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Abortion Abortion Presentation Transcript

  •  The intentional termination of a pregnancy and the expulsion of a fetus from the uterus.
  • •40 Million abortions are performedworldwide every year 1•In 2004, 1.2 million of those wereperformed in the US 2•Of those, 17.4 % are performed onwomen under the age of 19, that’s200,000 abortions3
  • •In Washington DC 37% ofpregnancies end in abortion•In Utah only 6% ofpregnancies end in abortion. 7•Wyoming has the fewestamount of abortions, andCalifornia has the highest. 4
  •  Norma McCorvey is unmarried and pregnant in Texas Texas law prohibited abortions unless medically necessary McCorvey couldn’t afford to leave the state to get an abortion, so she was forced to have the child. The child was put up for adoption McCorvey was part of a class action lawsuit against the Dallas D.A The plaintiffs won,and Texas abortion law was deemed void The results were appealed, but eventually they were upheld in the supreme court4
  • Abortion is a private decision between a woman and herdoctor5
  • States may regulate abortion, but only for thepurposesof promoting the health of the pregnantwoman 5
  • States may prohibit an abortion to protect aviable fetus 5
  •  Chief Justice William Rehnquist wrote the Webster decision which allows for doctors to test the viability of the fetus. His decision overruled Roe v. Wade and allows for state regulation of viable fetus’ in the 2nd and 3rd trimester Women can still legally abort a “nonviable” fetus8
  • 1. A pregnant woman must wait 24 hours before an abortion to study informed consent. Informed consent means: Informing the pregnant woman about the risks of the abortion, along with alternatives The gestational age of the fetus The medical risks of carrying the fetus to term6
  • 2. If a woman is a minor, she must have parental consent or a court order to have an abortion3. With a few exceptions, a women must inform her spouse if she is planning to have an abortion4. Health Providers must report all abortions to the health department. 6
  •  In 2003 a law was enacted to prohibit “partial-birth abortions.” “partial-birth abortions” are an incredibly inhumane method of aborting a fetus, in which the doctor punctures the living fetus’ skull and pulls its brains out until it dies.
  • AMERICANS WORLD WIDE Postpone childbirth  Many reasons are the Can’t afford a child same, however gender Relationship problems selection plays a huge role Age in world wide abortions. School or work  Chinese people greatly No more kids favor having male children. 7 Fetus’ health Mothers’ health Other reasons7
  •  If the government pays for abortions does that mean that they are condoning the morality of the issue? Would it be cheaper to abort a child than to pay for a lifetime of welfare/medicaid benefits? Should the government be involved in a private matter?
  • •Parents have no rights•Parents have the right to be notified•Parents preferences need to be considered •Parents have an equal voice •Parents should be the ultimate decision makers.
  • Should a woman be able tohave multiple abortions?•In 2004, over 48,000women had 3 or moreabortions•And almost 70,000 womenhad 2 abortions
  • What are a fathers rights? These views aresimilar to a parents rights:•They have no rights•They have the rightto be informed•They have an equalvoice•The fathers shouldbe able to veto/The parents shouldbe able to make thedecision
  • When is a Fetus “Human”? •Conception? When anis fertilized. Conception? When an egg egg is fertilized. Implantation? When the egg attaches to the •Implantation? When the egg uterine wall attaches to the uterine wall When the heart beats at 4 weeks? •When baby is viable enough When thethe heart beats at 4 to live outside of the womb? weeks? When thethe baby is viable enough •When baby is born? to live outside of the womb? •When the baby is born?