DevOps at the CIA


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To conclude, the pillars of devops (culture and sharing information) isn't limited to just us technologists, but transends to other fields such as the CIA

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DevOps at the CIA

  1. 1. DevOps Culture in theCIAKarthik GaekwadDevOpsDays MountainView 2013#DevOpsCIA @iteration1
  2. 2. Howdy!• I’m Karthik Gaekwad• Senior Web Engineer• Mentor Graphics Embedded#DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013• From Austin,TX• We have great BBQ,chill people andbrutal summers!
  3. 3. No Dawg,I’m no secret agent...#DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013#Dammit
  4. 4. #DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013CULTUREMEASUREMENTAUTOMATIONSHARINGPillars ofDevOps
  5. 5. #DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013
  6. 6. Based on...#DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013
  7. 7. Kinds of Roles...Analysts OperativesUnderstand trends, andgather intelligence dataWork in the field, JamesBond type#DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013
  8. 8. Sisterhood• Group of female analysts who weretracking Bin Laden in the 1990’s• Realized that there was something called AlQueda• 1995: Code name “Alec Station”• Goal:Track Bin Laden#DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013
  9. 9. #DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013“I was counseled once in a performance review that I wasspending too much time working on bin Laden. They said wewere obsessed crusaders, overly emotional, using all thosewomen stereotypes.”“There were just warning after warning,” she said. “We knewsomething huge was going to happen.”Cindy StorerCIA Analyst
  10. 10. #DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013Other warnings also sent: May, June, July 2001
  11. 11. 9/11#DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013The first question that was asked by everybody:How did this happen?Incredible feeling of guilt of not doing more, and notstopping the tragedy.Congress blamed CIA fornegligenceCIA blamed Alec Station ininternal investigation
  12. 12. #DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013The DB hasbeen running hot fora while now. It’s goingto fail soon.Cool.That’s nonfunctional, so we’lldo it later.In our world....Sysadmin PM
  13. 13. #DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013Muffin head!!!I hate the pager, and Ihate the gameWHYDIDN’T YOUTELL ME????Sysadmin PMIn our world....
  14. 14. Post 9/11• Intelligence Gathering• Strategic -> Tactical• One Analyst target one specific Al Quedaleader (including Bin Laden)• Many of the sisterhood changed roles#DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013Mass Organizational Restructure
  15. 15. • Analysts became Targeters• Sent to the field• Worked with Operatives, field agents• Integrated into elite military units#DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013Post 9/11Distributed teams with various skillsnot a siloed organization anymore
  16. 16. • Departments CIA had a common goal• Data Metrics collected -> Actionable• Shared Intelligence across teams• People of different roles collaborating#DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013RecapIsn’t this #DevOps?
  17. 17. #DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013CULTUREMEASUREMENTAUTOMATIONSHARINGLet’s work together
  18. 18. #DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013Alison ChaikenEmbedded Linux,Thought Leader“Get rid of the devs; getrid of the ops; let’s justfind people who can solveproblems”
  19. 19. This is Zero Dark Thirtyfor IT...#DevOpsCIA@iteration1 DevOpsDays MountainView 2013“Some books you give to friends, for the joy ofsharing a great novel. Some books yourecommend to your colleagues and employees, tocreate common ground. Some books you sharewith your boss, to plant the seeds of a big idea.The Phoenix Project is all three.”- Jeremiah Shirk,Integration & Infrastructure MrgKansas State University@realgenekim
  20. 20. Thank You foryour time!••• DevOpsDays MountainView 2013