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Jan Mag 2010 Final



This PDF is the January 2010 issue of the Sysco Food Magazine.

This PDF is the January 2010 issue of the Sysco Food Magazine.



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Jan Mag 2010 Final Jan Mag 2010 Final Document Transcript

  • for starters A s defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, “Coffee is the seed of cultivated varieties of Coffee Arabica, C. Liberica, and C. Robusta. Green coffee, raw coffee, or unroasted coffee is coffee freed from all but a small portion of its spermoderm, and conforms in variety and in place of production to the name it bears. Roast coffee is properly cleaned green coffee which by the action of heat (roasting) has become brown and has developed its characteristics aroma with different roasts below. Dark Roast your match up to Starbucks, Seattle’s Best This dark roast fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee, and is the bean recommended for espresso coffee 3836194 6/2 LB CITAVOG COFFEE BEAN DRK RST ORGANIC 3837291 6/2 LB CITAVOG COFFEE BEAN DECAF ORGANIC Medium Roast your match up to Dunkin Donuts, Mosaic 100% Colombian whole bean and Arabica beans regular roast 7545553 6/2 LB CITAVCO COFFEE BEAN WHL 100% COLMBN 7545548 6/2 LB CITAVAR COFFEE BEAN WHL ARABICA TRAD’L 7545910 6/2 LB CITAVCO COFFEE BEAN WHL DECAF 100% COL Light Roast your match up to Cadillac, Gordon’s Signature, Paramount Coffee A “hearty, robust” blend of Arabica beans full roasted high yield coffee 7545589 6/2 LB CITAVSP COFFEE BEAN WHL SPECBLEND 5931997 96/1.25 OZ CITAVSP COFFEE GRND EXTRA YIELD 5931979 96/1.25 OZ CITAVSP COFFEE GRND DECAF EX YLD W/F 50% of all coffee is consumed before 10:00AM. The first cup of the day is always the best. Make sure the customer you want to sell the most gets it from you. Add in your favorite flavor to make that special coffee. 5878749 12/25.4 OZ MONIN SYRUP IRISH CREAM 5896055 12/25.4 OZ MONIN SYRUP VANILLA 5620002 12/750 OZ MONIN SYRUP BUTTERSCOTCH THE TRAVELER® LID. THE PERFECT FIT • Better, tighter fit • Air-Pocket Insulation for Perfect • Inner ring reduces pop-off incidents Hand-Hold Temperature • Reduces dribble and leakage • Reduces Serving Time • Paper Solution • Colorful, Premium Design SUPC DESCRIPTION CASE QTY. 7011820 12 OZ Cup 600 7030537 16 OZ Cup 525 7030543 20 OZ Cup 350 6447534 Traveler Lid 1000 7030558 Traveler Lidfor IC20 1000
  • Tomato Cocktail Serves 3 Tomato juice is mixed with lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, horseradish and hot pepper sauce for a colorful and satisfying non-alcoholic drink, or added in your favorite vodka. 5096391 Sysco Imperial Juice Tomato Fancy MW 12/46 OZ 3 cups tomato juice – 5096391 2 TBLSP lemon juice – 3913878 2 TSP Worcestershire sauce – 4007894 1/8 TSP hot pepper sauce – 4415626 or 5558242 celery stalks 2921815 SunRich Oranges 1/8 LB Fully prepared and ready to serve chilled, no labor and 100% usable and sweet, juicy, fresh domestic oranges in natural juices with no sugar added. A natural, low-cal treat for breakfast or salad bar, fruit plates and diet plate even a dessert alternative for the dieter. 2527836 Sysco Imperial Grapefruit 1/8 LB Pink grapefruit sections processed and ready for use in side salads, dessert plate, low cal plates, garnishes and appetizers. Shelf life of 21 days from day of pack. Recommended serving 1/2 cup = 4 oz. Nothing compares to the benefits of Sysco Quality assured product. 5457153 SunRich Apple Slice Fresh Red 36/2 OZ Fresh treated apples in individual serving bags. No dip included. Two week shelf life. 8914608 Sunkist Juice Orange Premium 4/3 LTR Sysco brand frozen concentrate for dispenser. 100% Orange juice content. Target multi-unit or independents with breakfast part who desire a widely recognized brand name like sunkist. Yields 2029 serving oz/cs.
  • the appetizers 9485616 Sysco Imperial Mushroom Battered Golden Whole 6/2.5 LB Tender whole white premium button mushrooms dipped in a seasoned golden batter and pre-fried. 9272469 Sysco Imperial Onion Ring Battered 3/8” 6/2.5 LB Premium onion slices double dipped in seasoned batter and prefried. 9455718 Sysco Imperial Appetizer Breaded Cheddar Cauliflower 9263195 Sysco Imperial Onion Ring Beer 6/3 LB Tender florets of cauliflower with genuine Battered 5/8” Wisconsin cheddar cheese surrounded by 6/2.5 LB Thick cut premium 5/8” white onion seasoned breading. slices double dipped in seasoned beer batter and pre-fried. 0333138 Sysco Classic Appetizer Cheese 9534736 Sysco Imperial Cheese Stick Mozz Mac Wedge Battered 6/3 LB Bite size wedges of macaroni & cheese Btrd 2.75” battered just right. Perfect for kids menu 6/2.5 LB 2 3/4” Wisconsin mozzarella sticks double dipped and pre-fried. Ovenable fryable. or start off as an appetizer at lunch or dinner. 2204790 Sysco Imperial Cheese Stick 6639951 Brew City Cheese Stick Jack Blue Buffalo 4/3 LB Monterey jack and blue cheese are coated in Mozzerella Italian Bread buffalo hot sauce and crispy beer batter. 4/4 LB 4.25” real Wisconsin mozzarella cheese dipped in a garlic butter breading. 7495045 Kikoman Sauce Oriental Ponzu (New) 64-4 oz. (4 Stick) servings per case. 6/.5 GAL A tangy lemony seasoned soy sauce, ponzu is one of the great sauce of Japan often served 1853704 Sysco Imperial Dip Spinach Artichoke with sashimi & salads. Works well with Asian 36/6 OZ Spinach and artichoke hearts blended with sour cream, garlic, and bacon. style fish & chips thick cut frys and tempura battered fish served with ponzu for dipping. No MSG added made in the USA ready to use delicious sauce.
  • 9394420 Brew City Onion Ring Beer Battered Thick Cut 6/2.5 LB Thick cut 5/8” double beer batter dipped onion rings. 9262767 Sysco Imperial Onion Ring Skinny Battered 4/2.75 LB 1/4” wide, thin onion slices dipped in a golden batter and pre-fried. Perfect for use as a side dish or appetizer in restaurants, hotels, clubs, etc. 2204683 Sysco Imperial Pepper Wild Chile with Cream Cheese 4/4 LB Fresh jalapeno pepper halves filled to the max with rich cream cheese and submerged in a light potato breading. Boneless Wing Appetizers Boneless Wing Dings and Wing Zings have wide appeal. Made from High Quality solid muscle breast meat. 6342962 2/5 LB Pierce Chicken Wing Bnls Ding Brd Pck 6342972 2/5 LB Pierce Chicken Wing Bnls Zing Brd Pck 3976487 2/5 LB Sys Cls Chicken Brst Pcs Brd Homestyle 4654109 2/5 LB Sys Cls Chicken Wing Bnls Brd Brst Pcs Traditional Bone In Wings The fun and flavor of America’s best selling wings. This extraordinary flavor profile keeps customers coming back! Wing Dings helped launch the wing craze in 1964. Try the Original or Wing Zings for a touch of spicy. 1031657 1/15 LB Pierce Chicken Wing Dings Brd Bulk 1157585 1/15 LB Pierce Chicken Wing Brd Ckd Wing Zing 7246861 1/15 LB Pierce Chicken Wing Dings Brd Jmbo 0266825 2/7.5 LB Pierce Chicken Wing Ckd Svry Sup Jmbo Fully cooked, unflavored-just sauce and serve party wings. 9627654 2/5 LB Koch Chicken Wing Oven Fully Cooked Chicken Tenders Make the Favorite Snack Food for the Big Game Southern style fritter breading has a crunch golden brown breadingprofile with visable black pepper and garlic seasoning. 1193457 1/10 LB Sys Cls Chicken Tndr Brd Raw Bulk Koch’s country cafe fritter breading is a compact light golden battered breading without visible black pepper and smooth appearance. Mildly seasoned. 6626691 2/5 LB Koch Chicken Tender Frtr 5143849 2/5 LB Koch Chicken Tenderloin Frtr 5382379 192/1 OZ Ldy Ast Aptzr Chicken Crdn Bleu Mini 5387709 48/4 OZ Ldy Ast Chicken Brst Garlc Focaci Crst
  • Dipping siDes 7644909 Fry-On Shortening Liq ZTF 1/35 LB High performance liquid shortening that is not hydrogenated making it zero trans free. It is a blend of 70% canola 30% corn oil which meets US guidelines of less than .05 grams per serving with no flavor transfers and it can be filtered hot or cold. Ask your MA for the test kit. 4280947 Fontina Sauce Pesto Basil (New) 4/32 OZ A traditional style, dark green fresh herb basil pesto with parmesan cheese, olive oil and garlic. This basil pesto is refrigerated and is more consistent and reliable than scratch made pestos. It could be stirred into mayonnaise or ranch dressing to make a signature spread/dressing. 8020253 Fontina Sauce Pesto Roasted Red Chili (New) 8/2 LB A sensational product made from roasted red peppers, chipotle peppers in adobo and parmesan cheese. This non-traditional pesto will add flavor to any pasta dish or dip to any appetizer or pizza. 8019980 Fontina Sauce Pesto Sundried Tomato (New) 4/2 LB Made with sundried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, herbs and parmesan and romano cheeses. It can be utilized as a pannini sandwich spread or stirred into mayonnaise or ranch dressing to make a signature entree. 7807492 Mama Selita’s Ketchup Bottled Jalapeno 12/8 OZ Mama Selita’s special jalapeno ketchup is a must for all sports bar, specialty delis and for any one who likes flavor from the heat of jalapeno. It is a tomato red color with green pieces it has a smooth base with jalapeno pieces. The bite is not hot it just grows on you the more you eat. 5934302 Arezzio Oil Olive Blend 80/20 6/1 GAL This ready to use product is a blend of vegetable oil (80%) and pomace olive oil (20%). This product has extra light olive oil flavor that won‘t over- power dishes. It is truly an all purpose olive flavored kitchen oil.
  • 4806846 Resers Salad Black Bean Salsa Fat Free 2/5 LB Black beans, yellow corn, red bell peppers and white onions create a rainbow of taste that’s equally at home in any setting. 6021735 Resers Salsa Mango Baja Café 2/5 LB Sweet mango chunks, tomatoes, peaches and cilantro are combined to create a sweet salsa that’s perfect as a protein topper or colorful dip. 4806889 Resers Salsa Pico De Gallo 2/5 LB Spanish for “beak of the rooster,” customers will crow over this extra thick salsa made with chunks of tomatoes, crisp onions, a touch of jalapeno and plenty of fresh cilantro. 4900959 Baja Café Sauce Salsa Margarita 2/5 LB Take a walk on the mild side with this one-of-a-kind blend of diced tomatoes, green chilies and crisp, fresh onions. A distinctively fresh flavor and smooth texture create a salsa sensation in every bite. 6734065 Saranac Dip Gourmet Mexicana 1/8 LB A premium blend of cream cheese, sour cream, salsa and spices. 0622092 Saranac Dip Queso Chili Con 1/10 LB Mayo and sour cream, combined with cheddar cheese and spice mix. Great with corn chips. 1326628 Saranac Sauce Burrito Wet 4/1 GAL A mild, yet zesty tomato based sauce that can be used with many mexican as well as traditional recipes. 6297594 Casasol Avocado Hass Fresh Halves 48/1.5 OZ Fresh avocado halves are excellent for sandwich makers, and those who like sliced avocado on a salad. This product is packed 48 halves to a case and each is individually wrapped. It is ready to serve and requires no kitchen preparation. 8337503 Casa Solana Avocado Hass 100% Chunky Pulp 8/2 LB TUB 100% Hass Avocado chunks. No additives or preservatives with a 30 day shelf life from manufacture date. With year round availability, this fresh product is great for making your own signature guacamole or as an addition to your favorite recipes. 9006883 Casa Solana Avocado Hass 100% Fresh Pulp 8/2 LB BAG 100% Hass Avocado. No additives or preservatives With a 30 day shelf life from manufacture date. With year round availability, this fresh product is great for making your own signature guacamole or as an addition to your favorite recipes.
  • pizza toppings 1046671 Hormel Pepporoni Sliced 16 CT 2/12.5 LB Hormel makes the highest quality and best performing pepperoni in the market. Less charring, grease out, cupping and shrinkage. 1363282 Hormel Bacon Bit Pure 1/2 inch 1/10 LB This precooked bacon is diced to 1/2” and is great for salads, potato topper or pizza topping. Fully cooked and ready to use and is 100% real bacon. 2368777 Arezzio Topping Pizza Pork Crumble 2/5 LB Perfect to build any pizza or signature breakfast dishes. Use in soups, sauces or gravy. Made from the finest meats, spices and herbs. Precooked and extended shelf life. No waste, consistent and convenient. Labor savings and time savings. 2368900 Arrezzio Topping Beef Crumble 2/5 LB Authentic Flavor. Moderately extended with beef sausage and chicken offering economical alternative to 100% beef. Extended shelf life. No waste, consistent and convenient. Labor and time savings. 1473693 Fontani Sausage Italian Bulk Mild Raw 4/5 LB 2431658 Fontani Sausage Italian Bulk Mild Garlic 3/5 LB Authentic “Chicago Style” raw topping for pizza. Extra lean. No MSG. Mild garlic flavor, fresh spices & fennel. From selected pork cuts. Browns & fully cooks in 4 to 6 minutes. 1863927 Demuro Sausage Italian Bulk Fresh 1/10 LB This old world recipe makes this sausage the best available for pizza topping. The 1/4 inch grind is just the right size. Corrugated B flute pizza circle. This circle is not wax coated. 7278157 PJ Corrugated Circle Pizza Corregated White 100/10” 7179536 PJ Corrugated Circle Pizza Corregated White 100/12” 7179546 PJ Corrugated Circle Pizza Corregated White 100/14” 7116068 PJ Corrugated Circle Pizza Corregated White 100/16”
  • 4564258 AM Metal Peel Pizza Aluminum W/Wood Handle 1/16X42 Extra strength triple riveted aluminum ferrules with permanently attached hardwood handles. 16x18” blade with 21” handle. 4568911 AM Metal Roller Docker 3/8 In Pin S-S 1/EA 5 1/2” wide, 8 3/4” overall, all stainless steel pins. 1 3/4” diameter barrel. 5983978 RH Dexter Knife Pizza Hi-Carbon Rocker 1/20” Place knife on pizza and rock from side to side. Two black poly-propylene handles. Stain-free high carbon steel blade. Deep depth blade keeps hands out of hot cheese & sauce. 4095071 RF Sani Cutter Pizza Wheel S-S 1/4 inch Stain-free, high-carbon steel blade. Replaceable blade. Sani-safe handle. Large 4” wheel cuts easily through even the deepest of deep dish pizzas or calzones. The sani- soft handle is comfortable and NSF approved. Corrugated pizza box brown on brown (K/K) with stock print to box top. 1841410 PJ Corrugated Box Pizza K/K Red/Green 50/12”X12” 1841428 PJ Corrugated Box Pizza K/K Red/Green 50/14”x14” 1841451 PJ Corrugated Box Pizza Pizza/Pizza W/W 50/16”X16“ 1841261 PJ Corrugated Box Pizza K/K Red/Green 50/18”X18” 7761604 12” Foil Pizza Pan 250/12” Foil pan 12” round by 5/8” deep used primarily for pizza to go. 0065235 Sysco Saver Pizza Lid Support 1.5” 10/100CT Sysco brand pizza saver 1.5” lid support white plastic three legged pizza box lid support. Provides the strength and the surface area to assure separation of the pizza and the pizza box lid. Stiff, but bendable. 0267617 Sysco CLS Wiper Towel Pizza Medium Red 150/EA 13.5” X 24”, 3-5 day medium duty reusable disposable FS wiper. Desirable wiper for pizza full service facilities as color masks pizza stains. Can be used as one color in 3 color coded wiping styles.
  • 5429766 International Imperial Olive Kalamata Pitted 4/4.4 LB This greek grown olive has characteristics that set it apart from other olives. It is oval in shape, a rich, velvety purple color, possesses a distinct bacon-like flavor and has a firm consistency. 5876069 International Imperial Olive Queen Stfd 100/120 4/1GAL One of the world’s oldest foods. There are two major spanish table varieties, manzanilla and queen. The count on the label is olives per kilo. These ready to serve olives are commonly used on relish trays, salad bars, sandwiches, as hor d ouerves, and as cocktail garnish. 5917446 Chef Choice Pickle Spr Garlic 275/325 CT 1/5 GAL Hearty garlic refrigerated deli dills offer United States deli’s a signature and extra crunchy product. 1577980 Cool Crisp Pickle Chip Deli KK1/4 Waffle 1/5GAL Count per jar: 1600-1700 slices thickness: 1/4” waffle or krinkle dill pickle. 4488276 Mrs Friday’s Lobster Imitation Sensations 6/2 LB A rich, delicious blend of American lobster meat and premium surimi seafood. Lobster Sensations is the only product of its kind that features real lobster as its first ingredient. 1783950 Mrs Friday’s Crab Cake Breaded O/R Krabby 3 OZ 1/10 LB A signature blend of premium imitation crab, real snow crab meat, fresh cream, butter, herbs and delicious seasonings coated in our light, Panko bread crumbs for a real seafood treat.
  • 2059285 K&P Shrimp Brd Buffalo Style 53 CT seafooD 4/2.5 LB Buffalo “sauce ready” Shrimp. All Premium, peeled and deveined, tail-off shrimp, tumble dusted in a bold buffalo seasoning. 4436077 King & Prince Shrimp Brd Coconut B/Fly 16/20 4/2.5 LB Sweet flaky coconut is blended into all Panko breading for a crispy, light texture. 9218447 Mrs Friday’s Cod Filet Battered Boston Lager 2 OZ 1/10 LB The hearty flavor and aroma of a light and crunchy beer batter made with Sam Adams® Boston lager is coupled with the whitest, whole muscle hand-cut cod fillets. 8016917 Port Prime Salmon Atlantic Filets Sliced Norwegian Smoke USA 2/2.5 LB All Premium farm raised Norwegian salmon fillets, dry cured in the European style. Pre-sliced on a deli board for convenience and portion control. Norwegian Atlantic salmon are all natural with no artificial color or preservatives added and are an orange to pink color with a firm texture and delicate flavor. 8875585 Portico Simply Calamari Ring Tent Squid Asia 4/2.5 LB Loligo species. Packed to yield 100% net wt. Consists of 65% rings (5/8” wide) and 35% tentacles. Rings cut from 3”-5” tubes. Tentacles are fully cleaned. Most popular use is for breaded calamari appetizer. 8875882 Portico Simply Calamari Ring Only Squid Asia 4/2.5 LB Loligo species. Packed to yield 100% net wt. Consists of rings cut 5/8” wide. Rings cut from 3”-5” tubes. Tentacles are fully cleaned. Most popular use is for breaded calamari appetizer. 4227104 Drakes Batter Mix Crispy Fry 4/12.5LB Contains no artificial ingredients. Perfect for fish, chicken, and onion rings.
  • soups & sanD wiches 1616168 Sysco CLS Chili Chicken White 4/8 LB Chicken and northern beans in a broth with southwest style seasoning blend. Perfect for use as an main entree. Boil in pouch. 6310304 Block & Barrel Imperial Soup Chicken and Dumpling RTU 4/8 LB Delicious chicken broth with chunks of chicken and fluffy dumplings. Boil in the bag soup. 1977545 Block & Barrel Classic Soup Chowder Corn Pilgrim 4/4 LB Concentrated cream based. Containing corn, potatoes, carrots, celery, and red peppers in a creamy light sauce. Sauce has a sweet corn flavor. No added MSG. 2880847 Block & Barrel Classic Soup Tomato Creamy Bisque 4/4 LB Soup contains pieces of tomato in a creamy, medium bodied broth with a mild, sweet flavor. One to one reconstitution with milk. 1978196 Block & Barrel Classic Soup Vegetable Beef W/Barley 4/4 LB A dark reddish-brown broth with tender ground beef, barley, carrots, celery, peas, green beans, potatoes, corn and onions. Contains no added MSG. 1978337 Block & Barrel Classic Soup Bean W/Ham Old Fashioned 4/4 LB Contains small white beans, ham, potatoes, carrots and celery in an opaque, light orange broth. Has a mild, slightly sweet, smokey bean flavor. No added MSG.
  • 6308696 Block And Barrel Imperial Soup 4/8 LB Beef Veg Country Style Delicious beef broth with delicious vegetables. Boil in the bag soup. 3301736 Block & Barrel Classic Soup Black 4/4 LB Bean and Steak Rich black bean flavor enhanced with chunky pieces of steak. 3301843 Block & Barrel Classic Soup 4/4 LB Chicken Caribbean Jerk Concentrated and a delicious blend of mildly spicy chicken and rice with authentic jerk seasonings consisting of pepper, thyme, all spice berries, and garlic. 6311500 Block & Barrel Imperial Soup 4/8 LB French Onion RTU Delicious broth soup loaded with sweet onions. Boil in the bag soup. Foccacia as well as flat breads have been a hot trend in sandwiches and pizzas. Turano combined the two types of bread and the result turns an ordinary sandwich or pizza into something special. Sliced for convenience and frozen with a 180 day shelf life. 8136006 Turano Bread Plain Foccacia Slice Flats 12/8 CT 8136036 Turano Bread Tomato Focaccia Slice Flats 12/8 CT 8136044 Turano Bread Herb Focaccia Slice Flats 12/8 CT
  • Meat & potat oes 3963501 Fontanini Beef Roast Pot with Gravy 2/5 LB Fully slow cooked blade chuck with natural fat for added flavor. Injected with a spice solution for added flavor and tenderness. User friendly, just heat and eat. 7494636 BBRLIMP Beef Roast Pot Cooked Old Fashioned 2/8-10 LB USDA inspected, fully cooked in wet pack for natural au jus. Seasoning includes onions, celery and carrots. 5722972 CAB Beef Roast Shoulder Clod Cooked 1/8-10 LB Certified Angus Beef. Cooked to perfection for flavor and tenderness. 9012246 Morrell Beef Roast Pot Bottom Round Precooked 2/12 LB Fully cooked and extra lean. Great flavor form trimmed bottom round. 100% usable. Au jus in bag for a great pot roast gravy. Fresh not frozen. 5949738 ADA Beef Chuck Pot Roast Cooked 20/8 OZ Individually portioned pot roast. Fully cooked. Just warm and serve. 6030825 RS Cuts Beef Roast Top Round Endless Med 1/14-17 LB Top round endless for sandwiches 100% usable. 9854357 Beef Roast Top Split Chuck Cooked Well Done 2/7-9 LB Hoekstra Recipe USDA Choice roasted medium to well done. Will not turn bread red when used for sandwiches. Warming instructions in each case. 2000925 Sysco Natural Potato Mashed Cooked Fresh 4/5 LB Our richest, creamiest mashed potatoes are fresh Russet potatoes combined with whole milk, real creamy butter and a dash of salt. This is our top-of-the-line mashed potato. The potatoes are fully prepared and may be boiled or steamed in the bag, or remove them and heat them in the oven or microwave.
  • 5806532 Butcher’s Block Pork Cusion Meat 2-3 lb. AVE 4/4 PC 93% lean, very versatile, used in many oriental dishes. 5806017 Butcher’s Block Pork Butt B/I 1/4” 7-10 lb. AVE 2/2 PC Super trimmed. The leanest, freshest pork butt in the industry. 5808056 Butcher’s Block Pork Spare Rib Fresh 4.5 lb. DN AVE 3/3 PC 4.3 lb. and down spare ribs that are trimmed evenly for consisting cooking time. Each slab will contain a minimum of 12 bones. 6046789 Butcher’s Block Bulk Pork Butt B/I 1/4” 7-10 lb. Each 4/2 PC This is a bone-in cut of meat with rich internal marbling. Yields well while producing a flavorful and tender pork cut. 4005526 Cattlemen Sauce BBQ Original 4/1 GAL #1 selling BBQ sauce in Food Service w/ great flavor and all natural ingredients. 1440452 Morrell Pork Pull NO SCE PRCKD 2/5 LB Cooked, boneless pork without sauce. Many uses. Good value. 8338253 Morrell Pork BBQ Pulled w/ Sauce 2/5 LB Pulled pork made with boneless picnics. Tasty BBQ sauce makes this a great item for sandwiches or a barbeque plate. 5168992 Tablecraft Basket Plastic 10.5x7x1.5 inches Red 36/ EA Oval, 10.5” X 7” x 1.5”, will not tip, stackable, durable polypropylene construction, dishwasher safe and microwaveable. 8896870 Sysco Basket Bread Plastic Oval Red 36/9X6X2 Attractive lace design, stackable, noiseless, soft polyethylene construction, dishwasher safe. 4766630 Table Craft Basket Bread Plastic Round Red 36/8 IN Made of polyethylene, holds up under heat lamps, microwave and dishwasher safe. 8173098 Canned Lamp Fuel Canned Ht Solid 2 Hour 72/7 OZ 2 hour burn time. Traditional pink ethanol gel for high heat needs. 7418100 Hour Canned Lamp Fuel Canned Gel Green Heat 72/2 OZ Eco Friendly with Premium Performance, burns strong and keeps food hot without harmful chemicals, biodegradable, recyclable steel cans, packaged in natural corrugated cartons.