Building modern media services with Windows Azure by Karl Ots (Twitter: @fincooper)


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Windows Azure is an excellent platform for distributing media content across multiple endpoints. I will provide an overview of current Windows Azure parts applicable for media distribution (e.g. storage, CDN, load balancing, Media Services etc). I will also demonstrate a case story of a video distribution solution. The case story covers the Windows Azure-based service and a Windows Store client.

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Building modern media services with Windows Azure by Karl Ots (Twitter: @fincooper)

  1. 1. tBuilding modern media serviceswith Windows Azure Karl Ots, Symbio
  2. 2. About the the presenter • Karl Ots, Technical Consultant at Symbio • Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 trainer • Windows Azure Insider • Co-founder of Young Developers Finland • Microsoft Student Partner
  3. 3. Agenda• This session is focused on building media applications with Windows Azure• We’ll talk about storage, content distribution and media services• Demos #td2013fi @fincooper
  4. 4. Windows Azure Storage#td2013fi @fincooper
  5. 5. Storage in the CloudScalable, durable, and availableAnywhere at anytime accessOnly pay for what the service usesRESTful Web ServicesUse from Windows Azure ComputeUse from anywhere on the internet#td2013fi @fincooper
  6. 6. Storage Libraries in Many Languages#td2013fi @fincooper
  7. 7. Windows Azure Storage Windows Azure Benefits: Tables Non-relational structured storage Massive scale-out Benefits: Windows Azure Big files Blobs Windows Azure Benefits: Persistent Async Messaging Queues Enqueue, Dequeue Windows Azure SQL Benefits: Relational database Database Highly available Managed for you as a service#td2013fi @fincooper
  8. 8. Blob Storage Highly available, scalable and secure file system Blobs can be exposed publically over http Continuous geo-replication across datacenters Enterprise document share; Social networking sites- share pictures, video etc. Big Data Analysis - Store raw data and benefit from large compute available in cloud Backups – device, computer backups#td2013fi @fincooper
  9. 9. Blob Storage Concepts#td2013fi @fincooper
  10. 10. Windows Azure Blobs • Copy Blob • Asynchronous copy – copy between accounts • Snapshots • Read only version of a blob • Promote a version as base blob • Sharing Scenarios • Private access • Public access • Shared Access Signatures (Signed Url)#td2013fi @fincooper
  11. 11. Shared Access Signatures#td2013fi @fincooper
  12. 12. RégisDemo Laurent Director of Operations, Global KnowledgeWindows Azure Storage Competencies include: Gold Learning Silver System Management
  13. 13. Moomins video store#td2013fi @fincooper
  14. 14. Moomins video store#td2013fi @fincooper
  15. 15. Architecture• Media content stored in Windows Azure Blob Storage• Client accesses Storage through Web service that acts as a proxy#td2013fi @fincooper
  16. 16. Media purchase flow • User buys videos via IAP • IAP receipts are sent to the web service • Client requests video content • Web service checks if user has bought the content • Web service creates a signed URL (SAS) for the video content and shares that to the client • Client accesses the video content via the signed URL#td2013fi @fincooper
  17. 17. Consuming the video • Download the video via Background Transfer • Any encrypting/decrypting/ licence checking if needed • Play the video in MediaElement control • Customize the control if necessary • Enhance with Windows 8 features • Play To • Subtitles • Multi-audio support • Roamed settings#td2013fi @fincooper
  18. 18. Windows Azure CDN#td2013fi @fincooper
  19. 19. Content delivery network CDN node Content storage CDN CDN node node CDN node#td2013fi @fincooper
  20. 20. Windows Azure CDN Node Locations US locations EMEA Locations Asia-Pacific/Rest of World • Ashburn, VA • Amsterdam, NL • Hong Kong, HK • Bay Area, CA • Dublin, IE • São Paulo, BR • Chicago, IL • London, GB • Seoul, KR • San Antonio, TX • Moscow, RU • Singapore, SG • Los Angeles, CA • Paris, FR • Sydney, AU • Miami, FL • Stockholm, SE • Taipei, TW • Newark, NJ • Vienna, AT • Tokyo, JP • Seattle, WA • Zurich, CH • Doha, Q#td2013fi @fincooper
  21. 21. Windows Azure CDN Node Locations CDN Azure Data Center#td2013fi @fincooper
  22. 22. RégisDemo Laurent Director of Operations, Global KnowledgeWindows Azure CDN Competencies include: Gold Learning Silver System Management
  23. 23. Windows Azure Media Services
  24. 24. Windows Azure Media Services#td2013fi @fincooper
  25. 25. Scenarios for Windows Azure Media Services • Building end-to-end workflows • Building hybrid workflows • Providing cloud support for media players#td2013fi @fincooper
  26. 26. Ingestion • Allows you to upload media into the cloud • Pre-encrypt files prior to uploading(AES 256) • Secure HTTPS upload • Network level peering for fast HTTP into Azure • Fast upload using UDP with Aspera (available as a service from Azure Store) • Bulk ingest support#td2013fi @fincooper
  27. 27. Windows Azure Media Encoder • Microsoft Expression encoder in the cloud • Enables you to convert .MP4 to Smooth Streaming, and convert Smooth Streaming to Apple Http Live Streaming • Partner SDK for enabling custom encoders#td2013fi @fincooper
  28. 28. Windows Azure Media Encryptor • DRM protection for your content • Sources from Smooth Streaming or Apple HLS • Integration support for DRM partners • Azure will handle the encryption, but you will have to manage keys – either yourself or via a service, such as 3rd party DRM provider or PlayReady from Microsoft#td2013fi @fincooper
  29. 29. Windows Azure Media Origin • On-demand streaming on the cloud • Supports MP4, Smooth Streaming and HLS • Guaranteed bandwidth. Auto recovery/redundancy. High Availability • Integrated Azure CDN support • Dynamic Remux support for standard MP4 files#td2013fi @fincooper
  30. 30. Thank you! Time for feedback and a quick raffle!#td2013fi @fincooper