Urban Studies Revised 15 May 09


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Urban Studies Revised 15 May 09

  1. 1. Urban Studies Selected Resources at Stanford and on the Web Tony Angiletta, Morrison Curator Updated May 15, 2009
  2. 2. Urban Studies: What is it and What are the Issues?  Stanford Program in Urban Studies  What is Urban Studies?:Stanford Program  What is Urban Studies? CHE Colloquy  CHE: The New Urban Studies: Action  CHE: The New Urban Studies: Reaction
  3. 3. Stanford Libraries Resources  Libraries Homepage: Quick Guide
  4. 4. Stanford Libraries Resources: Additional Databases, Indexes and Full-Text  Lexis-Nexis Academic: Law Reviews  Lexis-Nexis Academic: News  EBSCO host Databases: Business Source Premier, Academic Source Premier, ERIC, Econlit  Social Sciences Citation Index  Environmental Sciences and Pollution Manageme  Population Index  International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavio
  5. 5. Stanford Libraries Resources: Additional Databases, Indexes and Full-Text (cont’d)  Historical Newspapers: NY Times, LA Times, NewsBank Full-Text Newspapers  JSTOR  Project Muse  Current Urban Documents  Etc, etc.
  6. 6. Selected Web Resources  H-Urban: Web Links  H-Urban: Urban Studies Programs  H-Urban: Bibliographies  Urban Institute  Lincoln Institute  Urban Land Institute  City Mayors
  7. 7. Selected Web Resources (cont’d)  Urbanicity (homepage)  Urbanicity (Urban Resources)  Brookings Institution: Metropolitan Policy Program  Making Cities Work
  8. 8. Selected Web Resources (cont’d)  Pew Internet & American Life Project: quot;Cities Online:  Cities Alliance  HUD: Library Resources For Understanding The Depa  Scout Report: Archives: Urban Animals to Urbanizatio
  9. 9. Selected Web Resources (cont’d)  Scout Report: Archives: Cities and Towns  European Union (EU): Eurocities  European Union (EU): Urban Audit Project descrip  UNESCO: MOST Urban Issues  WHO: Healthy Cities  World Bank: Urban Development
  10. 10. Selected Web Resources (cont’d)  Wilson Center: Comparative Urban Studies Projec  California Research Bureau. Reports and Bibliogr  Public Policy Institute of California  Rutgers: Center for Urban Policy Research: The S  Rutgers: Center for Urban Policy Research: Susta
  11. 11. Selected Web Resources (cont’d)  UC Berkeley: Guides to City & Regional Planning  UN Habitat: Urbanization: Facts and Figures  UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund:State  Urban Environment (UNEP.Net )
  12. 12. Selected Web Resources (cont’d): Quality of Life Indicators of Possible Relevance  Standardized Monitoring and Assessment of Relie  Quality of Life Indicators: Social and Health Lands  Qualifty of Life Indicators: SUNY Downstate Medic
  13. 13. Selected Web Resources (cont’d): Quality of Life Indicators of Possible Relevance  Quality of Life Indicators: How to Measure  Quality of Life Indicators: Michigan Cities  Quality of Life Indicators: Seattle: Sustainable Sea  Quality of Life Indicators: Canada  Quality of Life Indicators:UK descriptive list  Quality of Life Indicators:New Zealand Project
  14. 14. Selected Web Resources (cont’d): Quality of Life Indicators of Possible Relevance  Quality of Life Indicators: Calvert-Henderson.com
  15. 15. Selected Unlinked Social Indicators of Possible Relevance  Governance Indicators (World Bank)  Index of Social Progress (Estes)  Social Indicators of Development  Physical Quality of Life Index (PQLI) (World Bank)[superseded by World Development Indicators]  Wealth Index (World Bank)  Living Standards Measurement (LSMS)  Human Poverty Index (UNDP) (World Bank)  Human Development Index (HDI)  Laws and legal institutions index  Federal Poverty Index (World Bank)  TIP curve  Banking sector index (World Bank)  Robin Hood index/Pietra ratio  Role and management of  Gini coefficient of inequality government index (World Bank)  Integrated Poverty Index (IPI)  Social policy index (World Bank)  Composite Poverty Index (CPI)  Foster,Greer, Thorbecke index (FGT index)(1984)  Watts index (1968)  Sen index  Personal Security Index (PSI)
  16. 16. Selected Unlinked Social Indicators of Possible Relevance  Blackorby&Donaldson index (1980)  Friends Quality Index  Indicators of Sustainable  Family Quality index Development  Format & Methodologies or FISD  Time Quality measure (UN Council on Sustain.Dvlpt)  Housing Satisfaction Index  Index of Social Health (Fordham)  Neighborhood Satisfaction index  Index of Leading Economic  Life Satisfaction Index Indicators  Philadelphia Geriatric Center  Composite Index of Affluence Morale Scale (japanese EcoPlan'gAgency)  International Living (IL) Quality of  Okun's misery index Life Index  Alesina's index of political  Index of Composite Enviornmental instability Engagement  Philadelphia Geriatric Center Multilevel Assessment  Fulfilled Commitment Index (Social Instrument (MAI) Watch Report)  Multidimensional Environment Assessment Procedure (MEAP)
  17. 17. Selected Unlinked Social Indicators of Possible Relevance  Grilli's index of central bank  State of the World Report independence (Worldwatch Institute)  Index of Sustainable Economic  Country Futures Indicators (CFI) Welfare (ISEW) (Henderson)  Quality Indicators for Progress  Index of the Wealth of Nations (Jacksonville,FL) (World Times Triangle)  New Economics Foundation  Big Mac Index (Economist) (London)  World Economic Outlook (IMF)  Healthy Cities Indicators (WHO & Kickenbusch)  General Progress Indicators  Coexistence index (Alan B. Slifka for  Human Suffering Index New York City)  World Resources Institute's  Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) World Resources (Redefining Progress)  Vital Signs (Worldwatch  U.N. quot;augmented physical quality of Institute) life indexquot;  Jacksonville quot;equity indexquot;  Integrated environmental (possibly QIP above) pressure index (Dutch)