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2007 q2 addressing the prompt
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2007 q2 addressing the prompt


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  • 1. AP Language and Composition2007 Question 2NCVPS
  • 2. • You should get in the habit of annotating the prompt so that you know what you have to satisfy in order to do well • The n write a n e s s a y in whic h y o u a na ly z e the s tra te g ie s Sa nd e rs us e s to d e v e lo p his p e rs p e c tiv e a bo ut m o v ing • You must identify the strategies • You must identify Sanders’ perspective about moving • You must explain HOW these strategies illustrate Sanders’ perspective about moving • This is what most of you are missing
  • 3. • Highlight/underline the rhetorical strategies • Most of you are doing this• Make notes about Sanders’ perspective on moving • Many of you did not do this• Make notes as to HOW these strategies show Sanders’ perspective on moving • This piece is what most of you are missing • This piece is also missing from your essays • It’s the reason why many of your essays are not scoring above a 5
  • 4. • Your thesis statement should reword the prompt, and tell me what you’re arguing: • In Sta y ing Put: M king a Ho m e in a Re s tle s s Wo rld , Scott Russell a Sanders counters Rushdie’s argument that moving and migration is a positive thing.• Make your thesis statement your first sentence. You want to make it easy for AP graders to give you a good grade• The rest of your introduction should outline your essay: • Instead, Sanders argues that constant moving is not the answer, but staying put is. He conveys this through his use of diction that conveys Rushdie’s romantic images and his condescending tone towards Rushdie’s attitude.
  • 5. • Don’t use flowery language. Be clear, and concise• Don’t start your introduction with plot summary or quotes• Use your introduction to outline your essay• Write clear topic sentences for each paragraph • Should tell what each paragraph is about: • Sanders uses diction and imagery to contrast Rushdie’s romantic ideal of migration with his own. • Sanders use of tone conveys his condescending attitude towards Rushdie’s romantic ideas on moving.• Highlight thesis/topic sentences, textual evidence of strategies, and explanation of how these strategies convey Sanders’ ideas on moving. This way, you can see what you’re missing