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Amazon Kindle

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Amazon Kindle

  2. 2.  The Amazon Kindle is a series of e-book reader now in its fourth generation. It enables users to shop , play games, download, browse and to read e-books, newspaper, magazines and other digital media via wireless.
  3. 3. Generations Amazon released the Kindle First Generation on November 19, 2007, for US$399. Expandable Memory. Internal memory of 250 MB. Sold Only In United Nations.
  4. 4.  On February 10, 2009, Amazon announced the Kindle 2 and released on February 23. The Kindle2 features a text-to-speech option to read the text aloud. Internal Memory 2 GB Firmware update was released to increase the battery life by 85%. Provided native PDF support.
  5. 5. Kindle International Version On October 19, 2009 Kindle2 International version was released. Kindle2 International version believed to have a noticeable higher contrast screen. The changes to the screen made the fonts more fuzzier than the first generation kindle. To over come this issue Amazon introduced a higher contrast “E-ink” technology that dubbed “Pearl E-ink”.
  6. 6. Kindle DX  On May 6, 2009 Amazon released Kindle DX.  Larger screen than standard Kindle.  Supports PDF files.  Offers accelerometer that makes it easy to rotate pages between portrait and landscape mode.  International version was announced by a serial number starting with “B004”.
  7. 7. Kindle DX International Version  On January 19, 2010 the Kindle DX International was released.  It has shipped in almost 100 countries.  It has larger screen size of 9.7 inches E-ink screen instead of 6 inch basic Kindle screen.  It supports international 3G wireless.  Its serial number is “B005”.
  8. 8. Kindle DX Graphite  On July 1, 2010 Amazon released Kindle DX Graphite.  Dropped the price from $489 to $ 379.  It comes with E-ink Display with 50% better contrast and comes only in a “Graphite” case color.  Changes to the display provided the user with easy reading of book and better resolution.  It does not support Wi-Fi connection.
  9. 9. K3  On July 28, 2010 Amazon announced the release of the third generation Kindle so called K3.  Comes in two versions:  Kindle Wi-Fi costs $139.  Kindle 3G+Wi-Fi costs $189.  This is the first smaller sized Kindle.  Voice Guide.  Internal Memory expanded to 4 GB.
  10. 10. Kindle Touch –4th generation  Amazon announced the touch screen version of Kindle on September 28, 2011.  Available with Wi-Fi at $139 and with Wi- Fi/3G at $189.  This device has the access to connect to Kindle store.  Web browsing over 3G is only through Wi-Fi.  Internal memory is 4GB.
  11. 11. Kindle Fire  Amazon announced an android-based tablet with a touch color screen on September 28, 2011.  It was released for $199 and has 7 -inch IPS display.  This the first kindly without E-ink display.  Over 20 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, and books.  Thousands of popular
  12. 12. Features  Stunning Color Touchscreen.  100,000 Movies and TV Shows.  Fast Dual-Core Processor.  Amazon Silk.(cloud accelerated browser)  Free Cloud storage for all Amazon contents.  Parental Controls.  Extra Durable Display.(20 times stiffer and 30 times harder)  8GB internal memory.  Multi Touch.
  13. 13. Kindle Fire 2  The Kindle Fire2 is set to land in 2012.  According to rumors the first batch of tablets, estimated of 2 million units.  New Kindle fire 2 could be of two models with 8.9inch and 10.1inch HD.  According to rumors it could be a Android sort of device.
  14. 14. Any Questions