Social Media and Your Business
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Social Media and Your Business

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  • 1. Karlton UtterVisit www.karltonutter.comTwitter @karltonutterEmail
  • 3. Create a Page
  • 4. Drop Down Boxes
  • 5. Why Facebook 900 Million Active Users 50% of the internet users are on facebook Average user has 130 friends Business Postings, Updates, Specials Postings become Viral Interaction Opportunity to stay in front of consumers
  • 6. Why Twitter for Business? Twitter users are far more likely to follow Brands/ Companies than social networkers in general. Twitter users frequently exchange information about products and services. 25% of active Twitter users follow and interact with companies, brands or products on social networks. Awareness of Twitter has exploded over the past twelvemonths. The percentage of Americans who are familiar withTwitter has surged from 5% in 2008 to 87% in 2011. Twitter is a natural ―companion medium‖ to other media channels — in particular, as an accompaniment to live TV.
  • 7. Instant Sharing37% of users tweet with their smart phone That means that people can instantly tweet about their experience with a business.
  • 8. Why Twitter 100+ Million Active User Accounts 50 Million DAILY active Users Average of 200 Million Tweets Per Day 460,000 New Accounts Every Day Shared Common interests Breaking News, Updates Microblogging (tweets) - you are the news 140 Characters or less Business Networking (Local Tweet Ups) Streamlining your news channels Popular Topics (follow conversations on topics or become involved) # = hashtag Direct Messaging @mentions Make connections outside your sphere of influence
  • 9.  #3 Visited Website (after Google & FB) Create your own page Easy to upload and tag Cloud saving for all your videos FLIP Video, Webcam, Smart Phone Interacts with all Social Media Sites SEO and Viral Opportunities PEOPLE ARE TWICE AS LIKELYTO CLICK ON VIDEO IN SEARCH ENGINES
  • 10. Photo Sharing Sites• Flickr• Photobucket• Pinterest• Picasa• Instagram
  • 11. Why It’s Fun For The Consumer? People Earn Badges For Visits
  • 12. See What Your Friends Are UpTo
  • 13. Select Manager Tools
  • 14. Claim Your Venue, Run aCampaign, and Offer a Special (Incentive To Check In)
  • 15. Add Your Business
  • 16. - Post a Reminder To Check Inon Yelp and FoursquareWhy? 500 Million Users on Facebook 100 Million Users on Twitter When people check into your business or event, they can share it on Facebook and Twitter. Remarks and Interaction
  • 17. Check Ins on Facebook &Twitter FacebookTwitter
  • 18. Making it Easy• Tweetdeck – Free, unlimited accounts, free download on smart phone• Hootsuite – 5 free accounts or $5.99 /month for PRO version
  • 19. Patch Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Twitter, and Local News All In On e Place Extremely Localized Powered by AOL Advertising Opportunities Register Yourself for Free Claim/Edit Your Business
  • 20.  Blogger Analytics News (local settings to share on social media) Alerts Calendar (Public, Shared, or Private) Docs Places – Claim your business
  • 21. QR Codes
  • 22. QR Codes Mobile Marketing 50% of internet usage will be on a mobile device by 2015 Direct link to email, web site, blog, text, phone number, etc. Use on signs, advertising, business cards, flyers, email signature, etc.
  • 23. Landing Page
  • 24. Landing Page
  • 25. Social Media EtiquetteFill out your online profiles completely with informationabout you and your business. Use your real name and yourown photo.Use a different profile or account for your personalconnections. Business and pleasure do not mix in this medium.Create a section on your main profile detailing who you areseeking to befriend and ask that visitors abide by thatinformation.
  • 26. Social Media EtiquetteOffer information of value. Dont talk just about yourself andyour company.Dont approach strangers and ask them to be friends withyou just so you can then try to sell them on your productsor services. No Spam or auto direct messages.Pick a screen name that represents you and your companywell.Dont send out requests for invitations to play games orother timewasters for those using the site.
  • 27. Social Media EtiquetteDont put anything on the Internet that you dont want yourcurrent boss, future boss, current client or potential clientsto read.Check out the people who want to follow you or be yourfriend.If someone does not want to be your friend, accept theirdecision gracefully.Never post when youre overly-tired, jetlagged, intoxicated, angry or upset.Always check grammar and spelling before you sendpostings.
  • 28. Social Media EtiquetteAlways give more than you receive = goodrelevant news or postings. If people arent commenting, they arent interested.Listen and read twice as much as you post Dont become white noise
  • 29. Questions?• Twitter - @karltonutter• Visit -• Email –• Call – 908-797-6650