Reviewing the i search paper


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Reviewing the i search paper

  1. 1. Reviewing the I-Search Paper English I NCVPS
  2. 2. Choosing a topicO Choosing the topic of your I-Search is an important part of the process.O You want to avoid broad topics that you can’t cover completely. For example: O Africa O Professional basketball O Wild animals O Surfing
  3. 3. Narrowing your topicO A narrow topic will allow you to be able to complete your researchO If we narrow the broad topic examples from the previous slide, we come up with topics you can manage: O How to plan a safari instead of Africa O A specific professional basketball player instead of the entire sport O Bengal tigers instead of wild animals O A specific professional surfer instead of surfing
  4. 4. QuestionsO Writing good questions will help you to find good researchO Good questions are ones that you can find the answers toO They are specific, not broad or vagueO Here are some examples of bad questions: O What is Africa? O Why do professional athletes behave badly? O Why aren’t tigers green? O Are surfers athletes?
  5. 5. Good QuestionsO Here are some examples of good questions: O What countries in Africa are good for planning a safari? O How did LeBron James start his professional career? O How many Bengal tigers are left in the world?? O What are considered the best breaks in the world?
  6. 6. Review of TermsO In order to understand the research paper, you need to be familiar with certain termsO Any research paper, including the I- Search, requires you to research your topic and use facts.O When researching, you have to know what sources you can trust, and are reliable and which ones you can’t trust, and are unreliable
  7. 7. Review of Terms cont’dO You also need to use citations in your paper, so I know where your information came fromO Research papers include facts, not opinions, so you should make sure you don’t lean on one side or another, or have bias in your paperO You need to determine what your purpose, or reason for writing isO Your paper should have an objective tone to it, so that the facts can be trusted
  8. 8. AssignmentsO You had the following assignments in Lesson 3: O Quiz on I-Search terms O Forum where you posted about your topic and responded to at least two classmates O A paragraph where you explained what your topic is and what why you chose it O A Voki where you told me about your topicO If you received an 80 or below on any of these assignments, please resubmit them