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Keynote Jörg Jasper: Summer School on Services 2013

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services smart energy systems

  1. 1. Energie braucht Impulse Services in Future Energy SystemsServices in Future Energy SystemsServices in Future Energy SystemsServices in Future Energy Systems PD Dr. Jörg Jasper EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG Karlsruhe, September 26, 2013
  2. 2. Reasons for new services in future energy systems 2 SupplySupplySupplySupply DemandDemandDemandDemand pricepricepriceprice PPPP quantityquantityquantityquantity CapacityCapacityCapacityCapacity TechnicalTechnicalTechnicalTechnical limitslimitslimitslimits ofofofof thethethethe gridgridgridgrid timetimetimetime WholesaleWholesaleWholesaleWholesale marketmarketmarketmarket andandandand gridgridgridgrid relatedrelatedrelatedrelated reasonsreasonsreasonsreasonsWholesaleWholesaleWholesaleWholesale marketmarketmarketmarket andandandand gridgridgridgrid relatedrelatedrelatedrelated reasonsreasonsreasonsreasons NewNewNewNew customercustomercustomercustomer preferencespreferencespreferencespreferencesNewNewNewNew customercustomercustomercustomer preferencespreferencespreferencespreferences Source: Qivicon
  3. 3. Reason #1 for demand‘s future key role in electricity market: Elasticity The wholesale market aspect 3 SupplySupplySupplySupplyDemandDemandDemandDemand pricepricepriceprice pppp quantityquantityquantityquantity › In electricity markets, demand is more or less inelastic… › The same applies for supply when it is close to the capacity limit › Under normal conditions, this is not a problem.
  4. 4. Reason #1 for demand‘s future key role in electricity market: Elasticity The wholesale market aspect 4 SupplySupplySupplySupply DemandDemandDemandDemand pricepricepriceprice pppp ???? quantityquantityquantityquantity › … but what happens, if demand exceeds supply? › Demand will be rationed by system operators (rolling blackouts) › Customers‘ preferences (different WTP) play no role here! › What could we do about it?
  5. 5. Reason #1 for demand‘s future key role in electricity market: Elasticity The wholesale market aspect 5 SupplySupplySupplySupply DemandDemandDemandDemand pricepricepriceprice quantityquantityquantityquantity › Solution one: subsidize new capacity (beyond the quantitiy the market would have brought forward) › Probably not efficient… SupplySupplySupplySupply withwithwithwith subsidysubsidysubsidysubsidy//// capacitycapacitycapacitycapacity paymentpaymentpaymentpayment pppp
  6. 6. Reason #1 for demand‘s future key role in electricity market: Elasticity The wholesale market aspect 6 › … instead it might be way more elegant to make demand more elastic (i.e. make it respond to price signals in real time!) › This is where the customer comes in! SupplySupplySupplySupply DemandDemandDemandDemand pricepricepriceprice PPPP quantityquantityquantityquantity
  7. 7. Reason #1 for demand‘s future key role in electricity market: Elasticity The distribution system aspect timetimetimetime CapacityCapacityCapacityCapacity Import of energy intointointointo local grid Export of energy fromfromfromfrom local grid Consumption of energy generated elsewhere consumption of energy generated regionally TechnicalTechnicalTechnicalTechnical limitslimitslimitslimits ofofofof thethethethe gridgridgridgrid ThereThereThereThere areareareare twotwotwotwo alternativesalternativesalternativesalternatives whenwhenwhenwhen theretheretherethere isisisis tootootootoo muchmuchmuchmuch energyenergyenergyenergy inininin thethethethe gridgridgridgrid:::: › Switch RES generation off (high costs, as RES not generated is also remunerated in Germany) › ShiftShiftShiftShift consumptionconsumptionconsumptionconsumption (e.g.(e.g.(e.g.(e.g. powerpowerpowerpower totototo heatheatheatheat)))) 7
  8. 8. Must Run (15-25 GW) Reason #1 for demand‘s future key role in electricity market: Elasticity The whole picture Maximum load Minimal load Normal load 40 – 60 GW Intermittent generation Capacity 20 GW 40 GW 60 GW 80 GW 100 GW 120 GW 140 GW 2020 2030 Additional demand * With 20 kW charging capacity, 10 % equivalent to 5 Mio. EVs Too much generation! Grid capacity sufficient? Sufficient generation? Sufficient grid capacities? Smart Market Demand reduction with significant potential 8
  9. 9. Reason #2 for demand‘s future key role in electricity market: new customer needs and prefereces Different needs of customers in different ‚clusters‘ › Enjoy ‚smart energy world‘ › Ecologic values; support ‚Energiewende‘ › ‚safe autarky‘ › Reduce costs/energy efficiency Private › Comply with legal norms/standards › Efficiency › Green image › Buy from a ‚one stop shop‘ IndustryIndustryIndustryIndustry//// SMEsSMEsSMEsSMEs › Offer new products and services to own customers without signfificant investment MunicipalMunicipalMunicipalMunicipal utilitiesutilitiesutilitiesutilities › Green image › ‚safe autarky‘ › Make political agenda become reality MunicipalityMunicipalityMunicipalityMunicipality yesterday today increasingly tomorrow › Supply security › Fair prices (B2B) › Fair prices + additional values of benefit › Ecologic values/sustainability › Support ‚Energiewende‘ › Being autonomous › Use opportunities, reduce risk › Reduce complexity › Keep energy costs under control 9
  10. 10. Market Customer‘s role is going to change… yesterday „consumer“ today „customer“ tomorrow „prosumer“ › Know-how with energy supplier › Know-how distributed (supplier, customer, others) › Integrated co-operation of diffferent market participants › Large power plants › 30 % decentral generation › Generation extremely intermittent › Generation follows consumption › Consumption supports generation › Consumption follows generation › Electricity + gas › Electricity + gas + solutions › Energy solutions › Stable environment › Increasing complexity and dynamics › High complexity and dynamics time 10
  11. 11. The customer to become the key figure 11 RES generation Storage Prestige Grid data Delivery of electricity Metering data Convenience Demand shift Mobility … but a ‚smart… but a ‚smart… but a ‚smart… but a ‚smart infrastructureinfrastructureinfrastructureinfrastructure‘‘‘‘ willwillwillwill bebebebe requiredrequiredrequiredrequired! This! This! This! This infrastructureinfrastructureinfrastructureinfrastructure isisisis nownownownow availableavailableavailableavailable....
  12. 12. 12 Smart Market › Smart energy logistics (tariffs for load shift) Smart capacity markets › To incentivise optimal use of capacity Smart grid › Active capacity and congestion management › New tariff system Smarter metering services › ‚Intelligent‘ metering systems › New role of metering services Smart operations › Processes compatible with mass markets › Adjusted standards (data formats etc.) Smarter regulatory framework › E.g, grid regulation adjusted to smart world Customer ‚Smart‘ infrastructure is/will be available Elements of a ‚smart‘ infrastructure
  13. 13. An example: EnBW‘s virtual power plant (VPP) will combine customers‘ flexibilities and bring them to the market 13 DegreesDegreesDegreesDegrees ofofofof freedomfreedomfreedomfreedom inininin › Consumption › Generation › Framework conditions Energy market Genera- tion ControlControlControlControl Con- sump- tion SellingSellingSellingSelling flexibilitiesflexibilitiesflexibilitiesflexibilities inininin electricityelectricityelectricityelectricity marketmarketmarketmarket,,,, sharingsharingsharingsharing profitsprofitsprofitsprofits withwithwithwith customerscustomerscustomerscustomers.... DecentralDecentralDecentralDecentral generationgenerationgenerationgeneration managementmanagementmanagementmanagement DemandDemandDemandDemand ResponseResponseResponseResponse SellingSellingSellingSelling RESRESRESRES directlydirectlydirectlydirectly intointointointo marketmarketmarketmarket IndividualIndividualIndividualIndividual flexibilitiesflexibilitiesflexibilitiesflexibilities TTTTotalotalotalotal flexibilityflexibilityflexibilityflexibility FlexibilityFlexibilityFlexibilityFlexibility InInInIn thethethethe marketmarketmarketmarket CCCCustomerustomerustomerustomer Customer:Customer:Customer:Customer: OptimizationOptimizationOptimizationOptimization
  14. 14. Path towards introduction of the virtual power plant in the market 14 › 20 installations at customers › Decision on IT- architecture & systems › Concept for day-ahead control › Buildup entire system › Approval & implementation of algorithms › 150 installations at customers‘ homes › Test (Simulation) in real time environment › Creation of product concept, rollout › Operation with real market data › Analysis Phase 1Phase 1Phase 1Phase 1 UUUUntil15ntil15ntil15ntil15 OctOctOctOct. 2013. 2013. 2013. 2013 DesignDesignDesignDesign „„„„AlgorithmsAlgorithmsAlgorithmsAlgorithms““““ Aufbau GesamtsystemAufbau GesamtsystemAufbau GesamtsystemAufbau Gesamtsystem SMART MARKETSMART MARKETSMART MARKETSMART MARKET Phase 2Phase 2Phase 2Phase 2 UntilUntilUntilUntil end Q1/2014end Q1/2014end Q1/2014end Q1/2014 Phase 3Phase 3Phase 3Phase 3 Until15.Until15.Until15.Until15. OctOctOctOct. 2014. 2014. 2014. 2014 Phase 4Phase 4Phase 4Phase 4 UntilUntilUntilUntil end Q2/2015end Q2/2015end Q2/2015end Q2/2015 20 20 150 150 0 200 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 NumberNumberNumberNumber testtesttesttest customerscustomerscustomerscustomers › Data collection › Finalization of intelligent control concepts
  15. 15. Decentral solutions – growing German market Solutions by EnBW Source: EnBW EEEE----MobilityMobilityMobilityMobility • SolutionsSolutionsSolutionsSolutions forforforfor chargingchargingchargingcharging infrastructureinfrastructureinfrastructureinfrastructure • MobilityMobilityMobilityMobility---- managermanagermanagermanager//// partnerpartnerpartnerpartner DecentralDecentralDecentralDecentral energyenergyenergyenergy systemssystemssystemssystems • CoolingCoolingCoolingCooling • HeatingHeatingHeatingHeating • CHPCHPCHPCHP B2C/B2B/B2GB2C/B2B/B2GB2C/B2B/B2GB2C/B2B/B2G EnergyEnergyEnergyEnergy EfficiencyEfficiencyEfficiencyEfficiency • ManagementManagementManagementManagement ofofofof energyenergyenergyenergy efficiencyefficiencyefficiencyefficiency B2B / B2CB2B / B2CB2B / B2CB2B / B2C • ContractingContractingContractingContracting 1111 SmartSmartSmartSmart WorldsWorldsWorldsWorlds • Smart HomeSmart HomeSmart HomeSmart Home • SmartSmartSmartSmart IndustriesIndustriesIndustriesIndustries • VPPsVPPsVPPsVPPs • Smart MeterSmart MeterSmart MeterSmart Meter DDDD AAAA BBBB CCCC EXAMPLES 15
  16. 16. SystemSystemSystemSystem forforforfor futurefuturefuturefuture controlcontrolcontrolcontrol ofofofof residentialresidentialresidentialresidential appliancesappliancesappliancesappliances › Open System › Producer independent › Plug & Play › No edificial changes required › Several kinds of applications EnBW co-founded the Qivicon Smart Home Alliance 16
  17. 17. Smart Home 1.0 – user interface 17 › Market introduction with energy- related issues like › Light › Heating › Follow-ups › Optimization of customer‘s own energy consumption › Alarm-clock-App › etc. › Philosophy: › Makes energy use joyful, interesting and more efficient
  18. 18. EnBW illumination package 18 › Define light sceneries – spontaneously or progammed › Create time schedules for illumination of household appliances › Remote switching of appliances › Simulate presence at home and optimize security
  19. 19. EnBW starter package heating 19 › Control air humidity › Holiday function: dim heating plus presetting function for home return › Remote swiching of heating appliances
  20. 20. Project LivingLab BWe mobile: Installation charging infrastructure in Stuttgart and region Targets: › development and profitable operation of a public charging infrastructure for EVs › Reliable and unclomplicated charging at home › Intelligent EV-fleet management › Intelligent connection of vehicles and standardisation of access EnBW participating at 5 projects of „LivingLab BWe mobil“ Project duration: 03/2012 – 06/2015 Partners: 35 firms and institutions 20
  21. 21. Research project iZEUS: Intelligent zero emission urban system Targets: connect traffic and energy systems via trans-regional roaming and billing concepts, decentral energy- and charging management, development of prepaid solutions for public charging Project duration: 1/2012 – 7/2014 Project partners: Daimler, Opel, ads-tec, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, KIT, PTV, SAP und TWT (EnBW = leading underwriter) Target group: municipal utilities, municipalities, private business Karlsruhe Stuttgart 21
  22. 22. Competition Traditional value-added-chain completed by new elements. New competitors entering the market Generation Retail Grids Trading Energy efficiency Logistics Smart Solutions Power generating final customers Area networks 22
  23. 23. What our competitors offer Sources: websites and publications GermanyGermanyGermanyGermany EEEE----mobilitymobilitymobilitymobility › E-bikes › Car-Leasing (EV) › Car-Sharing (EV) › Charging infrastructure › Billing/roaming › OEM-Partnerships › Vehicle-to-Grid › Inductive charging ---- ---- - DecentralDecentralDecentralDecentral energyenergyenergyenergy systemssystemssystemssystems › Consultancy › Installation › O&M EnergyEnergyEnergyEnergy efficiencyefficiencyefficiencyefficiency › Efficiency consultancy › Energy pass › Thermography › Financing › Build up contact with craftsmen ---- ----1 ----1 SmartSmartSmartSmart worldsworldsworldsworlds › Smart Meter › Smart Home › VPPs MunicipalMunicipalMunicipalMunicipal › Municipal services 1111 2222 3333 ………… examples Internat.Internat.Internat.Internat. Existing offers 4444 examplesexamplesexamplesexamples 23
  24. 24. Example: NEXT Kraftwerke › Next Kraftwerke GmbH is a spin-off of Energiewirtschaftliches Institut at Cologne University (EWI) Source: 24
  25. 25. Concept of Deutsche Telekom for roaming and billing of EV-charging 1111 ChargingChargingChargingCharging planningplanningplanningplanning › Route optimization considering existing charging stations and charging times EnergyEnergyEnergyEnergy RoamingRoamingRoamingRoaming › Authentification and authorization of user/EV › Remote reading of charging energy consumption via TelekomTelekomTelekomTelekom SmartSmartSmartSmart----MeteringMeteringMeteringMetering ServiceServiceServiceService › Realtime-clearing user-supplier via roaming-module › Transaction data transmission MobileMobileMobileMobile MeteringMeteringMeteringMetering › Mobile reading of battery status via Telekom SmartTelekom SmartTelekom SmartTelekom Smart----MeteringMeteringMeteringMetering ServiceServiceServiceService › Registration at charging station at destination › Calculation of charging cycles by alignment with customer‘s date book Source: Deutsche Telekom NPE Bildungskonferenz 25
  26. 26. LichtBlick‘s ZuhauseKraftwerk TargetTargetTargetTarget › Decentral energy generation (electricity, heat) for B2C from environmentally friendly sources OfferOfferOfferOffer › GasGasGasGas heatingheatingheatingheating forforforfor electricityelectricityelectricityelectricity andandandand heatheatheatheat gen.,gen.,gen.,gen., basedbasedbasedbased on Volkswagenon Volkswagenon Volkswagenon Volkswagen engineengineengineengine › Saves up to 20 per20 per20 per20 per centcentcentcent ofofofof expensesexpensesexpensesexpenses forforforfor heatingheatingheatingheating › Customer also earns by feeding in electricityelectricityelectricityelectricity intointointointo thethethethe gridgridgridgrid (0.5 ct/kWh), excess heat production stored › Property of Lichtblick, no gas purchse, O&M for customer › Lichtblick pays monthly rent (EUR 5,-) › CentralCentralCentralCentral controlcontrolcontrolcontrol via mobilevia mobilevia mobilevia mobile networknetworknetworknetwork StatusStatusStatusStatus › FirstFirstFirstFirst MoverMoverMoverMover in segment (followed by GASAG) › CEO Gero Lücking: „business model works “ › Mid to long term target:100.000100.000100.000100.000 cutomerscutomerscutomerscutomers › Apparent problems with implementation › VW engines seem to reqiure more maintenance than expected › Craftsmen network apparently not optimal Source: LichtBlick, Hamburger SAGA GWG 2222 26
  27. 27. RheinEnergie‘s SmartCity-conzept3333 › SmartCity Cologne is platform for all individual projects in Cologne aiming at CO2- reduction and RES, smart technologies, E-mobility › Project alsoProject alsoProject alsoProject also intendsintendsintendsintends totototo improveimproveimproveimprove qualityqualityqualityquality ofofofof lifelifelifelife › In detail: Smart meters; smart street lamps, small decentral power plants, storage, and buildings that produce more energy than they consume Cologne,Cologne,Cologne,Cologne, 02.11.1102.11.1102.11.1102.11.11 RheinEnergieRheinEnergieRheinEnergieRheinEnergie andandandand thethethethe CityCityCityCity ofofofof Cologne willCologne willCologne willCologne will cocococo----operateoperateoperateoperate inininin technicaltechnicaltechnicaltechnical climateclimateclimateclimate protectionprotectionprotectionprotection Quelle: Klimabündnis Köln, RheinEnergie27
  28. 28. Florida Power & Lighting (FPL) reduced 938 MW peak loads by switching customers Target ProjectTarget ProjectTarget ProjectTarget Project „„„„OnCallOnCallOnCallOnCall““““ › Keeping grid stable by reducing peak load › Reduction of energy consumption ImplementationImplementationImplementationImplementation › VolutaryVolutaryVolutaryVolutary programmeprogrammeprogrammeprogramme forforforfor directdirectdirectdirect loadloadloadload controlcontrolcontrolcontrol (DLC) › """"greygreygreygrey boxesboxesboxesboxes"""" installed in customers‘ homes for free to control certain appliances, like › Air conditioning › Central heating › Swimming pool pumps › Boilers › Supplier entitled to swich costomer devices during short time intervals (ususally 3 - 4 times a year), in turn pays bonus to customers › Customers save up to USD 137/yr. EffectsEffectsEffectsEffects › 2007 750.000 Customers750.000 Customers750.000 Customers750.000 Customers › DemandDemandDemandDemand paekspaekspaekspaeks > 900> 900> 900> 900 MWMWMWMW lowerlowerlowerlower thanthanthanthan beforebeforebeforebefore › Used successfully after hurricane KatrinaKatrinaKatrinaKatrina totototo makemakemakemake efficientefficientefficientefficient useuseuseuse ofofofof scarcescarcescarcescarce fuelsfuelsfuelsfuels › Suitable fundament for smart grid implementation Source: website, Govt. of Oregon 4444 28
  29. 29. To sum up… › There are some good reasons for new energy related services. › First, there is a systemicsystemicsystemicsystemic needneedneedneed forforforfor moremoremoremore flexibilityflexibilityflexibilityflexibility, especially due to higher RES penetration. Here new services can substantially enhance the efficiency of the entire system. › Second, there isisisis newnewnewnew demanddemanddemanddemand forforforfor energyenergyenergyenergy relatedrelatedrelatedrelated servicesservicesservicesservices from the customer‘s side. Perhaps, conspicuous consumption and convenience will become much more important in this field than they are today. › The infrastructureinfrastructureinfrastructureinfrastructure willwillwillwill soonsoonsoonsoon bebebebe availableavailableavailableavailable to allow for all this. › There areareareare lotslotslotslots ofofofof businessbusinessbusinessbusiness modelsmodelsmodelsmodels beingbeingbeingbeing discusseddiscusseddiscusseddiscussed, new ones constantly to emerge. Source: EnBW 29
  30. 30. Energie braucht Impulse ThankThankThankThank youyouyouyou!!!! PD Dr. JörgPD Dr. JörgPD Dr. JörgPD Dr. Jörg JasperJasperJasperJasper Group Expert Energy Economics & Policy Schiffbauerdamm 1 10117 Berlin Tel.: +49 30 23455 254 Durlacher Allee 93 76131 Karlsruhe Tel.: +49 721 63-14852