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Managing a Multiscreen, Multicontext Customer Journey

Managing a Multiscreen, Multicontext Customer Journey



Presentation at the Customer Experience Strategies Summit in Toronto, Canada, March 2014. ...

Presentation at the Customer Experience Strategies Summit in Toronto, Canada, March 2014.

Today's customers use multiple devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktop screens and digital kiosks, to research, purchase, review and discuss products and services. Managing a seamless, meaningful customer experience across the different devices, channels and platforms is a real challenge to any organization. Come and see how careful work processes and new approaches to research and customer experience design can help you maintain a better relationship with your audience.

• What are the key trends in customer needs across different digital platforms?
• How to learn to know your customers better?
• How to plan and design systematically improved, consistent service for your audience?

Connecting the dots between different digital screens, channels and user scenarios to help you maintain your meaningful relationships.



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  • Define the customer experience and keep it consistent across all touch points.

Managing a Multiscreen, Multicontext Customer Journey Managing a Multiscreen, Multicontext Customer Journey Presentation Transcript

  • © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Managing a Multiscreen, Multicontext Customer Journey Karri Ojanen March 26, 2014
  • © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Introductions.
  • 3 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Karri Ojanen User experience designer, strategist and creative director with experience in Europe, the Middle East, USA, and Canada. Worked with digital design agencies, software startups, large, global ad agencies, and as an independent consultant. Currently the Creative Director with the CGI Customer Experience Practice in Toronto, Canada.
  • 4 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL CGI Customer Experience Practice We help our clients use technology and design to build strong relationships with their customers, employees and partners. We do this by providing a comprehensive range of strategy, research, design and front- end technology services to create impactful user experiences that drive positive business results. + + =
  • © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Context.
  • 6 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 2.8 billion people, 39% of the world population, use the Internet. International Telecommunications Union, 2013 Ninanord [Creative Commons]
  • 7 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 1.75 billion use the mobile Internet. eMarketer, 2014 Donkeyhotey [Creative Commons]
  • 8 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL “We are moving from millions of computers CONNECTED by the internet, to one huge computer that IS the internet. Every device will be a window into it.” -Graeme Wood Milind Alvares [Creative Commons]
  • 9 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL A smartphone has more computing power than all of NASA in 1969.
  • 10 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Today’s consumers own multiple devices and move seamlessly between them throughout the day. Jeffrey Riehle [Creative Commons] “The most popular activity for smartphone and tablet owners while watching TV is social networking.” Nielsen, 2012
  • 11 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL People access the Web using whatever device makes sense to them at the time. Intel Free Press [Creative Commons]
  • 12 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Intel Free Press [Creative Commons] Start on smartphone… …continue on desktop/laptop… …complete on tablet. Start on desktop/laptop… …continue on tablet… …complete on smartphone. People take a multi-platform, multi-device path to purchases.
  • 13 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL zizzybaloobah [Creative Commons] People move between online and offline. 53% of US online consumers say they research products online that they subsequently buy offline. Forrester, 2009
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  • 15 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don't let yourself be lulled into inaction.” Bill Gates Science Museum London [Creative Commons]
  • © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL What to Do?
  • 17 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Don’t push technology for the sake of pushing technology. "You've got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology.” Steve Jobs
  • 18 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Focus on creating a SOLUTION… James Mitchell [Creative Commons]
  • 19 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL …avoid silos… Bern Loos [Creative Commons] When people engage with an organization through a specific channel, they don't consider it to be the "email channel" or the ”social media channel”. They see it as one of the many interactions that make up their overall user experience with the company.
  • 20 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL …think of what you need to know in order to be able to come up with a solution. Knowsley Council [Creative Commons]
  • 21 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Business needs User needs Technology VISION Define a shared perspective: what problem are we solving, who are we solving it for, and why?
  • 22 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL The Elements of a Successful Cross-Channel Experience Consistent SeamlessAvailable Context- specific
  • 23 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Consistent: jetBlue • Visual design and tone of voice are persistent • Users can complete most common tasks from any channel: web, mobile, kiosk • Common activities are easily available Don’t think of this just in terms of marketing and visual design, but interaction design. Close the gap between what you promise and what you deliver. Marketing makes promises. The experience (regardless of channel) has to deliver on those promises.
  • 24 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Seamless: Netflix • Start watching on one platform, pause, and continue on another Don’t assume the customer is going to use the front door or follow your script.
  • 25 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Context-specific: Yelp • Makes various recommendations based on location • Offers useful content Focus on valuable content that matches the context.
  • 26 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Design for the entire journey, not a single touchpoint or interaction. Intel Free Press [Creative Commons]
  • 27 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Don’t focus on just screen size, browser, use case, context, or purpose. Focus on all of them. The whole of the experience should be greater than the sum of its parts. Naoko Takano [Creative Commons] If you only focus on the low-hanging fruit, you’re neglecting the overall health of the tree. The whole of the experience should be greater than the sum of its parts.
  • © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL How to Do it?
  • 29 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Map the customer journey. From the customer’s perspective. Even if you’re working on just a piece of it, get an understanding of the big picture first. Alvaro Rubio [Creative Commons]
  • 30 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Get to know your customers. For real. Use direct observation, putting yourself in their place instead of third party research and reports. esS.de [Creative Commons] We know far too little about most types of users, so we work off anecdotes, popular-media portrayals, and gut instinct all too often.
  • 31 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Remember that feedback from your customers isn’t everything. Paul [Creative Commons] “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” -Henry Ford
  • 32 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Alvaro Rubio [Creative Commons] Designing for multiple channels and platforms is not an option anymore. It’s a must.
  • 33 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL When you collect data, give back to your customers. Use what you learn from your customers to improve the experience they get. Latitude Research [Creative Commons]
  • 34 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Design the experience to help your customers, not to sell more. Latitude Research [Creative Commons]
  • 35 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Go the extra mile. Latitude Research [Creative Commons]
  • 36 © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL The Elements of a Great User Experience Usable Desirable Useful
  • © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL Questions, commen ts.
  • THANK YOU. © CGI Group Inc. CONFIDENTIAL CGI.com twitter.com/cgi_cxp