Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer: Social Media in the Marketing Plan Pubcon Las Vegas 2013


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Rebecca Murtagh's 2013 Pubcon Presentation: Social Media in the Overall Marketing Plan. How to leverage owned, earned and paid media to reach target audiences, increase visibility in search, promote social sharing, appeal to Google Knowledge Graph and more...

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Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer: Social Media in the Marketing Plan Pubcon Las Vegas 2013

  1. 1. #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  2. 2. #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  3. 3. #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  4. 4. You + Your Audience = Influence #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  5. 5. 2008 : The Way We Were website #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  6. 6. 2013 : The Way We Are Now website blog blog blog blog #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  7. 7. #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  8. 8. The Knowledge Graph #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  9. 9. Meet Google Half-Way Deliver Quality Content that puts your brand in context of: • People • Places • Things #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  10. 10. • People Authorship, blogging, one-to-one engagement on the website and all relevant, PROVEN, social platforms. Remember: You are out to Win Hearts and Minds! #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  11. 11. • Places Geo-location, competitive positioning, engaging where QUALIFIED audiences are active and proven to respond to the brand and become customers. #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  12. 12. • Things Offer compelling, thorough, customer-centric information on all products and services in every format (text, photos/images, video, etc.). Be human friendly first. Then optimize for search, social media and conversion. #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  13. 13. The Website MUST be the #1 resource and authority on your brand and all offerings. (Google will reward you) #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  14. 14. Social media is not an after-thought, It must be considered in every phase of marketing. #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  15. 15. Strategically integrate social media into each of the P’s of Marketing. #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  16. 16. PRODUCT Use social media to educate, inform & support offerings. • • • • • • • Product/Service Integration Sales Support Building Community Sharing Reviews Competitive comparisons Customer support #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  17. 17. PRICE Maintain awareness of competitive pricing & use social for sale/offer promotion. • • • • • Benchmark Comparison Implement Tools Monitor Competition Deliver Timely Offers – Calls to Action #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  18. 18. PLACE Target and engage customers in marketplaces through social media. • • • • • • Product Integration Building Community Sharing Reviews Customer support Media #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  19. 19. PROMOTION Engage strategically to create brand champions and influence, 1 person at a time. • • • • • • Coordinate with Sales Balance Communication Optimize! (SEO, Authorship, etc.) Build Relationships Deploy Tools Assess, Optimize – Repeat! #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  20. 20. Credit: #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  21. 21. ‘Time Spent’ does not necessarily = a new customer. you) #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  22. 22. Website Related Website Related Social Media Social Media notations by Rebecca Murtagh #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  23. 23. #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  24. 24. #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  25. 25. Leverage 3 Types of Content: • Owned • Paid • Earned #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  26. 26. Owned, Paid & Earned Media #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  27. 27. Content • The source AND destination for social engagement • #1 Authority for brand • Reach & Frequency (via social) • rel=author, rel=publisher • Keep it FRESH! (Google Bing and Yahoo will reward you) #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  28. 28. ©2013 MillionDollarWebsite.TV #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  29. 29. Never forget there is a human behind the device! #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  30. 30. Owned + Earned = Authority Brands earn authority, gain visibility and drive results by strategically leveraging the relationship between owned and earned assets... #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  31. 31. . . . always leading ‘Home’ to the website. #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  32. 32. Repeat after me: #PubCon Rebecca Murtagh @VirtualMarketer
  33. 33. There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home.
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