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Lord of the flies test review
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Lord of the flies test review



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  • 1. Lord of the Flies TESTREVIEW ENGL 9
  • 2. Synthesis Notes Brainstorm what you think the book’s title could refer to The Lord of the Flies
  • 3. Literary Elements Literary Element Explain WHY it is important Setting Themes Point of View Main Characters
  • 4. Symbols Symbol What it represents Law/order Intelligence Hope (for rescue) Fear (of the unknown)
  • 5. Examples • Setting – Isolated island, WWII • Atmosphere – Freedom/adventure • Point of View – 3rd person, omniscient (although Golding does focus closely on only a few boys) • Symbols – Signal fire=hope – Conch= order – Dead parachutist=beast=fear of unknown • Irony – Situational irony • The boys’ adventures on the island become dangerous – Dramatic irony • The reader knows that a dead parachutist has fallen to the island • Theme – The breakdown of civilization – The fight for power – Good vs. evil • Conflict – Internal: the good side of the boys vs. the bad – External: the boys vs. each other
  • 6. Themes • Brainstorm examples of the following themes Loss of Civilization Innocence vs. Savagery
  • 7. Motifs • Write examples of each motif – Connect it with a theme – Say how it connects with that theme Paint The Hunt The Fire
  • 8. uesday: Plot Pyramid Climax Rising Action Falling Action Exposition Denouement Inciting Incident Resolution
  • 9. Essential Questions – Is the ability to distinguish between the outer and inner appearance important? – How do we, as a society, predetermine a person’s status due to physical attributes? – Do you think adolescents have more internal or external conflicts? Discuss. – Are adults necessary to the structure of our community? Why or why not? Explain. (Use the terms chaos, social order, democracy, etc.)
  • 10. The Island and the events