Compare and contrast powerpoint for paragraph1
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Compare and contrast powerpoint for paragraph1






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Compare and contrast powerpoint for paragraph1 Compare and contrast powerpoint for paragraph1 Presentation Transcript

  • Comparison/Contrast Paper Karen S. Wright
  • Making comparisonsexamines two or more items:•Items alike•Items different•Or items that are both
  • S om e I ssues are T rivialWhether to ord er. . . hot, juicy p izza or a sub sand wich
  • Should I buy a. . .Ford or Chevy?
  • C o mp a r is o n A l s o Dis c u s s e s Un f a mil ia r T h in g s A sportswriter might compare: The English sport of rugby American football
  • A history teacher might compare: France’s court system United States court system
  • Com isons Inf l uence Im t ant Decisions par por What will be your major? engineering chemistry law medicine
  • Com isons M par ust Shar e Com on Gr ound m T wo golfers: D riving ab ility P utting ab ility S and p lay P referred club s
  • Or g a n i zi n g a Com pa r i s onT here are two b asic p atterns toorganize a com p arison/contrastp ap er: B lock P attern Alternating P attern
  • Block OrganizationIn the block style of organization, eachsubject is discussed one at a time andthere are at least two paragraphs. Each section needs to be short. Readers can only remember short pieces of information.
  • Block StyleFor an essay that compares and contrastswriting in college and writing at work: Subject A: Writing in College Point 1: Audience Instructor Point 2: Purpose To fulfill an assignment. Point 3: Outcomes: Feedback, evaluation, grade
  • Block OrganizationSubject B: Writing at WorkPoint 1: Audience:Boss or customerPoint 2: Purpose :To convey informationPoint 3: Outcomes:Follow-up action
  • Point-By Point O rganizationPoint 1: A udience C ollege: Instructor Work: BossPoint 2: Purpose C ollege: To fulfill an assignm ent Work: To convey inform ationPoint 3: Outcomes C ollege: Feedback, grade Work: Follow-up action
  • Vocabulary of Comparing/ContrastingAlthough on the contraryboth on the other handhowever similarlyin contrast thoughlike where (whereas)while
  • Can be as simple as comparing a Kitten to aPuppy
  • CC OO NM TP RA AR SI TN IG N Different Kinds of Cows G
  • Most important: be organized and it will. . . put a smile on your face.