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Is Tirupati Going to be another Hub for Jihadis ?

A news item appeared in the newspapers regarding the construction of a big complex of 7 storeys near Thondavada village about 11 KMs. from Tirupati in the 2nd week of September 2013. The purpose of the building was not mentioned. At the same time a news item was being circulated in the internet on the above complex. It carried the photos of the construction and also provided the background. One Ms. Shaik Nowhera, a self proclaimed business women has undertaken the said construction. This development gave rise to apprehension in the minds of the general public as they had no clue about the purpose of that building. About 8 months back a display board was put up in front of the building with the name International Islamic University for Women and College and School for Muslim Women. This has invariably given rise to serious concerns to several well meaning people and Hindu devotees in India and abroad.

Ms. Shaik Nowhera is founder and C.E.O. of Heera group of companies. Her website states she was born in Kalluru village (A.P.) in 1973 and that at the age of 19 years she started teaching Quran and Hadith and practicing ‘Dawah’. She started an Islamic School at Tirupati town in the name of ‘Madrasa Niswan’ (under a society registered with the Registration of Societies Act, AP, India, No. 386) with around 150 students. It further states that free education was being given in that school for poor Muslim girls also and that in order to meet the expenditure, she started Heera group of companies. ‘Mission Statement’ of Heera Islamic Group states “it is guided by Imam, following Shariah Law engaged in Halal avoiding Haram. It is on a mission for spreading the knowledge of Allah to the four corners of the world”.

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Heera International Islamic University

  1. 1. Heera International Islamic University Tirupati
  2. 2. Heera International Islamic University Tirupati
  3. 3. Pictures of HIIC
  4. 4. Pictures of HIIC
  5. 5. Pictures of HIIC
  6. 6. Pictures of HIIC
  7. 7. Pictures of HIIC
  8. 8. Pictures of HIIC
  9. 9. Temples around : Srinivasa Mangapuram
  10. 10. Temples around : Ancient Timmappa Temple
  11. 11. Temples around : Agastheeswaralayam
  12. 12. Places around : Chandragiri Fort
  13. 13. Places around : Srivari Mettu
  14. 14. Places around : Swarnamukhi River
  15. 15. Maps of the location
  16. 16. Maps of the location
  17. 17. History The College Land is part of the pond belongs to the Timmappa Temple located nearby, whose presiding Diety was Vishnu This temple was built during the 16th century (1542), by Shri Thiruvenkata Nathudu, grandson of the great musical saint Annamacharya. The presiding deity and this temple were destroyed by the Islamic invader Hyder Ali in 18th century (1782).
  18. 18. Permissions, Violations & Denial Technical Approval was given on March 8 2010 for a construction to be put up by the Heera Group on survey number 4-2 A/1 B. Technical Approval given only for ground and a floor above that can be put up but Presently 1+6 floors were constructed. Today everyone in the Andhra Pradesh government is in denial about the permission granted.
  19. 19. Permissions, Violations & Denial Any Kind of Approvals or Sanctions Violate Supreme Court order on Temple Lands. While theTechnical Sanction is for only two floors(1+1), authorities turned blind eye when 1+6 floors were being built. Now Local Authorities conveniently deny any Sanctions at all.
  20. 20. Violations by HIIC…. Gram Panchayat of Thondavad, has not given any permission for construction and even was not informed of the purpose of the building. Encroachment of more land by constructing a boundary wall. Foundations laid for 1+6 contrary to the Technical Approval obtained
  21. 21. Violations by HIIC…. Unauthorised occupation of Govt & other land with in boundary walls Construction of Building in land other survey nos for which no approval and conversion was obtained. Lands surrounding the building complex are part Swarnamukhi rejuvenation Project.
  22. 22. Suspicious Actions of HIIC Boundary wall of 12 feet constructed contrary to 5Feet mentioned in the order. Surveillance cameras on public movement along the road to Thondavad are in question. Unauthorized construction behind the main building, suspected t o be a mosque.
  23. 23. Aggression of HIIC : Gurrappa Temple Episode Gurrappa Temple on the Road to Thondavada was renovated, New Board was sought to be kept at the entrance of the road Nowhera Shaikh and her associates vehemently Opposed by bringing 300 Burkha clad woman and squatting on Road Only after conciliation by some elders they allowed to put up the Board.
  24. 24. Future Problems Building Complex will obstruct the flow of water into Swarnamukhi River. Swarnamukhi River Rejuvenating project will be affected.
  25. 25. Concerns of Local Muslim Community Several Muslim organizations in Tirupati have decided to fight against the university now. They say that they want no trouble whatsoever and are happy that at least 400 Muslims worship at Lord Balaji’s shrine everyday.
  26. 26. Nowher Business Empire : Is it Legal ?
  27. 27. Sudden Rise of Nowshera’s Business Empire A Business Started in 2007 expanded to 20 countries within a very Short period. Most of her busineses deal large amounts of Cash Transactions which is generally the case of illegal transactions.
  28. 28. Criminal Record of Nowhera Shaikh ? Counter Intelligence Report Stated she was under watch list as suspecious element in 2007 itself. Owaisi filed a case against shaikh in 2012 stating she cheated people on Large Scale by inviting Investments.
  29. 29. Why Tirupati? Why not Hyderabad ? Chandragiri has .05 % Muslim Population Chittor has 9% Muslim Population Hyderabad has 44% Muslim Population
  30. 30. Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached Dhanywavad Tirumala Tirupati Parirakshana Samiti Prepared by : Sajjana Bharati
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