Quantified Self: My Online Life the last 8 Month

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My presentation at the Quantifed Self Meetup in Berlin on the 22nd ov November 2012.

My presentation at the Quantifed Self Meetup in Berlin on the 22nd ov November 2012.

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  • 1. 8 monthsof my online life
  • 2. 730.398total items archived
  • 3. So u rce Ite m s Ite m s/DayTw itter 616.129 2.525Fa ceb ook 71.488 293Web 22.886 94Lin ked in 19.895 82To tal 730.398 2.993
  • 4. twitter/day
  • 5. facebook/day
  • 6. linkedin/day
  • 7. web/day
  • 8. 2.951different domains
  • 9. Do m ain Page s Page s/d ay To tal %or f.a t 1471 6,03 6,43%ela sticsea r ch .or g 1066 4,37 4,66%d er sta n d a r d .a t 911 3,73 3,98%lin ked in .com 813 3,33 3,55%p h p .n et 563 2,31 2,46%w ikip ed ia .or g 436 1,79 1,91%sta ckover flow .com 339 1,39 1,48%im m ob ilien scou t24.d e 335 1,37 1,46%you tu b e.com 300 1,23 1,31%tsch ilp .com 252 1,03 1,10%d iep r esse.com 210 0,86 0,92%a r ch ify.com 209 0,86 0,91%n gin x.or g 203 0,83 0,89%a m a zon .com 183 0,75 0,80%cod eign iter .com 175 0,72 0,76%xd a -d evelop er s.com 142 0,58 0,62%colette.fr 142 0,58 0,62%d r eizu r d r itten .a t 134 0,55 0,59%r a b b itm q .com 128 0,52 0,56%To tal 8012 35,01%
  • 10. 63domains for over 50% of views
  • 11. 1.347visited only once, that’s 45,6%
  • 12. Do m ain Re fe re rsw w w .google.a t 1616w w w .ela sticsea r ch .or g 634t.co 535or f.a t 486w w w .lin ked in .com 481w w w .google.d e 470d er sta n d a r d .a t 459w w w .im m ob ilien scou t24.d e 207en .w ikip ed ia .or g 149tsch ilp .com 146w w w .fa ceb ook.com 106w w w .p h p .n et 104sta ckover flow .com 95for u m .xd a -d evelop er s.com 93n ew s.ycom b in a tor .com 90d iep r esse.com 89p h p .n et 87w w w .d r eizu r d r itten .a t 86w w w .you tu b e.com 85cod eign iter .com 82
  • 13. Do m ain Ho u rsor f.a t 13,8ga m efa q s.com 13,5d er sta n d a r d .a t 7,7m eta cr itic.com 3,6ela sticsea r ch .or g 3,4a r ch ify.com 3,2cod er for life.com 3,2w issen b ela stet.com 3,1a p p le.com 2,8m u lletfestiva l.com 2,6eztv.it 2,5p h p .n et 1,7a m a zon w eb ser vices.com 1,6you tu b e.com 1,6lin ked in .com 1,5sta ckover flow .com 1,5im m ob ilien scou t24.d e 1,3w ikip ed ia .or g 1,3im m on et.d e 1,3th en extw eb .com 1,2
  • 14. 22seconds on average
  • 15. 6days reading webpages
  • 16. 1.319average word count per page
  • 17. 42different locations
  • 18. 2days without internet
  • 19. thank youmk@archify.com