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Step 2 drafting the research paper
Step 2 drafting the research paper
Step 2 drafting the research paper
Step 2 drafting the research paper
Step 2 drafting the research paper
Step 2 drafting the research paper
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Step 2 drafting the research paper


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  • 1. Step 2: DraftingAP Language Research PaperK. Shimabukuro
  • 2. Let’s review where we’ve been… STEP 1: PREWRITING  Decide on a topic to write about.  Write a thesis for your argument.  Create a rough outline of your topic.  Do your research.  Notes/Sources (10 of them)  Inclusion of a graph, chart, political cartoon, visual
  • 3. Here’s where we are… You will revise your outline based on your research  Look at your thesis- based on the information you found, do you have to revise it?  Refine/revise what major topics you’ll cover. Organization is key in a research paper, so make sure you’re organizing your information into mini-topics.  Add specific facts and information based on your research.  I suggest that you include parenthetical citations next to your information so that it’s easier to write the rough draft later. This also prevents inadvertently forgetting to cite sources later.  Remember, your notes were organized by source, here you want to organize by topic.  Is there information you will not use because it does not fit into your general topic?  Where will you integrate your visual?
  • 4. Sample Outline- click on the image togo to the webpage source
  • 5. Another sample- click on imageto go to the webpage source
  • 6. The Revised Outline The purpose of this revised outline is to give me a clear idea of your argument, and the facts that support it. These are the things I’ll be looking for:  The quality of your notes as well as the strength of the argument.  The organization of your argument, to make sure that your sub- topics support your thesis and are clearly connected.  How you integrate your visual  Your response to counter arguments  Your conclusion/final thoughts on the topic Remember, this revised outline should allow you to easily write your rough draft later in the week. This revised outline will also serve as a template for your introduction later in the week.