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Adding visual elements to your senior graduation project
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Adding visual elements to your senior graduation project


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  • 1. Adding Visual Elements to Your Senior Graduation Project English 11 K. Shimabukuro
  • 2. Senior Graduation Project
    • What is a visual?
      • Graphs
      • Charts
      • Political cartoons
      • Ads
    • How to use them in your SGP
      • Explain what argument the visual is making, what facts are presented, what the chart/graph shows
    • You need to have at least one visual in your paper, preferably two (one chart/graph/ad and one political cartoon)
    • Visuals can strengthen your argument and/or help you clarify what you’re going to say, as they are usually easy to understand and make a clear point
  • 3. Topic: Lowering the drinking age
    • What side of the argument does this graph support?
    • How accurate do you think the chart is?
      • It is four and a half years old
      • It is from a non profit institution
  • 4. Same Topic
    • This graph is from the same website
      • This shows the percentages of 83 countries with minimum drinking age laws
    • Reliable source
    • However, these visuals aren’t labeled, so you’d have to add a caption
  • 5. Topic: Texting while driving
    • This is a really good choice of visual
      • Has a label
      • Sponsored by a reputable source
      • Clear to read
      • Excellent information
  • 6. Political Cartoons
    • Political cartoons are also a great visual to use in your paper
    • You have to ask similar questions:
      • What’s the topic?
      • What is the cartoon arguing/saying?
      • What are the elements of the cartoon
        • Dialogue
        • Exaggeration
        • Satire
  • 7. Topic: Deforestation
    • Reliable source: Brazilian Environmental News website
    • However, the presentation of the information is a little unclear (chart not labeled, what it does display is a little confusing)
  • 8. Topic: Deforestation
    • This is a better choice of visual
      • Clearly labeled
      • Easy to read
      • Information is clear
    • From same Environmental news source as the previous visual
  • 9. Topic: NBA Lockout (how to analyze)
    • This cartoon paints the players as the bad guys and the owners as the ones who care about the fans.
    • The players are shown as greedy, and this is emphasized by the crown, the pile of money he’s sitting on and the golden basketball scepter.
    • The cartoonist is obviously biased against the players, and believes that they are to blame for the lock out.
  • 10. Topic: Skateboarding
    • The “Skateboarding is not a crime” series of ads is probably one of the most famous
    • It plays on the irony that in a lot of places, skateboarding IS a crime, but supporters believe it shouldn’t be
    • This ad is clearly against having skateboarding be a crime
  • 11. Your Assignment
    • Find a chart/graph/advertisement that argues something about your topic
      • Copy and paste it into a Notes/Source document
      • Fill out the citation information at the topic
      • Take notes on what the visual says (as we’ve discussed)
    • Find a political cartoon on your topic
      • Complete the same steps