindra Xylo or what is the attribute which enforces him or her to make the purchasedecision 32% responded they were driven by the comfort of the product, 23% mentionthat the were driven by the style and 28% gave the other reasons and the factors likeprice and mileage were highlighted very less by the respondent.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 2910. Do you know the logo of Mahindra? SAMPLE SIZE:43
  36. 36. FREQUENCY CALCULATE PERCENTAGE Yes 28 28*100/43 65% No 7 7*100//43 16% Not Sure 8 8*100/43 19%Analysis:- When the sample was asked whether they know the logo of Mahindra ornot 28 people out of 43 people that is 65% replied that they know the logo of Mahindraand 16% of the sample that is 5 people said they do not know the logo of Mahindra and19% were not sure.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 3011. Can you recall any advertising of Mahindra Xylo. SAMPLE SIZE:43
  37. 37. FREQUENCY CALCULATE PERCENTAGE Yes 21 21*100/43 49% No 7 7*100/43 16% Not Sure 15 15*100/43 35%Analysis:- On surveying whether the people can recall any advertising of MahindraXylo it was found that 21 people that is 42% of the total sample can recall theadvertising, 16% that is 7 people could not recall the advertising and 35% replied theywere not sure, henceforth after the analysis it was seen that the advertisement had beeneffective and stayed in the memory of most of the people.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 3112. What is the main think you can recall from that advertising? SAMPLE SIZE:21 FREQUENCY CALCULATE PERCENTAGE Spacious 8 8*100/21 38% Interiors 4 4*100/21 19% Style 3 3*100/21 14%
  38. 38. Comfort 6 6*100/21 29%Analysis:- This question was answered by only those respondent who could recallthe advertising of Mahindra Xylo, this included 21 people and after the analysis it wasfound that the respondent remembered different variables such as the car’s interiors, itsStyle, Comfort, glamour, its appearance, its features and many other things.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page3213. Would you like to recommend this products to others? SAMPLE SIZE:43 FREQUENCY CALCULATE PERCENTAGE Yes 18 18*100/43 42% No 2 2*100/43 5% Not Sure 23 23*100/43 53%
  39. 39. Analysis:- When the people were asked whether they would recommend this product toothers18 people that is 36% replied they would recommend this product to others, 4%replied in a negative way , 46% that is 23 people said they were not sure an d14% thatis the remaining 7 people of the sample did not took part in the question.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 33 CONCLUSIONAccomplishing this project on brand awareness was an excellent and knowledgegaining experience for me. Despite small sample size for questionnaire this projecthelped me to know the view of customer and common people towards the brandawareness of Mahindra Xylo.Brands are now a central feature of consumer marketing, they are important in buildinglong-term relationships with the consumer, irrespective of the type of market. Their
  40. 40. importance is now also being recognized in other markets including service andindustrial. Investing in a brand builds consumer confidence and loyalty and allows forbrand stretching. It requires a consistent and long-term strategy. Only a few brands haveemerged as truly global. In conclusion I would say that the brand (Mahindra Xylo) is quite known topeoples. Mahindra Xylo has built its brand awareness among a relatively large numberof people in an around siliguri. The customers are aware largely of the product with thehelp of Television and Hoardings and the product still has a way to increase itsadvertising channels to reach the relatively large number of people. The productsadvertising in the hill stations around siliguri is relatively less and also its awareness.At last I would like to thank my project co-ordinator Mr. Suvamay Bhowmick and thesales manager for their guidance and support.I would also like to thank all the people who have been so co-operative through out thesurvey.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 34 FINDINGS The following details can be inferred after analysis with a simple size of 50 whichincluded customers, by questionnaire method to find out the brand awareness towardsMahindra Xylo with reference to Khokan Motors. The awareness level of Mahindra Xylo in an around Siliguri is quite high.
  41. 41.  The promotional strategy of Mahindra Xylo is effective in the form of electronic media and mass media Most of the customers are aware of advertising campaign that are being conducted by Mahindra Xylo. Brand awareness has a real and visible impact in the buying behaviour of the people. Though the customers are having good awareness levels regarding the product they are not in a frame of mind to purchase it because of various reasons. Mahindra Xylo is facing a tough competition from the competitors with the same kind of products. The scale of advertising to promote Mahindra Xylo is not satisfactory and has to implement the various medium to offer advertising of the product.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 35 SUGGESTIONS Suggestions are done on the basis of finding and analysis of data collectedthrough questionnaire:-  In order to promote sale in highly competitive auto market attractive schemes such as cash discount, complementary gift, lucky draws, etc. can be given to the customers.
  42. 42.  Customers should be contacted at a regular interval through phone calls and free servicing of the cars to ask them if they are facing any problems with the car as because post sale with the customers may be very important to maintain customers satisfaction.  Advertising plays a very important role n increasing the awareness and in reminding the customer about the products and services offered by Mahindra Xylo. Hence advertisement about the firm and its products and services must be aired on local T.V channels as well as in newspapers and magazines.  Since the people tends to forget the advertising of a particular product a reminder message has to be enforced in a regular interval and in a proper media which would reach a large number of potential customers.  As from the inference we can see that the most important criteria for selection of the car is its performance which includes price, mileage, speed, braking efficiency, maintenance, etc. There would be definite increase in the sale of the car if this point would be looked into and improved.I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 36
  43. 43. BibliographySome of the website and magazines referred by me to complete this project.Websites:-www.mahindra.comwww.scribd.comwww.questionpro.comwww.google.comMagazines:-Companies Brochures & Manuals.MagazinesOverdriveBusiness TodayBooks:-Marketing Research - G.C BeriMarketing Management- Philip KotlerMarketing Management- V.S Ramaswamy & S. NamakumariI.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 37
  44. 44. QUESTIONAIRE ON BRAND AWARNESS OF MAHINDRA XYLO I, the student of I.T. Centre, North Bengal University, am conducting briefsurvey to find out the brand awareness level of Mahindra Xylo. I would be highlygrateful to you if you would provide your genuine response by putting a tick mark in arelevant box. I sincerely thank you for your humble co-operation.StudentI.T.Centre,N.B.U. 1)Have you heard about Mahindra Xylo? Yes No 2)Where have you heard about it? Television Hoardings Newspapers & Magazines Friends & Relatives Other 3)How often have you heard or seen it? Many Times Often Sometimes Never 4)Have you done the test drive?
  45. 45. Yes NoI.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 38 5)Did you like this product of Mahindra? Yes No Not Sure 6)Do you own a personal car? Yes No 7) Do you wish to purchase Mahindra Xylo? Yes No Not decided 8)If no than which companies car are you planning to purchase? ---------------------------------------------. 9)Why do you want to purchase this brand? Mileage Price Comfort Style Others 10)Do you know the logo of Mahindra?
  46. 46. Yes No Not Sure 11)Can you recall any advertising of Mahindra Xylo? Yes No Not Sure 12)What is the main think you can recall from that advertising? ------------------------------. 13)Would you like to recommend this products to others? Yes No Not SureI.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 39 14) Personal Information:- Name:- Age:- Above 60 40-50 30-40 Below 30
  47. 47. Sex:-Male Female Annual Income:-Above 15 lakh 10-15 lakh 5-10 lakh Below 5 lakh Address:-.................................................................................................................... ........................................................................................................................................ ..........................................................................I.T. CENTRE, N.B.U Page 40