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Module 5 lesson 3 rediation notes
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Module 5 lesson 3 rediation notes



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  • 1. Getting Ready toWrite the I-Search English I NCVPS
  • 2. Skills neededO Writing good topic sentences O Clear and concise O Tell the reader what the paragraph will be aboutO Paraphrasing your sources O Make sure you quote what you need to O Write your research in your own wordsO Organizing O Group your research according to subtopicO Outline O Have a Roman numeral for each subtopic
  • 3. What does this look like?O Topic: Great White SharksO Thesis statement: Great White Sharks are one of the oldest creatures on the planet, and are almost perfect animalsO Subtopics: O What they look like, size O Where they are found, where they travel O Attacks O Famous researchers
  • 4. OutlineO Put as much of your research into the outline as possibleO Write clear topic sentences for each Roman numeralO Roman numeral I should be your introduction and briefly mention each subtopicO Every other Roman numeral should be a body paragraphO Use your outline to write your paper, follow it precisely
  • 5. Paraphrasing and CitingO Make sure that all of your sources are written in your own wordsO Use your cheat sheet to insert your citationsO Use the color coding so that you can make sure you’ve got everythingO Read your rough draft over once you’ve finished it O Make sure it makes sense O That information is in a logical order O That your topic sentences clearly indicate what the paragraph will be about
  • 6. ReviewO Go back to the Notes section and review any specific skill that you feel you need more help withO Assignments: O Your teacher will prompt you to revise and resubmit any assignment under 80.