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Fit n Well Report
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Fit n Well Report


My power point for information management class

My power point for information management class

Published in Health & Medicine , Business
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  • 1. The Fitness Industry
  • 2. Smart Investment today??? There are many key factors into a gyms success today. • Obesity • The Media • The Recession
  • 3. Obesity • 36.3% of New Zealand adults overweight • 13.6 % use medication for high blood pressure • Obesity rate risen in last 30 years: For males 9% For females 13% • GREAT OPPORTUNITY!!!!!
  • 4. The Media • Media is setting a in image of the norm which people want to meet. • Shows like ‘The Biggest Loser’ being inspirational and encouraging. • Overall very influential with new technology every day
  • 5. The Recession • 16200 jobs lost in the last 7 months • Unemployment rate at 5% • Good opportunity because: People aren't busy at work and have leisure time Exposed to more media which correlates with joining a gym
  • 6. Gyms In New Zealand • Currently 20% of people own a gym membership • Only around 400 gyms in New Zealand • Gym Memberships increased 50% in the last 20 years
  • 7. Concerns • Recession can cause: People having no money People working extra with out time for leisure • Media can cause: Distraction from exercise People generally tend to watch TV a lot more than exercise
  • 8. However… • The benefits and opportunities out way the negatives! • Several owners of gyms claim no bad effects from recession. • So establishing a gym In New Zealand would be a smart investment
  • 9. So in my opinion….. • The presence of the media, obesity and the Recession will be a great asset to the industry • Anyone considering establishing a gym at this point in time should! The gym industry is booming and shouldn’t be effected by the recession