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  • 1. AP Language Ms. Shimmy
  • 2.  Make your argument clear Be concise State your position but NOT mention personal pronouns Answer the “so what?” question ◦ Why is this important? Avoid “cutesy” writing styles ◦ No questions ◦ No vague statements
  • 3.  Green landscaping not only prevents issues such as water run-off and pollution, but can also conserve water and add to the beauty of a yard easily. College athletes sacrifice a lot in pursuit of their sports, but allowing them to take money from sponsors offers too many problems such as the possibility of throwing games, taking away from what the game is truly about, and blurring the line between amateur and professional. The death penalty should be abolished in all cases where there is not irrefutable DNA evidence of guilt in order to avoid executing innocent people
  • 4.  Compound sentences are fine, just avoid run- ons: ◦ State your topic ◦ State your stance ◦ Make sure you answer why this is important
  • 5.  Think ahead: a strong intro will help you create your outline and guide your research Thesis Statement Outline the rest of your paper ◦ Briefly mention the topics you’ll mention in your paper ◦ Example: Green Landscaping  Issues it can prevent  Cons of traditional landscaping  Sample steps to take  Environmental impact, bonuses
  • 6.  You will post your thesis statements to the wiki You need to provide detailed feedback to your classmates ◦ They will not be familiar with your topic, so they are a great “test” audience as to whether your argument is clear ◦ Listen to their feedback ◦ In your feedback, make sure you are detailed in how they can improve Don’t submit your final thesis until you’ve revised with your classmates’ feedback in mind