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Staff is an intangible asset and HR processes are always a concern for the Senior Management. The quality of HR management reflects the success of a company. Efficient and effective management of "Human Capital" is the need of the hour and requires computerized Human Resource Management Solution.

PeoplActive handles HR, Personnel, Attendance, Leave Records, Payroll and other benefits through Web based solutions.

To ensure that HR retains control of both data and processes, workflow automatically routes all tasks through review- approval cycles, thereby improving productivity and ensuring that important tasks are not overlooked.

It helps the HR department to calculate payroll and allocate the resources by generating reports.

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PeoplActive HRMS presentation

  1. 1. PeoplActiveThe Fully Integrated Single-SupplierHR Management Solution
  2. 2. Overview
  3. 3. IntroductionStaff is an intangible asset and HR processes are always a concern for the SeniorManagement. The quality of HR management reflects the success of acompany. Efficient and effective management of "Human Capital" is the need ofthe hour and requires computerized Human Resource Management Solution.• PeoplActive handles HR, Personnel, Attendance, Leave Records, Payroll and other benefits through Web based solutions.• To ensure that HR retains control of both data and processes, workflow automatically routes all tasks through review- approval cycles, thereby improving productivity and ensuring that important tasks are not overlooked.• It helps the HR department to calculate payroll and allocate the resources by generating reports.
  4. 4. 7. Advanced Security and User Management 6. 1. Integrated Enterprise-Class Account HR & Payroll Module Software 2.Local Practice HRMS 5. In-depthbuilt-in withInternational Core Reporting Standards Features 4. Payroll Services 3. Employee Details
  5. 5. What makes HRMS unique ? Robust Swift Ongoing Solution Deployment Support
  6. 6. 1. Enterprise-Class Human Resource and Payroll Solution Whatever your business size, you can enjoy the benefits of a full-featured Cloud payroll solution without sacrificing the control, flexibility and accessibility.2. Local Practice built-in with International Standard Meet organizational needs with flexible payroll processing in accordance with international standards and local practices. Wage Protection System (WPS), Gratuity, leave salary calculations, leave fare and their provisions are managed efficiently to suit global requirements.
  7. 7. 3. Employee Details You can record personal information of employees, together with their photographs, designation, qualification, benefits, work experience, grades, documents like health card, labor card, passport, visa, etc.4. Payroll Services No more worrying about late payment of employee salary and missed deadlines. We provide a payroll management module which provides all functionalities required by a traditional payroll solution.
  8. 8. 5. In-depth reporting PeopleActive comes with powerful reporting capabilities that enable you to zero in on the data that matters the most- reports like pay register, bank transfer statement, cash denomination, budget variance on jobs, job wise hours and cost, annual leave due report etc.6. Integrated Account Module The Accounting module can be integrated with the solution to maintain salary, payment, receipts, petty cash etc. The costs centers can be defined for company, branch, as well as department wise human resource allocation to keep track of account transactions.
  9. 9. 7. Advanced Security and User Management A fully secured solution with bio-metric integration and maximum user control to ensure the confidentiality of HR data. PeoplActive is designed to meet global and multiple industry requirements. Clients can be benefited for multi-organization, multi-branch, multi-location, multi-currency and global view functionality.
  10. 10. HRMS helps you simplifythe following processes:1. HR Administration2. Leave Management3. Payroll Management4. Financial Interface5. Timesheet Calculation6. Attendance Management7. Recruitment Process8. Company Transfers9. Performance Management10. Employee Relations11. Reporting12. Document Management13. Company Policy14. Employee Self Service15. Approval Workflow
  11. 11. HRMS has two components HR Management Pay Roll Management
  12. 12. HR Management1. Organization Structure2. Employee Data Management3. Global Configurations4. Employee History
  13. 13. HR Management1. Organization Structure Multi Company Multi Branch Location Department Division Designation
  14. 14. HR Management2. Employee Data Management„ Personal Information with photograph and signature„ Contact Information„ Bank Accounts„ Designation„ Grades„ Qualification„ Experience„ Documents with unlimited images„ Dependents etc
  15. 15. HR Management3. Global Configurations„ Bank accounts„ Leave Rule Configuration„ Ticket Fare Configuration (for employees and dependents)„ Holidays Calendar„ Email alerts on documents expiry„ Audit control„ Pay Elements„ Overtime Settings„ Gratuity / Leave / Travel Entitlements
  16. 16. HR Management 4. Employee History Comprehensive Benefit Employment Status EMP Appraisal Location/Dept./ Designation, etc.Welcome EMP EMP Doc ManagementEMP Job Profile
  17. 17. Pay Roll Management1. Basic Features2. Pay Roll Transactions3. Account Transactions
  18. 18. Pay Roll Management1. Basic Features„ Multi Company/ Multi Branch / Locations / Departments / Divisions / Currencies„ Leave pay elements (Company / Employee)„ Leave Accrual -deduction of unpaid leave„ Leave fare„ Loan types„ Employee: Multiple bank accounts„ User-defined overtime rates„ Salary payments in cash, cheque, bank transfers and WPS across any currency bank account„ Increments to employees and their history with effective dates„ Employee provision calculation„ Month end processing„ Separation & Indemnity settlement
  19. 19. Pay Roll Management2. Pay Roll Transactions„ Attendance recording„ Import Attendance - Employee wise daily attendance - Department wise daily/Monthly attendance report„ Any kind of Variable Allowances, Deductions, Benefits and Indirect costs„ Loan/Advance Processing„ Salary revision„ Leave salary & Air Ticket Allowance„ Leave encashment„ Provision adjustment„ Separation processing ‟ Terminal Indemnity & Final payment„ Pre-Payroll processing - Generate fixed earnings / deductions - Pay slip checklist„ Post-payroll processing - Manual posting to accounts - Period-end process
  20. 20. Pay Roll Management3. Account Transactions„ Ledger creation„ Allocation of cost center„ Payment„ Receipt„ Petty Cash„ Journal voucher„ Statement of account report„ Cost center wise expanse/salary report
  21. 21. “ DIFFERENT What makes our HRMS “ from other Solutions?
  22. 22. 1. Encouraging employee self-servicePaper-based time-off requests, beneficiary updates, and pay stubs are becoming a thing of the past.PeoplActive keeps track of the company’s benefits and compensation data, allowing employees toview the status of their accrued leaves, make time-off requests, or make necessary changes to theircontact information- all without phone calls or emails to HR personnel.Features: My Information Attendance Tracking Leave Cycle Pay Slip Expense Claims HR Notification Company Policies
  23. 23. Key benefits• Improved employee satisfaction: Keeps employees informed and engaged with automated communications‟ directly to their computers, handhelds and mobile phones.• Lower Cost: More cost effective than HR staff calling individuals• Targeted: The right person receives the right notification and only authorized people have the rights to send to wide audiences• Expense Claim: This tool is used to manage the expense claims and payments made outside the Payroll; a comprehensive module with expense-claim workflow, employee & manager self service, bulk claim processing & payment, MIS reporting and alerts
  24. 24. 2. Smart Document Management & Expiry Reminder• Allows the user to digitize all important personal and company documents so that they can be accessed from anywhere!• For instance, documents like passports etc can be digitized and accessed easily from any location• Now you can download a document’s scanned copy on one click.• The software also sends an expiry reminder for uploaded document before its expiry date by SMS/mail. So now you can save yourselves from late submission fines!
  25. 25. System manages following documents„Trade License „ Software License Contracts„Immigration Card „ Rental Contracts„Labor card „ Driving License„Tenancy Contract „ Web site Domain Renewals„MOA „ Service & Maintenance Contracts Renewal„AOA „Electricity ‟ Internet ‟ Telephone etc.„Partners Document Reminder„Commercial Register„Share„Certificate„Property Insurance„ Third party Liability„ Passport„ Visa„ Labor card„ Emp Contract„Police CCTV, Fire Alarm Certificates Renewals
  26. 26. 3. Biometric Integration• Employees can punch at all job locations• All employee and company documents are completely safe and secure• Documents issued or received from PeoplActive e.g passport, labor card, insurance card, Commercial Licenses, Contracts are verified through a strict biometric system.• Hence they can only be accessed through employee’s fingerprint recognition.
  27. 27. 4. UAE Central Bank Wage Protection System Compliant Pay Roll SystemComprehensive handling of SIF Files,Gratuity & GOSI Calculations• Generating SIF files as per UAE Central Bank WPS (Wage Protection System) regulations is a matter of minutes!• Another big advantage is the facility to get informed on changes in specific statutory rules and regulations.• You have the option to automatically update your settings to comply with the latest regulations.
  28. 28. Salient features• 100% compliant with UAE Central Bank WPS formats• Facility to store Establishment ID, Bank Routing Code and other information• Facility to store Employee Account Number and other information• After Payroll is processed, click a button and get the SIF file• No need for any data entry month after month
  29. 29. 5. Centralized attendance systemAttendance is critical as a basic input to payroll processing. HR departments faceproblems of integrating attendance inputs from different log systems e.g. cards,biometric scanners and manual attendance registers across all business locations.PeoplActive’s Centralized Attendance Functionality• Collects data from multiple sources• Tracks your employees’ time and attendance automatically• As per the company rules and policies• Fetches employee punches from the device• Calculates daily attendance based on day/work hr basis• Work hour basis• Calculates total work time• Calculates overtime, late in, early out for each employee
  30. 30. 6. iPad, iPhone and Android supportiPad, iPhone and Android7
  31. 31. 7. Smart E-Mail SMS System• Auto salary slip to EMP By mail as well as notify by SMS.• Company/EMP Document expiry reminder• EMP Leave expiry reminder through auto scheduler• Auto mail reminder if Monthly Working Hours is less than the Actual Working Hours.• Current month Salary Comparison with last month by auto mail.• Bulk SMS/ Mail Notification by system for any event to any department or any EMP• Auto System mail/SMS on emp birthday, anniversary , festival etc.• SMS/ Mail history• Auto database backup system with notification by mail
  32. 32. What make HRMS the smart choicefor your company?
  33. 33. HR and Payroll excellenceOur professional HR implementation consultants strive to adopt HRand Payroll “BEST PRACTICE” procedures at all times.System FlexibilityThe HR and Payroll programs have been developed in “open sourcecode” ‟screens, procedures and reports can be easily updated by ourcustomers.Web based DeploymentThis product is built on Advance JAVA and SQL server database. Thismeans that the entire system can be accessed via the internet and/orintranet by using an internet browser.
  34. 34. Employee ParticipationThe HRMS includes a user-friendly yet comprehensive self serviceportal where all employees can participate by initiating processesand requests.Its all hostedNo software to buy, no installation required. You dont need to buyservers or have trained IT manpower. You also get automatic updatesand bug fixes.
  35. 35. Technology SpecificationsKey Components„ Language: Advance Java „ Application Tier: JSF 2.0, EJB3.0„ Target Deployment OS: Linux „ Reporting: i-Report 4.0/ Jasper Report Tools„ Support Browser: Mozilla Fire Fox „ Tools: My Eclipse, SVN Source Code Control„ Client Tier: Ice faces
  36. 36. “It’s an excellent Enterprise solution and has solved many of our HR related problems. Great Job by Team PeoplActive !” GM . Samra Jewellery, Dubai“I haven’t seen a very cost effective and accurate HRMS forUAE, we haven’t invested for any server or software , payingper employee cost saves us lot of time and we are happyabout their online service model”Ms. Uma Gupta, HR Head, MediumRare Technologies LLC
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