land planning portfolio                                  land planning portfolioKarla Schweitzer Farrell, RLA, AICP, LEED ...
1            table of contents             table of contents                                       resume    2            ...
Education                                                                            2Pennsylvania State University, Bache...
3“Few things can help an individual more than to placeresponsibility on him, and to let him know that you trust him.”     ...
4Past experience should be a guidepost, not a hitching postCoordinated all aspects of project design including            ...
5                                      projects                                        –Recreation/                       ...
6Recreation/Transportation                                                 Project name:      Sligo Creek                 ...
7Recreation/Transportation                                                                        Project name:   Jonathan...
9Recreation/Transportation                                                                       Project name:     Barnega...
8             Recreation Planning                                                                      Project name:     C...
10Recreation/Transportation Planning                                                       Additional:     To the left are...
11        Community Planning                                                                     Project name:    The     ...
12        Community Planning                                                                         Project name:   The  ...
13    Community Planning                                                            Additional:     To the left areCodorus...
14           Sustainable Design                                                               Project name:     West York ...
15             Sustainable Design                                                                     Project name:     He...
16              Sustainable Design                                                                      Project name:     ...
17            Sustainable Design                                                                      Project name:  Sprin...
18“Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.~ Ralph Waldo Emerson                                    ...
19“Most remarks that are worth making are commonplace remarks. The things thatmakes them worth saying is that we really me...
20  What use is a house if you havent got a tolerable planet to put it on?"        Henry David Thoreau                    ...
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Karla Schweitzer Farrell, rla, aicp leep ap


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Karla Schweitzer Farrell, rla, aicp leep ap

  1. 1. land planning portfolio land planning portfolioKarla Schweitzer Farrell, RLA, AICP, LEED AP+911 Smith Drive York, PA 17408 Phone: 717.225.6875 e-mail:
  2. 2. 1 table of contents table of contents resume 2 projects 5 presentations 18 client remarks 19 activities 20 land planning portfolio land planning portfolioKarla Schweitzer Farrell, RLA, AICP, LEED AP+
  3. 3. Education 2Pennsylvania State University, Bachelor of Science Major in Landscape ArchitectureCoursework: Low Impact Development & Stormwater Management, Wetland Identification & Restoration, Best Management Practices.RegistrationRegistrations1989, Pennsylvania, Registered Landscape Architect1991, Maryland Registered Landscape Architect2003, Virginia, Certified Landscape Architect2002, CLARB Certified Landscape Architect2010, New Jersey, Registered Landscape Architect2008, LEED AP, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional2010, AICP, Certified PlannerStatementStatementIt is my objective to utilize my site design, planning and project management experience ina land planning role to preserve historic assets, and develop communities and the builtenvironment to comply with the principles of economic, social and ecologicalsustainability. It is important to me to incorporate green technology, landscapearchitecture and innovative design into all projects, so that they are an expression ofsustainable technology. Karla Schweitzer Farrell, RLA, AICP, LEED AP+
  4. 4. 3“Few things can help an individual more than to placeresponsibility on him, and to let him know that you trust him.” -Booker T. WashingtonResponsible for directing multi-disciplined currentproject teams of over forty professional,including Landscape Architects, Civil responsibilitiesEngineers, Traffic Engineers, StructuralEngineers, Utility Engineers, Architects, GIStechnicians, Cost Estimators, technical writers,Sales Associates, Surveyors, Environmental 2000-presentScientists, CADD designers, CADD operators, Sr Landscape Architectand Administrative Assistants in the & Plannerpreparation of Masterplans, feasibility studies, Land Planning Dept. Headland development plans, recreational plans, Buchart-Horn, document preparation, andmarketing documents. Responsibilities includesales presentations, contract negotiations,contract oversight, staff building,interdisciplinary coordination, sales planningand Department goal setting. Karla Schweitzer Farrell, RLA, AICP, LEED AP
  5. 5. 4Past experience should be a guidepost, not a hitching postCoordinated all aspects of project design including past pastpermitting, additional services contractspreparation, PHMC clearances, project encoding, experience experiencebilling, easement & access agreements, federal,state and local permitting, condominium lotdevelopment, off-site roadway improvements, 1989-1999coordination with clients/attorneys. Prepared or Landscape Architect (RLA)supervised all aspects of site design including Project Managerstormwater management, wetland Buchart-Horn, Inc.delineation/mitigation, erosion and sedimentcontrol design, construction administration,construction management, and landscape design.Projects included recreational development,industrial development, state and municipaldevelopment, utility, highway and airportimprovements, site work for public schools,universities, state and county institutions, historicplanning, and bike trail planning and design. Karla Schweitzer Farrell, RLA, AICP, LEED AP
  6. 6. 5 projects –Recreation/ Transportation planning –Community planning –Sustainable design land planning portfolio land planning portfolioKarla Schweitzer Farrell, RLA, AICP, LEED AP
  7. 7. 6Recreation/Transportation Project name: Sligo Creek Hiker/Biker Trail, Stream Valley Unit I Site: Silver Spring, MD Objective: to extend the Sligo Creek Hiker Biker trail As the project Landscape Architect, I prepared a Feasibility to Washington D.C. while Study, an Environmental Assessment, and Contract minimizing the impact to the Documents for the extension of the Hiker / Biker Trail in Sligo Creek Park. We evaluated the 1929 NCPC development plan, stream valley. the coinciding sanitary sewer improvements program, and developed five alternative designs and their corresponding impacts on the flora, fauna, and aquatic resources. My team prepared a recommendation on the basis of environmental Client: Maryland National affects, public safety and welfare concerns, and community and agency input. I conducted a public “walk through” and Capital Park and Planning participated in televised public presentations. Construction Commission documents were prepared for 3 miles of trail within the study and in neighboring Prince Georges County. Rob Bushnell, former chief of the Maryland Scenic and Wild Rivers Program, said the design of this portion of the trail "is very, very environmentally sensitive." The project was strongly supported by the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, Anacostia Headwaters Greenway and the Coalition for the Metropolitan Branch Trail. The trail was designated as a National Recreation Trail in 2006. land planning portfolio land planning portfolio
  8. 8. 7Recreation/Transportation Project name: Jonathan Eshenour Memorial Trail Site: Hershey, PA Objective: to provide a trail that will serve both recreationThe Eshenours channeled their grief and alternative transportationfor Jonathan, their 12-year-old son needs for Hershey residents,killed in a bicycle accident, into aFoundation that lead to the planning connecting mostof a 22-mile biking and walking path neighborhoods with majorin Derry Twp. As the resident Sr.Landscape Architect at Buchart-Horn, employers and all townshipI had the pleasure of working with the parks.Derry Township RecreationDepartment for many years, first inthe development of theBicycle/Pedestrian Masterplan, and Client: Derry Townshipthen in the preparation of constructiondocuments for four phases of the trail. The funding sources and Land contributors included theFederal Highway Administration, PA Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources, theJonathan Eshenour Foundation, Milton Hershey School Trust, and the Penn State Milton S.Hershey Medical Center. I coordinated federal and state grants through the township and PADepartment of Transportation. All portions of the trail have been designed to the requirementsof the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Official’s (AASHTO) “Guidefor the Development of New Bicycle Facilities” and the Americans with Disabilities Act. One ofmy favorite work related moments took place during one of the trail ribbon cutting ceremonies.As we stood at the presentation, I watched runners, bikers and stroller pushers using thenew trail, stop to personally thank the Eshenours for their community contribution. I wasthrilled to be involved with such a positive institution. land planning portfolio land planning portfolio
  9. 9. 9Recreation/Transportation Project name: Barnegat Branch Trail Site: Ocean County, NJ Objective: to utilize an abandoned rail line as a continuous recreation trail through four municipalities. Increase opportunities for I attended a Trail Design Conference in Harrisburg in 2004, where I met Andrew Strauss, AICP, a long term consultant for Ocean County tourism by creating the trail Department of Recreation and Parks. Andrew was finalizing the Trail as a destination and linking Masterplan and looking for a partner with trail design and construction the historic villages of experience, who also had experience working with traffic and roadway engineers. We kept in touch until the County was ready to move on the Barnegat and Toms River. construction of the first phase of the trail in 2007. Through Strauss and Associates, I have wholly enjoyed assisting Ocean County Department Client: Strauss and of Recreation and Parks with the design trail amenities for the trail Associates/Planners section previously built and subsequent sections through our continuing on-call contract for Landscape Architectural and trail planning services. My team and I developed sign designs for wayfinding along the trail, trailhead facility design; landscape plans to provide shade to trail users, stabilize the project areas, and enhance the opportunity for recovery of the indigenous flora and fauna; trail design for environmentally sensitive areas; conceptual stream crossing alternatives; and modifications to existing roadway traffic patterns to ensure safety of the trail user. Additional tasks included evaluation of historically significant structures adjacent to the trail right-of-way, architectural design of visitor centers, construction administration assistance, and planning for future development. land planning portfolio land planning portfolio
  10. 10. 8 Recreation Planning Project name: Columbia River ParkWinner of the 2010Governors Awardfor ....Promoting Site: Columbia, PACommunity andEconomicRevitalization Objective: to improve aand the historic recreation facilityKeystone 20th along the Susquehanna RiverAnniversary Award that would also supportfor an exemplary economic Development andParks and environmental enhancementRecreation project Improvements to the boat launching ramp involve an improved circulationsystem and better staging areas. The new canoe and kayak loading facility will be Client: Columbia Boroughconstructed near the storm water outfall on the north side of the river bridge. The projectincorporates several Best Management Features, which will improve the quality of thestormwater runoff from the park, and provide healthier environments for adjacent flora andfauna. More than 20 state and local agencies became involved in the project, with a missionto turn the downtown riverfront into a tourist attraction. Their combined efforts resulted in anexpansion of the boating facilities, walkways, a kayak launching area, picnic tables, andpedestrian access to the Susquehanna River."There have been lots of exciting changes at the riverfront. And youll see plenty more coming downthe road," says Leo Lutz, Mayor, Borough of Columbia.Today, things are looking greener for the environment as well as the economy. ColumbiaBorough officials hard work has brought about some eco-friendly side effects. Theyvepreserved open space, revitalized a community resource, and provided increased opportunities land planning portfoliofor non-motorized transportation. land planning portfolio
  11. 11. 10Recreation/Transportation Planning Additional: To the left areGelder Park, Hershey, PA additional projects I have managed and/or designed.Gywnn Falls Trail Feasibility Study, Baltimore MD There are too many projectsBell Tavern Park, East Caln Township, PA for which to include individual detail in thisSandy Hills Park Skateboard Park, Lansdowne, MD venue. However, if there isPotomac National Scenic Trail, Belmont Bay, VA anything that looksCromwell Valley Park, Cromwell, MD interesting, please contact me and I will be happy to provideHershey Recreation Center, Hershey, PA review material.Mt. Hope Estate and Winery, Mt. Hope, PAYork Heritage Rail/Trail Feasibility Study, York, PA Contact info:Honeygo Run Park, Perry Hall, MD Kfarrell.leed.ap@gmail.comDutterer Family Park, Westminster, MD Valley Community Trail, Westminster, MD b/karla-farrell-rla-aicp-leed-Eden Mill Dam Rehabilitation, Harford Co., MD ap/8/592/1a4 T: 717.225.6875Stroud Region Levee Loop Trail, Stroudsburg area, PA land planning portfolio land planning portfolio
  12. 12. 11 Community Planning Project name: The Hershey Story, The Museum at Chocolatetown Square Site: Hershey, PA Objective: to provide educational and cultural opportunities to the community and visitors and celebrate the life and legacy of Milton S. Hershey.The M.S. Hershey Foundation, engaged Buchart-Horn for landscape architecture and civilengineering services to develop “The Hershey Story: The Museum at Chocolatetown Square”The immense building was fitted on a small but prominent W. Chocolate Ave site in theheart of downtown Hershey, PA. I worked with the building architects, the museum exhibitdesigner, Gary Goddard Entertainment, and staff members from the Hershey Museum, Client: The M.S. HersheyHershey Foundation, Hershey Trust Company and Hershey Entertainment & Resorts to Foundation,ensure the vision for the site and its use and aesthetic, was accomplished while meeting allthe municipal, county and state requirements for Stormwater Management, HighwayOccupancy, Zoning and Land Development.The museum project necessitated an agreement between several major downtown entitiesto share existing downtown parking and the parking garage located immediately behind thenew Museum. Even with this additional coordination, all site related permits and approvalswere obtained as scheduled. Downtown visitors can park in the free parking garage andvisit the Museum, or directly access West Chocolate Ave by the pedestrian Alleeincorporated into the Museum’s site design. land planning portfolio land planning portfolio
  13. 13. 12 Community Planning Project name: The I worked with the environmental engineers in Columbia Water Company developing a scope of services that incorporated sustainable design components that saved space, energy, the environment and money. The plant fronts on a prominent street within the historic district and the Site: Columbia, PA waterfront, therefore the local Historic review board was very interested in historically significant buildings and aesthetic upgrades. The existing concrete and rubble ice wall and chain link barbed wire fencing was Objective: to flood-proof replaced with a reinforced brick wall and black picket and upgrade the 150+ year fence that complemented the site while maintaining old water plant situatedPlant entrance before… necessary security. within the Columbia Borough Historic District as well at the Susquehanna River floodplain Client:The Columbia Water Company Proposed plant entrance renderingThe original 1848 buildings were maintained, and the original pump buildings that floodedwere rebuilt to be two stories tall. All the buildings were connected with a second storywalkway system to allow access during emergency events. A cellular confinementpavement system was used in areas infrequently accessed by vehicle in order to minimizerunoff. The project required many environmental/land development approvals, including aDEP/COE Joint Permit. All site related permits and approvals were obtained as scheduled. land planning portfolio land planning portfolio
  14. 14. 13 Community Planning Additional: To the left areCodorus Creek Corridor Revitalization, York, PA additional projects I have managed and/or designed.Central York School District Elementary schools, York, PA There are too many projectsCarlisle Barracks Housing, U.S. Army War College, PA for which to include individual detail in thisYork Water Company, York, PA venue. However, if there isHershey Recreation Center, Hershey, PA anything that looksEden Mill Dam Rehabilitation, Harford Co., MD interesting, please contact me and I will be happy to provideSunbury Riverfront Masterplan, Sunbury, PA material you might wish toMarietta-Donegal WWTP, Marietta, PA review.York City Police Station, York, PA Contact info: b/karla-farrell-rla-aicp-leed- ap/8/592/1a4 T: 717.225.6875 land planning portfolio land planning portfolio
  15. 15. 14 Sustainable Design Project name: West York Area School District High School and Middle School campus Site: York, PAHigh School courtyard before… Objective: to expand education facilities, increaseWest York Area School the recreation facilities, andDistrict’s middle school and maintain the Middle Schoolhigh school are on a 44 acre campus incorporating thecampus straddling the guidelines of Smart Growth, …and after the library addition at the courtyard’s far endborder of the two (encouraging developmentcommunities they serves. In order to maintain the proximity to the borough that serves the economy,population in accordance with Smart Growth, we designed a middle schoolwithin the existing campus rather than looking elsewhere for an easier community public health andbuilding lot. Limiting our project space to the available open space enabled the environment.)the existing middle school be in operation until the new school was complete.We worked with the school district to obtain adjacent vacant properties andprepared a subdivision plan to combine the lots. While this school was Client: West York Areadesigned and built prior to the PA edict for LEED (Leadership in Energy and School DistrictEnvironmental Design) design, we incorporated many Best ManagementPractices into the site design, minimizing stormwater run-off and promotingpollutant and particulate removal. Expansion to the High School was alsopart of the project program. land planning portfolio land planning portfolio
  16. 16. 15 Sustainable Design Project name: Hershey Center for Applied Research Site: Hershey, PA Objective: Incorporating the guidelines of Smart Growth,Winner of the (encouraging development2009 GBACPA that serves the economy,Design Award for community public health andSustainable Sites the environment.) The site development principles specify protecting natural resources& the 2012 and minimizing negative impact on the environment. The 165-acreDauphin County parcel incorporates a restored stream, protection of the associatedPremier Award floodplain habitat, native vegetation enhancement, and extensive Client:The Hershey Trust implementation of Stormwater Best Management Practices. Thefor Sustainable development did not disturb areas within the 100-year floodplain Company and maintained a minimum buffer from the tributary. CenterGrowth employees and visitors have the option of alternative transportation,as it is within a quarter-mile of two bus routes and free shuttle to HCAR. The site also includesa connection to the Jonathon Eshenhour Memorial Bike Trail located on the property.The stormwater management plan promotes infiltration and control discharge rates from twostormwater basins. Stormwater runoff is treated by utilization of rain gardens, vegetatedswales,and bio-swales, and is minimized by the use of vegetated pervious pavement for firelanes. The parking lot is divided by linear landscaped bioswales that collect runoff. Small damsspaced in the swales slow the flow of rainwater, promoting infiltration and allowing solids tosettle out prior to entering the inlet at the end of the swale. land planning portfolio land planning portfolio
  17. 17. 16 Sustainable Design Project name: Butler Street Green Streetscape Site: Etna, PA Objective: Butler Street Roofs Remove storm water runoff from the combined sewer system while incorporating the guidelines of Smart The Borough of Etna is a small Rivertowne Growth, (encouraging situated NW of the Allegheny River near development that serves the Pittsburgh. Etna received a sizable grant from economy, community public Growing Greener to construct a Green Streetscape to remove runoff from Butler Street in its Central Business District from health and the environment.) its Combined Sewer System to minimize the frequency and volume of combined sewer overflows as well as Urban Runoff reduction.The Borough proposed the use of ‘Green Street’ BMPs which will encourage development thatserves the economy, community, public health and the environment. Because this streetscape is Client: Etna Boroughhome to the borough’s commercial district, it is imperative that the final design take intoconsideration the needs of the business community. The installation of ‘rain gardens’ within thenarrow pedestrian area was not feasible . We came up with a design that incorporated theexisting conditions of 100 year old infrastructure, Etna’s ‘Ironworks’ history, traffic patterns, alimited public works budget, and pedestrian safety by designing an ornamental grating systemthat collected the water from the roof drains and impervious surfaces that watered the streettrees and promoted infiltration. The sidewalk trench drain will be locally manufactured cast ironportraying the historic ‘iron works’ concept, and be in a curvilinear pattern, which emanateswater in a natural pattern, and will include the use of an underground modular storage system. land planning portfolio land planning portfolio
  18. 18. 17 Sustainable Design Project name: Spring Garden Township Municipal Complex Site: York, PA Objective: to provide On site tributary to be protected administrative, police and Spring Garden township desired to public works space while expand their municipal facility by developing an available brownfield providing opportunity for site. Buchart-Horn developed a master education recreation and site plan in accordance with DCNR requirements, then generated documents for bidding. We identified the physical and cultural aspects of thesite, and how they might affect development of the 54 acre site which included a proposedadministration building, a public works building and proposed recreation facilities. The siteincluded some challenging natural and cultural site characteristics including steep slopes, Client: Spring Gardenwetlands, a pond, Mill Creek, a myrid of utility corridors and a railroad right-of-way, limiting Township Board ofopportunities for development. The previous use had been industrial, and required Supervisorscontaminant clean up. It was incumbent on us to consider the contaminants when locating sitecomponents and designing stormwater infiltration measures.The township desired to include Best Management Practice facilities, providing examples oflow impact design and responsible stormwater management to township residents anddevelopers. The project included several types of pervious pavement, rain gardens, bio-swales, special surfaces “inlets” (designed to take runoff from the road surface to a vegetatedswale behind the curb, rather than into a piped system.) oil-grit separators, streambankstabilization, and forest restoration, andeducational and interpretive placards to illustrate andexplain the BMP’s. land planning portfolio land planning portfolio
  19. 19. 18“Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.~ Ralph Waldo Emerson - Public PublicBeyond the Great Recession - South Central Pennsylvania 2020 Summit.Speaker and Panelist for the Energy and the Environment Workshop. The Presentations PresentationsSouth Central Assembly (SCA) has offered several area wide Policy Summitsthat have provided leadership and guidance to help its 8 counties throughdifficult times since its creation in 1997. This Summit was designed to help A frequent speaker andcommunities and their institutions chart a new course by examining our presenter on sustainabledifficulties and developing recovery and renewal strategies based on the planning topics, including:Regions many strengths. My presentation illustrated how SustainableCommunities can help the economy while complying with social and ecologicalsustainability. Beyond the Great Recession - South CentralSustainable Rivertownes - Balancing Community, Economy & Environment Pennsylvania 2020Guest Lecturer: Preserving our heritage, bolstering our economy and protecting Summit.our environment can happen at the same time with the same investment! REALsustainability promotes ALL components of a healthy planet and a healthycommunity, not just one or two. There are cool things we have done in the past ‘Sustainable Rivertownes’that can be incorporated into our future to help us meet environmental and Susquehanna Gatewayeconomic goals. Learn how the built environment can improve the health, Heritage Areasafety and welfare of not only people and the community, but the environmentas well. Zimmerman Center for HeritagePublic presentations for planning purposes: Spring Garden Township MunicipalComplex Masterplan; York County Rail Trail Authority Heritage Trail FeasibilityStudy; Broadcreek Trail Masterplan, Stroud Region Open space and RecreationCommission, Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg, Columbia Riverpark MasterSite Plan. Karla Schweitzer Farrell, RLA, AICP, LEED AP
  20. 20. 19“Most remarks that are worth making are commonplace remarks. The things thatmakes them worth saying is that we really mean them.” Robert Staughton Lynd“Karla - just a quick note to say thanks for you and your teams effort. We had a vision that was Client & Client &expressed in concept only as far as a site design that would keep this a special place and respect thesetting and tradition of the land. You and your teams site design made that vision a reality.” -- Ken Gall, Director Real Estate, The Hershey Trust Company. Colleague Colleague“Karla - Happy New Year! . . . I look forward to continued progress on the BBT and working w/youand BH this year. Youve been a wonderful partner (and super-sub) on this project.” -- Andrew Strauss, AICP, Principal, Strauss Associates/Planners remarks remarks In my twenty+ years“Karla, Thanks for your continued professional efforts and support for our River Park Project. Wewere very pleased with your presentation at our meeting last night and are eagerly awaiting actual experience, I have"ground breaking" as we go forward.” worked with -- Charles Hershey, Secretary, Columbia Riverpark Focus Group consultants, private“You Rock!” developers, non- -- Lori Yeich, Natural Resource Supervisor, Department of Conservation & profit organizations, Natural Resources municipalities,“Karla, Thanks so much for a great presentation, and for arranging the DEP meeting and getting the county agencies,kind of results we were looking for.” state bureaus and -- Tim Herd, Executive Director, Stroud Region Open Space and Recreation Commission various arms of the federal government.“Makes my Friday afternoon just about perfect...after a long week. And thank you to you for thisgreat result! To the left are some -- Gwen Loose, CPRP, Executive Director, YCRTA comments about my work.“Karla – I know people don’t come right and say things like this, but WELL DONE! I know there wasa reason why I encouraged the Stroud Region to go with you and Buchart Horn. The project is just as (Referencesit was envisioned, and it’s great! I was glad to have an opportunity to work with you. “ available upon -- Chuck Reid, former Executive Director, Stroud Region Open space and Recreation Commission request.)“Karla, Congratulations! Thanks for keeping Derry Township heading in the right direction.” -- Glenn Rowe, PE, Chief PA Dept. of Transportation, Traffic Engineering and Permits Karla Schweitzer Farrell, RLA, AICP, LEED AP
  21. 21. 20 What use is a house if you havent got a tolerable planet to put it on?" Henry David Thoreau - When I began my career, I learned Storm water management design activities activitiesin order to fill out my billable time. This education has been a tremendous West Manchester Zoningexperience because understanding runoff and flood issues helped me to find Hearing Board, Vice-ways to incorporate these “engineering” requirements into aesthetic and ecological Chairperson, 2009-site designs; finding a balance between function and form. In putting together this portfolio, I noticed the components that make West Manchester Sewerup my career (that have seemed haphazard at times), work together to support my Authority, Board Member,need for balance. I have supported growth, but campaigned for low impact 2006-2008development. I have influenced decision-makers to retain schools within theexisting built community rather than develop a remote farm, by finding innovative Pennsylvania Garden Show ofways to expand within limitations. I have found ways to allow businesses to grow York 2013, Judgewhile minimizing the impact on the planet. I have been fortunate to have hadmany clients with similar goals. York County Coummunty Bike trails have been my passion since 1999 because of the Foundation committtee membernumerous ways a slender pavement course can improve life quality. Trailsprovide alternative transportation avenues thereby reducing pollution, provide Green Building Councilrecreation and exercise venues, promote healthy lifestyles and walking to school, education committeeand revive small communities that historically had busy downtowns and villagesbuilt around rail stops. Trails also help preserve the original rail rights-of-ways York Conservation Society,that might someday make it easier to revive mass transportation. In a July 20th Board of Directors, 2008-2009 National Cities Weekly article, Neal Peirce wrote, "More fitness. Americasobesity epidemic curbed. Less gasoline burned, fewer carbon emissions, safer Susquehanna Greenwaysstreets, improved access to public transit. Those are just some of the reasons why Guest Lecturerbiking and walking proponents say its time for the federal government to focusless on new and expanded highways, and far more on safe pathways and Team Effort participant (repairingcomplete streets for our towns and cities.” homes of families in need) I continue to look to balance the best from the past with opportunitiesfor the future. Karla Schweitzer Farrell, RLA, AICP, LEED AP 911 Smith Drive York, PA 17408 Phone: 717.225.6875 e-mail: