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Sample project



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  • 1. 2500 BC – Dravidian civilization 518 BC – Persians conquered Pakistan 1400 BC – The Vedas was written 1500 BC – Aryans invade India and conquered the Dravidians 800 - 600 BC – the Upanishads was written
  • 2. 500 BC – Buddhism was founded in India by Siddhartha Gautama 324 BC – The Mauryan Empire was established by Chandragupta Maurya including Afghanistan and parts of central Asia 272 BC – Ashoka, the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya, 326 BC – Alexander the becomes the emperor of Great moved into India India
  • 3. 1206 AD – Qutb ub-din185 BC – The Maurya Aybak establishes the Empire ended 320 AD – The Gupta Delhi Sultanate Indian dynasty reunited northern India initiating the “Golden Age” in India 50 AD – The Kushans 700s AD – Muslim armies established an empire in from Arabia invade India northern India
  • 4. 1398 AD – Timur 1500s AD – Christianityconquered India resulting was introduced to Indiain the decline of the Delhi by the Europeans and in Sultanate the early 1500s Sikhism was founded by Nana 1498 AD – Vasco da Gama becomes the first European explorer to reach India 1526 AD – Babur established the Mughal Empre
  • 5. 1600 AD – Queen Elizabeth I granted a charter to the East India Company established trading posts in Bombay, Calcutta, and Madras 1658 AD – The Strict Muslim, Aurangzeb, ruled India and tried to force Hindus to convert to Islam 1628 AD – Shah Jahan, the ruler of the Mughal Empire, builds the Taj Mahal 1757 AD – The Battle of Plassey: Robert Clive, an agent of the East India Company, leads forces which defeated the Mughal govenor of Bengal
  • 6. 1885 AD – Burma became an1774 AD – Warren Hastings India provinceappointed the first govenor -The Indian National Congressgeneral of India by the East was formed India Company 1858 AD – The British government ruled India via an Indian Viceroy – called the British Raj 1876 AD – Queen Victoria was given the title Empress of India by the British Parliament 1857 AD – The Sepoy Rebellion
  • 7. 1935 AD – The1905 AD – The British Government of India Act government divided and the creation of a newBengal into separate constitution Hindu and Muslim sections 1919 AD – April 13th: The Amritsar Massacre 1914 – 1918 AD- World War I 1920 AD – Mohandas Gandhi became the leader of the Indian independence movement and the Indian National Congress
  • 8. 1945 AD – August: World War II ended with United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki1939 AD – September 3rd: The United Kingdomdeclared war on Germany and World War II began 1946 AD – The Bristish government agreed to grant India independence -August 16th: Indian Muslims help nation-wide demonstrations 1940 AD – Muhammad Ali Jinnah calling for the establishment of demanded that a new contry be Pakistan formed from India for the Muslims, which would be called Pakistan
  • 9. 1950 AD – January 26th: A new Indian Constitution was ratified and Jawaharlal Nehru became the Indian 1947 AD – British and first prime ministerIndian leaders agreed to divide the country into India and Pakistan 1966 AD – Indira Gandhi 1947 AD – August 15th: becomes Prime Minister India became independent 1948 AD – January 30th: Gandhi was assassinated
  • 10. 2004 - 2005 AD – Many natural disasters , including floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis, brings destruction1998 AD – India tests its to southern communities first nuclear weapon 2000 AD – India’s population exceeds 1 billion 2007 AD – Pratibha Patil becomes the first female President of India
  • 11. Sources• timelines/22-history-india-timeline.htm• a/history-timeline