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We provide corporate training to a fresher or trainee so that candidates can get better job opportunities.

We provide corporate training to a fresher or trainee so that candidates can get better job opportunities.

More in: Design , Technology , Education
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  • 2. Web Designing Software’s and LanguagesFor Designing We use : - Adobe PhotoshopFor Development We use : - Adobe Dreamweaver
  • 3. START with Photoshop This software is used to design layout and interface of the website, here we design structure and color combination of the website, font-style, over all functionality look, and backgrounds and images etc.Index1. The Interface2. Selections & Layers3. Photo Manipulation, Retouching & Adjustments4. Painting, Text & Effects
  • 4. The Interface• Touring the interface,• Working with tabbed documents• Arranging panels• Customizing keyboard shortcuts• Saving a custom workspace• Changing screen modes• Reviewing images• Basics• Choosing color settings• Zooming and panning• Resizing and image resolution• Adding to the canvas• Rotating the canvas• Choosing color• Tool Panel Information• Sizing a brush tip• Undoing and the History panel• Saving and file formats• Creating a file from scratch.
  • 5. Selections & Layers• Making geometric selections • Understanding layers• Modifying selections • Creating layers• Combining selections • Working in the Layers panel• Using the Quick Selection tool • Locking layers• Refining selection edges • Working with multiple layers • Merging and flattening layers• Using Quick • Adding a shape layer• Mask mode • Basic layer masking• Selecting with improved Color Range command • Using layer blend modes and opacity.• Selecting with the Magnetic Lasso tool• Using the Background Eraser tool• Saving selections
  • 6. Photo Manipulation, Retouching &Adjustments• Cropping, Straightening, • Removing a color cast• Transforming • Using the Black & White adjustment layer • Using the Dodge• Working with Smart Objects • Burn• Using Content-Aware Scaling • Sponge tools• Using adjustment layers & panel • Reducing noise• Adjusting tones with Levels • Sharpening• Limiting adjustments with layer masks • Using the Spot Healing Brush tool• Using masks in the new Masks panel • Using the Healing Brush tool• Limiting adjustments by clipping • Using the Patch tool• Adjusting with Shadow/Highlight • Using the Clone Stamp tool• Adjusting with Curves • Enhancing eyes• Adjusting with Hue/Saturation • Changing facial structure• Adjusting with Vibrance • Softening skin
  • 7. Painting, Text & Effects• Using the Brushes panel• Filling with color• Replacing color• Using gradients• Working with point type• Working with paragraph type• Warping text• Adding a layer style• Customizing a layer style• Copying a layer style• Creating a new style• Using Smart Filters• Working in the Filter Gallery• Preparing photos for the web.
  • 8. Start with Adobe DreamweaverINDEX1. Dreamweaver Basic2. Using HTML & Cascading Style Sheets3. Using Tables and Multimedia4. Using Templates, Library Items and Forms5. Dreamweaver Extras
  • 9. Dreamweaver Basic• Dreamweaver interface• Setting up a site in Dreamweaver• Creating links• Inserting text• Inserting imagesUsing HTML & Cascading Style Sheets• Hierarchical structure • Lists• Elements (tags) and text • Preformatted text• Basic XHTML document structure • Using Cascading Style Sheets to Style Your Page• Paragraphs • Formatting Text with CSS• Whitespace and line breaks in XHTML • Embedding Style Sheets• Heading • Attaching External Style Sheets• Hypertext links • Page Layout with CSS• Embedded images
  • 10. Using Tables and Multimedia Using Templates, Library Items & Forms • Inserting and Styling Tables • Importing Table Data • Using Library Items and Templates • Styling Tables with CSS • Sorting Data in Tables • Using Snippets • Inserting Flash • Creating Forms • Windows Media Files. • Find and Replace.Dreamweaver Extras• Working With the Spry Framework• Checking for Browser Compatibility.