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Exhibition presentation

  1. 1. Connected to pollution, global warming and recycling
  2. 2. Brief introduction about plastic ● Plastic is an organic material, made out of polymers ● Plastic can change shape easily ● There are flexible and non-flexible plastics ● There are more than a thousand different types of plastic in the world(eg: polyethylene, polystyrene etc..) ● There are 3 categories of plastic: photodegradable, biodegradable and non-biodegradable
  3. 3. Brief introduction about plastic Plastic is taking over the world!!(used everywhere) ● Medical, Automobile, Electronic devices, Household, Toys, Packing etc… ● Low cost material ● Can be used for for everything(flexibility) ● Light weight material
  4. 4. Facts about plastic ● About 300 tons of plastic is made each year ● 90% of the plastic is disposed after single use ● 1kg of plastic requires 300 to 500 litres of water to make ● 1 ton of plastic needs 5774 kwh ● 1 ton of plastic needs 16.3 barrels of oil ● 1 ton of plastic needs 98 million Btu’s energy
  5. 5. Problems due to plastic Do you know that plastic is causing a major environmental problem???? ● Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade ● Causing the need for more landfill space. ● Plastic releases toxic gases
  6. 6. Plastic connected to pollution ● Plastic causes air, water and soil pollution by releasing toxic chemicals ● Plastic kills animals ● A minke whale ate 800 kg of plastic bags and died ● Plastic is taking too much landfill space
  7. 7. Plastic connected to global warming ● Global warming is the rise in temperature of the earth’s climate system. ● It’s mainly caused by greenhouse gases(methane(CH4), carbon dioxide(CO2), Nitrous oxide(N20) etc..). ● Plastic releases carbon carbon dioxide(CO2) and methane(CH4) through degradation and decomposition.
  8. 8. Recycling Plastic ● Try to use the 3Rs (reuse, reduce and recycle) ● If we recycle plastic we can reduce diseases ● It take two-thirds less energy to make products out of recycled plastics. ● Recycling plastic saves energy ● Recycling plastic saves crude oil
  9. 9. What do you think? 1. Do you think plastic is taking over the world? yes/no- Why? 2. Do you think plastic should be banned? yes/no- Why? 3. Do you think plastic should be recycled? yes/no- Why? 4. If we recycle plastic will pollution stop? yes/no- Why? 5. If we recycle plastic will global warming stop? yes/no- Why?
  10. 10. In my opinion …….. 1. Yes, because we use plastic for everything. 2. No, because plastic is used in important stuff like operations, surgery etc… 3. Yes, because plastic pollution will be stopped 4. No, there are many other things that cause pollution 5. No, there are many other things that cause global warming
  11. 11. Conclusion ● Plastic causes pollution and global warming. ● If we recycle plastic, pollution and global warming will be reduced. ● In order to stop global warming and pollution completely, every sector of industry and society should take responsibility to reduce greenhouse gases. We should also use renewable energy instead of fossil fuel.
  12. 12. Q & A