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State Farm Plans Book Ucla 2010

State Farm Plans Book Ucla 2010



2010 NSAC Competition Entry; UCLA Advertising and Marketing Team Account Supervisor

2010 NSAC Competition Entry; UCLA Advertising and Marketing Team Account Supervisor



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    State Farm Plans Book Ucla 2010 State Farm Plans Book Ucla 2010 Presentation Transcript

    • University of California, Los Angeles | Advertising & Marketing Team 2010 University of California, Los Angeles Advertising & Marketing Team 2010
    • Introduction Table of Contents The insurance industry: a ubiquity of voices, each promoting a set of self-declared perks to an increasingly indifferent audience. Brand Positioning Other Executions Young adults especially have trouble filtering out the right agency to cater to their specific needs. They think, 01 Title Page 12 13 Creative Strategy 24 25 Media Plan “Wouldn’t it be swell if the entire process of selecting the right company, the one, was as simple as pointing at a company’s name and confidently stating, Intro Creative Strategy Media Overview 02 03 Table of Contents 14 15 Executions 26 27 Rollout and Budget “ that’s it. ” Executive Summary That’s It Commercial Media Rationale 04 05 Research and Planning 16 17 That’s It Print Ad 28 29 Partnerships Research Methods thatsit.com Conclusion Well, that’s it. It’s that simple. 06 07 Cultural Climate 18 19 Pocket Agent 30 31 Credits Market Landscape Educational Executions Our campaign posits State Farm as the one insurance company that young adults can willingly embrace 08 09 Brand Essence 20 21 Sports & Videogames and settle on without second thought. At such an exciting transitional age, the act of getting insured tends to occupy lazy space behind other immediate priorities. State Farm compensates for this shortcoming by understanding that life certainly does not always unravel as planned. But rest assured, State Farm will be there Target Mindset Other Executions to expel all the headaches and hassles when bumpers, burglars, carelessness, and airbags come out to play. 10 11 Target Mindset 22 23 Road Trip Phone App With an unparalleled agent-based model, young adults will not be relegated to asking “...that’s it?” when searching for a warm, dependable, human voice and instead receiving an exuberantly electronic voice.They will be greeted with an eagerness to help, characteristic of the friendly neighbor you remember growing up. 2 3
    • Executive Summary State Farm is the leading insurance agency in an extremely competitive market Our campaign goals are to: place. It holds 17.6% of the market share and insures 1 out of every 4 cars to over 40 million drivers. State Farm’s Good Neighbor service philosophy has fostered the company’s legacy since 1942. The company’s commitment to quality service has unfaltered, but young adults entering the next stage of independence are more interested in companies that market themselves as affordable, quick, and • Raise brand awareness among Convergents by 12.5% easy and avoid the confounding topic of insurance. State Farm must set the benchmark for quality insurance by building on its valued agent-based model and improving service and accessibility with • Increase Auto Insurance sales by 3 percentage points in the new technology. 18-25 year old market. • Boost sales in Renters Insurance by 3 percentage points, as a stepping To ensure long-term success, State Farm must begin to attract and retain the stone for Convergents. estimated 33-million Young Adult population. Young Adults are found to be the segment of the population that most frequently shops for insurance. However, Young Adults have a sense of overconfidence and invincibility. When that is paired with confusion about insurance, trust issues with corporations, and little money in their pockets, Young Adults are quick to dismiss insurance as a Research and Planning frivolous, pointless expense. State Farm must reverse this dismissive attitude and show them State The key benefit of State Farm insurance for Convergents is that it protects their essential things in the most convenient way possible. Farm is the company that truly understands their needs. As a generation characterized by individualism, Convergents purchase things that reflect their priorities and manage their lifestyles. They do not buy much so what they do buy matters. Secondly, when unexpected problems arise, Convergents feel vulnerable and incapable of handling the situation themselves. State Farm benefits Convergents by being the helpful ‘neighbor’ they can turn to in We call our target audience of 18-25 year olds the ‘Convergents’. They hold steadfast to desperate situations. their opinions and standards, but are willing to change if a more logical approach persuades them to. About half of them pay 50% or more of their living expenses. Also, 60% are college students and 56% Convergents persist in resolving their difficulties by searching for a reasonable solution. Our creative strategy is based upon the work full-time. The majority reported that their parents chose their insurance company for them profound moment one has when finally resolving a need-- the moment you figure it out and say, “that’s it.” With this approach, we and that they wouldn’t even know where to start if they had to choose. For those who do choose their frame State Farm as the wisest solution to unwanted problems, because it provides the best, most accessible services. The “that’s it.” insurance, price is the biggest priority. campaign showcases State Farm’s priority of eliminating inconveniences by providing quality insurance. We understand that the internet plays the biggest role in Convergents’ day-to-day living, as the prime source of information, entertainment, and social connection. To truly be the best insurance option for Convergents, State Farm must optimize technological tools as a means for simplifying insurance, as a process and a service. The “that’s it.” campaign employs real web tools to achieve this. Moreover, several executions utilize the internet for promotion and prompting online dialogue about State Farm. “” Our campaign also stresses that Convergents care what kind of company they are supporting with their purchase. Several executions Our customers’ needs will involve State Farm supporting youth initiatives or providing Convergents with tools to help them be successful. We employ public determine our path. relations strategies and viral tactics to maximize the exposure of these executions. Moreover, Convergents will be the most receptive — State Farm Mission Statement to messages within their environment. All of our executions integrate the State Farm message into Convergent lifestyles and environments, be it on the web, on print, or at events. 4 5
    • Research Methods Cultural Climate On Demand World Reality Rx Gen Y: Conscientious The Obama Effect When Good Enough is Great During a 5 month time span, Adteam2010 implemented and conducted comprehensive yet succinct research to redefine the way 18-25 year olds perceive, distinguish and interact with the insurance industry. The following research methods establish our conceptions of the “convergent” individual, allowing us to strategize our executions to maximize Technology has made In these troubled “” Americans have adopted the efficiency and congruency while maintaining awareness of our target values. us hyper-connected Entire markets have been economic times, “We can do it” individuals. transformed by products consumers seek that trade power or fidelity temporary distractions, attitude to their own lives. for low price, flexibility, comfort and support. Inferential Statistical Analysis We have 24/7 access and convenience. to information and Obama’s Grassroots Approach Cultural Take-away: each other. — Erin Biba, Wired “” Avatar grossed over • Extensive in-depth background research on State Farm and its competitors: Geico, • Engaged in descriptive statistical analysis through web traffic research by The power is with the 81% • Quality is now defined as consumer. Marketers and $77 million instantaneous results that Allstate, E-surance, Nationwide, and Progressive to compared and contrast services analyzing the up and down streams of IP addresses to identify trends in the age, Last year Skype added nearly retailers are scrambling to of the Generation Y feel the are easy to obtain. keep up with her in its opening weekend gravity of world events is causing offered, prices, websites in order to formulate trends and establish the current overall nationality, and interests of users who visit State Farm and its competitor’s 38 million users. them to get involved. •Feasible sources benefit —Procter & Gamble – Box Office Mojo from the recession by a insurance climate. websites. –AdWeek. 02.2010 diverting from negativity, 42 % Campaign included social-networking site with features like “Create Your Own Obama comfort and reassurance. The Video game industry posted Donations to Haiti via text Group”. Obama encouraged user-generated •Bottom-up relationships increase over the same period. messages surge past content, such as Will.I.Am’s “Yes We Can” viral generate passionate Sympathetic Research Facebook passed $5.53 billion video, which achieved 6 million Youtube views activity from the consumer. $55 million without media funding. • Visited local insurance agencies in high and low economic areas • Spent three weeks shadowing tow-truck drivers to gain • Interviewed the heads of UCLA Police Department • Interviewed four private investigators specializing 300 million in 12.2009. •Low effort social action to be cognizant of the current industry standard and to establish insight on the role and influence of insurance companies and Fire Department to gain understanding about in insurance fraud to analyze its effects on the — Tech Crunch 01.2010 opportunities yield highest discerning differences in social impact. immediately following an accident or car problem. renter’s insurance, its value in the minds of our target commercial enterprise and how it may deter our members as of 10.2009 —bnet.com Positivity > Realism volume of results. market, and statistics of the past 5 years regarding target market into choosing a specific insurance apartment break-ins. company 1 in 5 Americans Tweet Back to Basics Ellen 17 % Seeking tangible experiences. Dr. Phil’s 27 % Creative Research MTV’s the Buried Life’s Dr. Phil’s ratings have dropped while more • Developed a program to cohesively identify popular trends, • Conducted a nationwide survey that questioned and • Infiltrated online communities to plant moles to • Held in-depth focus groups (using 200 selected questions: “What do you want the more chipper Ellen Degeneres Show consumer lifestyles and values, and preexisting notions about amassed data from 9,482 participants chosen through a discern perceptions of the insurance industry on participants that are well-represented in the to do before you die?” has risen. auto insurance brand attitudes via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Linked In. randomized cluster sample method, with the purpose of examining the young adult’s perception of car insurance message boards and chatroom groups target’s age group) to distinguish brand affinity and awareness among 18-25 year olds to accurately Over 30 million iPhone and iPod 3 hours 83 % 6 in 10 people drove their own “Less expensive comfort foods and as well as our target’s characteristics, values and lifestyle. compare the youth-friendliness of State Farm and its Touches sold, Over 2 million Time spent per user a month 18-25 year olds sleep with their car-instead of flying- to their classic brands- think Kraft Mac and competitors applications downloaded. up 13 % cell phones last vacation destination. Cheese…are doing bang-up business…” 6 7 —Pew Social Media Survey —Mintel 01.2010 — Chicago Tribune
    • Market Landscape State Farm’s Brand Essence Founded by G.J. Mercherle in 1922, State Farm was built on “fairness and doing the right thing for the customer.” Our Insurance Provider Statefarm Allstate Geico Progressive E-surance research showed that State Farm’s virtuous philosophy remains apparent today. Brand Identity Personality Down-to-earth Aristocratic, Paternal Daring, spirited Quirky Imaginative Motto “Like a good neighbor.” “Are you in good hands?” “15 minutes can save you “Name your price.” “Quote, Buy, Print.” 15% or more” Strengths Dependable Trustworthy Competitive rates Competitive rates Straightfoward Honest Genuinely Concerned Entertaining Quick- remote access Simple Supportive Personable Quick Easy Weaknesses Expensive Mundane Irrelevant to insurance Irritating Unrealistic Out-of-touch Complicated Unsophisticated Obnoxious Inconsistent message Condescendingly deceptive Website Traffic Ranking 7328 9154 3274 5285 19997 Marketshare 17.80% 11.30% 6.90% 7.50% 17.80% Brand Take-away: Revenue $61.6 Billion $29.4 Billion $9.2 Billion $12.8 Billion $826 Million • SF has a strong brand Consumer Commentary Trying too hard. I love that black guy. Enough with that gecko! That lady is so annoying! I like the commercials. Threat: Strengths: Strengths: Threat: personality that is supported Lacks youthful spirit and Sx found SF to be honest, SF elicits positive emotions, such as Lacks novelty and engagement. through their quality service. daringness of Geico and reliable, and wholesome. “relaxed” and “grateful”. Geico elicits curiosity. Without losing its unique Progressive. company DNA, State Farm Positive Youth Meter 83 86 91 67 80 must develop strategies to incorporate more jovial and engaging qualities into their 8 Market Take-away: State Farm must create a consistent personality that highlights its unique strengths brand 9
    • Target Mindset Target Mindset Confident Self-Assured, “Despite struggling… in the teeth of the recession, nine in ten either say that they Fearless …will eventually meet their long-term financial goals.” -- Pew Research Expressive Allusive, Active They don’t buy much, so the things they do buy reflect their values, interests, and Technology as THE medium to broadcast Social Media has exposed them to Conversationalists priorities. their individualistic characteristic. more diverse groups and ideas. Upbeat Most Educated Cohort; 70% 18-25 yr olds believe in hard work, not luck as key to success. Work Hard, Play Hard Cautious but Willing Self-Assured, Brand loyalty is static. They are willing to support a brand this tells an authentic story. Fearless Convergent Female: Convergent Male: Fashion and celebrity Sports and game Collectivistic Cross-Generational “About one in eight young adults say they’ve ‘boomeranged’ back to a parent’s home Keen to genuine social action versus oriented, interests oriented, interests Collaborators due to the recession.” -Pew Research groundless cause-marketing. support dyadic support bonding connections. through competition. Beliefs Feelings Thoughts Obstacles Both use technology to stay constantly connected and to share and receive content. Music, film, and the arts The “Convergents.” They perceive themselves as Apathetic and confused about Insurance is a complicated and 66% switched insurance providers also transcend gender differences. invincible and as a result do not insurance and choosing a specific untrustworthy industry due to cost. We define our target audience of 18-25 year olds as the think of insurance as important. provider. “Convergents.” They blend traditional values inherited from their parents with self-formed values. They are coming of age during a BUT during difficult situations, they Over 80% reported that their Insurance is filled with jargon we time of compelling cultural inflection points. In one sense, they are are insecure with their ability to deal parents choose their insurance don’t care to decipher. a privileged group brought up in an increasingly technologically- with the problem and seek comfort company for them. driven world where instantaneous feedback is the norm. On the and expertise from older adults other hand, many are entering the work-force during a recession-- challenging times that have shifted the cultural framework towards “18-25 year olds are very cooperative “I don’t really know how the Over 35% said that they did not “I am already in debt because more humanistic societal values. Thus, “Convergents” do not post-accidents; They are scared system works. If I were to switch report an automobile accident of school. I can barely pay my Target Mindset Take-aways: operate on dichotomous concepts; They embody a multifaceted and their fear makes them more companies, I really wouldn’t know to their insurance company 1 or rent each month. Insurance isn’t model that has enabled them to seamlessly merge opposing appreciative of the help they receive.” where to start!” more times. exactly the first thing on my mind” ideologies into one cohesive model. - Jonathan (Lawyer) Stephanie- 22 Jordan- 21 Must expose the significance Millennial lives are centered around Alleviate the perceived Establish an optimistic and Engage and invite participation of having insurance. essentials that define who they are. complexities of insurance. lighthearted brand personality. without being overbearing 10 11
    • Brand Positioning & Strategy Creative Strategy With insights from the cultural climate, market landscape, brand essence, and target mindset, we built a brand position and strategy. The Concept: Why the period? The The The Tone BIG idea How • Written communication has changed in the digital age. Ideas broadcasted on tweets, status updates, text messages, and instant messages do not need punctuation to get the message across. Punctuation implies meaning now. If it’s used, it’s to exude a tone of voice. The period signifies finality and certainty. First and foremost, State Farm must... To do this, State Farm will highlight its best The campaign will leverage State Farm by • Adding the period solidifies what meaning of “that’s it” we’re using. and most relevant quality: its accessibility. connecting to Convergents. Not “that’s it?”, not “that’s it!”, but “that’s it.” Key Message: • Tell an authentic story that accurately • State Farm will show that it is easy to use and • It will display an understanding of • State Farm preserves its legacy portrays State Farm’s company philosophy understand by... Convergents’ pivotal life transitions by... as the best insurance provider and values. in the nation by adapting to • Consistently highlight the simplicity of its • Providing the tools to guide them evolving standards of quality • Establish a unique personality for State services through ad executions. through their process. State Farm = that’s it. service. Farm that is memorable to 18-25 year olds. • Maintain a continuous and open dialogue • Highlighting that State Farm protects the with customers about their insurance. essentials that run and define The phrase is already embedded into • It is the most accessible and produces instantaneous results. their lives. the Convergents’ vernacular. • It is positive and addresses Convergents as a valued customer • Create participatory spaces and Synonymous statements: rather than a sales number. opportunities for millenials to empower themselves through their choices. • I’m confident that this is the best solution. • It offers a simple solution to a complex problem. • It’s easy, it’s obvious, it’s the only way. • Initiate unmediated conversations between • Its decisiveness establishes an optimistic, light-hearted tone. consumers as a way for them to express their knowledge and identity . 12 13
    • The Elements Of Our Campaign The Tagline: • Shane embodies the crux of our target audience in attitude, lifestyle, and rational thought. This is Shane, As goal-oriented and sound in decision-making as he is, Shane’s bountiful life experiences do not exempt him from acceding to moments of inherent befuddlement, particularly when faced the quintessential with an overabundance of car insurance options. Shane is self-assured in most areas of his life, yet at the same time he is keen enough to seek out help when help is needed. After a too-close- Convergent. for-comfort car accident depicted in the “that’s it” commercial, Shane is no longer oblivious to the reality of on-road dangers. Not wanting to swamp his mind with stress, he intuitively avoids the labyrinth of needless online browsing and discovers home in State Farm’s all-encompassing services. To Shane, State Farm is the “that’s It.” insurance company--the one and only he can always depend on and be conclusively satisfied with. Presents State Farm as the most confident, best solution. What’s important to him: The Logo: • Investing time and energy into hobbies that stimulate his sense of individuality. • Being proactive about social issues he cares about. Executions • Fostering strong social and career networks. • Intelligent pursuits that cultivate his sense of values and professional aspirations. Shane’s natural wit and comedic timing makes him an appealing and relatable personality. The typographic State Farm logo modernizes the look of the brand. • The abbreviated “SF” logo is more scalable to new mobile mediums. “Shane serves as the liaison between • The logos have extra styling elements such State Farm and Convergents.” Convergents.” as beveled edges and web 2.0 gloss, which are consistent with a trend amongst 14 technologically-advanced tools such as 15 Pandora and Facebook
    • “that’s it.” Commercial Your Car Wants to Say Something Meet Shane. He’s a 20 something year old guy staring at the car accident he just caused. Description In a few short scenes, State Farm introduces the catchy Description The print ad series features Shane in three risky situations: new concept of “that’s it.”, a simple phrase that is as one where he is backing up his car and doesn’t see a car useful and convenient to use as State Farm itself. driving by him, one where he has apparently gotten his phone wet and is blowdrying it, and one where he has fallen asleep Placement The clip can act as an amusing intro for a State Farm- with his valuables in the open and his front door unlocked. In sponsored show stream or as a 30-second commercial each situation, Shane’s essential things comment on what’s segment on television. Employing both television and happening, highlighting the relationship he has with them. online entertainment mediums provides a variety of placement options. State Farm is then able to target Placement The print ad series will be placed in the following popular specific markets by airing the commercial on specific convergent magazines: Us Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Sports channels and shows. Illustrated and Wired. The print ads will also be placed in nine high ridership bus stop shelters. The iPhone version will be Substantiation The commercial effectively portrays the simplicity placed in the tech oriented Wired magazine; the valuables and necessity of State Farm insurance in a fresh and focused ad will be placed in Sports Illustrated, and the car ad appealing way. Shane’s character sets the humorous yet will be placed in all bus shelters as well as all print publications. relatable tone, highlighting the implications of having one’s essentials compromised. A witty, tongue-in-cheek Substantiation In each ad, Shane looks quite clueless about what is going style maintains the energy of the commercial all the way on around him, highlighting how easily Convergents get into up to the resolution. risky situations. Moreover, the series brings light to the truth that people build relationships with their things. However, Success State Farm will evaluate the increase in sales of insurance the relationship is one-sided, with the person ceasing all the Measurement policies during months of commercial release, along benefits and the things at the whims of their desires. The print with tracking spikes in the number of hits on State Farm’s ad calls attention to the reality that we nonetheless depend YouTube channel, Facebook, and Twitter. on these things, and if they could speak they would ask for you to get State Farm. Success State Farm will evaluate the number of impressions made Measurement through the print ad series. In addition, and increase in brand awareness, website traffic, as well as conversions will indicate success of print ads. 16 17
    • thatsit.com Pocket Agent and Web Account Continuity In the Digital Age, linear flow of A multidimensional service accessible 1 The Account Log 3 My Essentials: communication is evolving into continuous, through several mobile phone platforms The account log is a new feature that State Farm acknowledges that instant dialogue through multiple channels. reflects State Farm’s underlying culture includes a full timeline of past Claims, Convergents don’t have much, so what and brand values: Phone Calls with Agent, Messages they do have is a long-term investment, Description Every execution in the “that’s it.” campaign will link back Description State Farm recognizes that the old 1-800 style of customer with Agent, and Accidents that were which is why keeping inventory of all to the “that’s it.” website, a hub that ties all elements of service is being replaced by new channels of communication • To help people manage the risks of everyday life and recover documented with the iPhone. The log valuables is important. State Farm also the campaign together. that offer instant access, robust feedback loops, and a rapid from the unexpected by having instant connectivity to an will be available on the customer’s State encourages taking inventory to make claim response. State Farm’s legacy as the first and best choice for agent Farm website account and the Pocket settlements, such as a robbed apartment, Videos Connects to the State Farm YouTube account, where the insurance service is reflected by its interconnected system. Agent. The log makes insurance less go more smoothly. The “My Essentials” “that’s it.” commercial is the featured video Every interaction matters, which is why State Farm has • Promising a quality partnership between consumers and ambiguous for Convergents, who believe feature of the updated Pocket Agent developed the Pocket Agent to compliment already existing State Farm full-access comprehensive knowledge is makes the process less tedious by enabling Twitter Connects to the State Farm Twitter account services such as online access to account information. not a privilege, but an expectation. In an the iPhone to take the person through the industry like insurance, the lack of access steps of inventory, with tips (i.e. taking Facebook Connects to the State Farm Facebook account QR Codes to personal account history is contributing picture along the process) and options to aka Quick Response Code, will to the overall distrust and confusion with click on (i.e. electronics, clothing). Just by Just Ask Us Connects to the State Farm Formspring account, an accompany all visual executions. insurance. pressing a few buttons, you can add the open-forum for people to express their concerns and Scanning a two-dimensional bar code item to your inventory with an optional inquiries or comment on State Farm in general. with your phone will redirect the user Accidents picture. The inventory is then available for to the “That’s it” website. The code will State Farm makes documenting accidents viewing on the online account. Applications Pocket Agent and Road Trip App be present on all visual ads. less stressful with the “After an Accident” and “Document an Accident” functions of the Pocket Agent. The updated Pocket 4 Connectivity between Substantiation Young adults crave independence and although 50% Agent gives you the option of continuing Pocket Agent and online account: of them are still financially dependent, many of them onto “Document an Accident” as the The updated application and online feel the need for both a personal agent and personal last step of “After an Accident”. Also, account integrates new features and attention. The “that’s it.” website offers a convenient the “Document an Accident” function ensures effortless fluidity between the place for Convergents to learn about insurance, 4. Get a Quote automatically records the date, time, two platforms. Information on the app empower themselves, and build a relationship with Users receive an instant estimate on auto and location of the accident. Recording is also accessible online and vice versa. State Farm. and renters coverage. information from “Others involved” is now Documented accidents and inventory under “Required Items”. Lastly, the option are automatically logged under “My Success Web analytics will determine the main site’s ability to 5. Pick Your Agent 1 2 3 to “E-mail” allows you to check your Agent, Documented Accidents” and “My Measurement draw traffic to the ancillary sites and vice versa. This room features a map of agents across Others Involved, Others (i.e. parents), and Inventory” sections when logged onto the US and a search engine where users Yourself to receive the full accident report. www.statefarm.com. Also, the account type in their zip code to find a local agent. log is available for viewing on both 2 Fast Estimate platforms. The messages/alerts that 6. Pick Your Pay The “Fast Estimate” tool is a feature are accessible on the website are now What’s ‘it’? Pick Your Benefits This room allows users available on the website that received on the phone application. Lastly, The interactive website shows the inside of State Farm’s headquarters, to customize their insurance policy and accommodates Convergents’ expectations non-online transactions that were not offering our target an honest, insider’s perspective of State Farm as a tailor their coverage to fit their lifestyle. for quick and easy information. The tool previously available on the online report brand. The virtual building consists of six rooms. Each room conveys is one of the first features of the updated are now available for viewing on both the valuable information that helps breach both the knowledge gap and trust 1. Why Insurance? Users learn why 2. Why State Farm? Users learn how 3. Get the Basics This room describes the Pocket Agent for users who do not have application and the website. 18 gap between Convergents and State Farm, helping users make an educated having insurance is important as a State Farm offers the best quality and basics of Auto & Renters insurance in easy- State Farm accounts. 19 decision about their insurance policy. young adult. most accessible services. to-understand terms. 4
    • Online Video Bids 4 College Tuition State Farm National Youth Initiative Board Sports + Videogames Title “that’s it.” NCAA Dunk Contest Title Thumb Wars Title Video game “that’s it.” Replay Title And it’s outta here! That’s it. Description This web-based contest funds a year’s worth of Description The State Farm National Youth Initiative Board is an enhancement of the college tuition for 200 winners while also familiarizing previously-existent State Farm Youth Advisory Board. The age requirement Description Our target demographic already loves the NCAA’s Description This is not just your generic foam finger! Just like State Description The Slamdunk Recap capitalizes on Convergents (who Description Everyone remembers that game-changing moment when your Convergents with State Farm’s agent-based model. is now broadened to 17-22 years old to include those graduating high school, annual “State Farm College Slam Dunk and Three-Point Farm’s service, customization is key. The “that’s it.” spend an average of 14 hours/week playing video games) favorite player scores that impossible shot; you scream, yell, and Here’s how it works: at www.statefarm.com/thatsit, entering college, in college, and those nearing college graduation to enter Championships”. To draw even more attention to State foam finger is personalized for each university to play by creating in-game State Farm advertisements and throw high-fives up all around you! They make it look so easy! students browse a list of 200 agents, then choose an the work force. The two extra years broadens the scope of applicants to Farm’s contest, LeBron James is guest judging, and the off of their school rivalries. For example, UCLA Bruins sponsorships. The State Farm logo is placed on virtual The State Farm scrolling banner captures the exuberance of agent and submit a 2-minute video message explaining a demographic with more life experience, worldly insight, and a realistic winner has the opportunity to face-off with him in a will receive thumbs up foam fingers with a UCLA logo banners along the court and on the outfield wall. State this heart-pumping moment, perfectly capturing that amazing why they deserve the scholarship. No forms or boring vision of what they want to see achieved. With more independence comes a 3-point shootout or dunk contest. Before the contest, and the “that’s it.” slogan on the blue thumbs up side. Farm also sponsors instant replays, so that the onscreen shot and associating it with the ease and grace of State Farm. essays; a quick video message means automatic greater appreciation and interest for the influence of the Board. State Farm is also holding a viral video competition on Students can then playfully taunt their rival by flipping announcer yells “that’s it. that’s it. that’s it.” right before The banner includes three alternating images. The first displays entrance. Each agent then chooses one winning video. their website where Convergents will be able to post the foam finger over, showing a USC logo on the red the recap. the standard State Farm logo. The second flashes the “that’s it.” Moreover, Convergents recognize that State Farm empowers their age their own dunks and comments. The top five videos will thumbs down side. slogan when a player scores. The last panel consists of a variety Placement The competition will be entirely web-based, and will group and they can participate in the Board’s philanthropic efforts with the be aired during the contest and the State Farm “that’s it.” Placement This execution is placed in NBA Live ‘11, NBA 2K11, Tiger of images with different phrases such as “Nothing but net!” (each launch during December 2010 to avoid hassle revolving Facebook “Thanks for Being There” campaign. The campaign allows people banner will flash across the screen in between videos. Placement The foam fingers are strategically placed at colleges Woods PGA Tour ‘11, and NCAA Basketball ‘11, all of which phrase corresponding to a specific sport). tax filing and FAFSA. to post statuses tagging “Thanks for Being There” and the philanthropy with well-known public rivalries, primarily during NCAA are popular among Convergents. By advertising in these they wish to receive a $25,000 grant. The top five non-profit organization Placement State Farm’s social media websites advertise the contest. football and basketball seasons. video games, State Farm presents itself as youthful and The scrolling banner builds off of State Farm’s already-existing Substantiation The spiking costs of college tuition is a hot-button that are tagged will receive a grant that is part of the Board’s 5-million dollar The contest is airing on ESPN around the same time as fun-loving. Placement banner ads that are displayed at sporting venues across the topic for students. By addressing a key concern of our budget. the dunk contest. Substantiation State Farm gains student affinity by aligning their county such as at Pauley Pavilion. Wrigely Field, and other major demographic, State Farm reaffirms its compassion while simplicity, relatability, and unique personality to the Substantiation In 2009, the video game industry generated $20 billion football, basketball, and baseball stadiums. gaining student affinity and developing a face-to-face Placement Advertising to apply for the Board and the “Thanks for Being There” grant Substantiation The majority of viewers of the NCAA tournament are target’s emotional experiences. The foam fingers also dollars in revenue; by 2012, 190 million households will relationship with Convergents. campaign will be promoted through Facebook Ads and through Twitter. 21 years and older. The video uploading format of the easily integrate into the entire “that’s it.” campaign. have a next-generation video game console. Convergents, as ESPN’s primary viewers, are avid sports contest appeals as a medium that Convergents are -grabstats.com Substantiation enthusiasts as well as sports-goers. The stadium experience Success State Farm will track the number of video messages Substantiation The Board embodies State Farm’s devotion to empowering the youth and already knowledgeable of and also allows for creative Success State Farm will track the number of impressions on the coupled with the television experience increases the banners’ Measurement submitted, the amount of tuition website traffic, and the initiating social change. Meanwhile, philanthropy is one of the most relevant online interaction. Measurement “that’s it.” Website for a month after the start of the Success State Farm will count the number of website hits and exposure. amount of press covering the contest. issues for Convergents. The Board serves a a medium for State Farm game and the number of QR Codes activated. Measurement video uploads in addition to the television viewership and Convergents to work together on issues that they both care about. Success State Farm will count the number of website hits and during the contest. State Farm will also compare these State Farm will track the number of impressions on the “that’s Moreover, the “Thanks for Being There” campaign is a simple way for all Measurement video uploads in addition to the television viewership Partners College Football: numbers with the number of insurance options that Success it.” website for a one-month after the implementation of the Convergents to voice their opinion and support efforts that they believe in. during the contest. State Farm will also compare these TENNESSEE VS. FLORIDA, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 were purchased after the contest Measurement Digital Billboards. Considering the response of the region CAL VS. STANFORD, NOVEMBER 20, 2010 numbers with the number of insurance options that UCLA VS. USC, NOVEMBER 20, 2010 where the majority of viewers exist while bring a more accurate Success State Farm will measure the number of applications to the State Farm were purchased after the contest AUBURN VS. ALABAMA, NOVEMBER 26, 2010 measurement of success. Measurement National Youth Initiative Board and the number of times “Thanks for Being MICHIGAN VS. OHIO STATE, NOVEMBER 27, 2010 20 There” was tagged in the Facebook status. College Basketball: Partners Yankee Stadium 21 KANSAS VS. MISSOURI, JANUARY 25, 2010 The Staples Center CINCINNATI VS. XAVIER, DECEMBER 13, 2009 The Pasadena Rose Bowl
    • Can I Get an Encore? The Hashtag (#) Meets The Hangover Two cent Taxi Ride Road Trip Phone Application State Farm guides your journey. One application. That’s it. Description The On the Road Trip application is an iphone application with social, real-time, location-based functions. The application will make road tripping with your friends easy, it’s one app that makes your road trips easy, social, and competitive. Substantiation The application demonstrates that State Farm understands young millennial lifestyles and provides the tools to guide them through their lives. It is a reflection of State Farm guiding the larger journey-- your life. Moreover, by being Description Just last year, State Farm surprised music lovers at the Description Between the tiger in the bathroom and a few missing Description As the taxi drives you home from your favorite nightclub, you’re instantly connected to your Facebook, the application Coachella Music Festival with a tent that offered concert goers teeth, it’s hard to choose the funniest scene from The depressed to find one lonely twenty dollar bill in your wallet. But shows State Farm’s understanding of digital and social free DJ lessons and burned CDs of participants’ mixes. This Hangover. State Farm is ready for more hilarity with the as you get ready to pay, the driver turns around with a welcomed connectivity. Lastly, the application is spread virally through year State Farm wants an encore! But this just isn’t any regular premiere of The Hangover II and we want Convergents surprise: “That’ll be two cents. The rest is on State Farm”. With the picture that is instantly uploaded onto Facebook. By comeback, this is an encore for the people, by the people. to be a part of it, literally! State Farm tweets “How would this taxi ride giveaway, State Farm gives out 100,000 taxi rides, showing up on Facebook News Feeds, State Farm becomes Concert goers will cast their vote by texting “that’s it” to a you salvage a potential friendship with Mike Tyson after valued at up to $20. The passengers also receive a “that’s it.” part of the online conversation. specific number assigned to a few select bands. Participants stealing his tiger? Reply with “#thatsit.” and the funniest card with a link to the “that’s it.” website. As an incentive, the taxi will receive a confirmation text that says, “What does State one wins a premiere pass! Twitter users have three companies receive an additional $5 per ride. Success We will track the number of times the applications is Farm need to get your favorite band to play the last night of days to come up with their funniest response. The cast Download the application Start your newest Road Trip Stops on the route. Measurement downloaded, as well as the number of friends on Facebook Coachella, for FREE? Your text! “that’s it.” On the last day of will choose the top five who will win VIP passes to the Placement This giveaway takes place in major cities (Chicago, New York, Log in with your Facebook account, connect to • Map View Find me a... that the application users have. the festival, State Farm announces who the fan favorite is premiere of The Hangover II. Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles) during the most popular Twitter • See your friends as moving points Coffee Shop according to the number of texts received and the encore “party” holiday, New Year’s Eve. Facebook friends are added to your “My ‘On the Traffic View Option Rest Stop concert will be held the same night- free of charge! Placement Given its viral nature, the #thatsit tag will establish a Road’ Trip” network • Weather forecast with driving tips Gas Station trending topic. The sweepstakes is publicized through Substantiation Convergents are the demographic most drawn to clubs and Self-selected stops along the way Fast Food Placement This encore concert occurs at four different music festivals the State Farm Twitter and also through the buzz of bars. This giveaway makes it easy to target the demographic and Planning your Road Trip • Status Box in upper-right hand corner with Add these stops as points on your Map View across the nation: Coachella, All Points West, Bonnaroo, and the film. reaffirm State Farm’s dedication to saving its customers money. Program your destination • Projected Arrival Time Lollapalooza. Add friends from your “My ‘On the Road’ Trip • Driving time Update your Facebook Status with your location Substantiation The Hashtag meets The Hangover II Sweepstakes is easy Success State Farm will look at the number of impressions on the that’s it. Network” to your “Caravan.” They will be sent • Average mph Substantiation These festivals each attract up to 250,000 people every for everyone to follow and entertaining enough to keep Measurement subsite and the number of QR Codes activated. Facebook invites. View My On the Road Trip Network year, with a majority of them falling in State Farm’s 18-25 year the buzz alive. The Hangover was an instant hit across Name your Road Trip View Caravan old target market and helps to brand State Farm as a youth- the nation, particularly amongst the nation’s youth, so Partners The largest local cab companies across the country such See other caravaners Status Boxes View a complete list of your friends with their last road friendly company. this sweepstakes targets our demographic perfectly and as Chicago Carriage Cab, New York Taxis, Boston Taxis, San trips/dates, road trip points, and when their first road trip helps the State Farm brand become familiar to them Francisco Taxi, and Los Angeles Taxis. Caravan Chat was Success The votes gathered via text messages and number of through fun events and unique prizes. Chat room with all your caravaners Measurement attendees during the encore concert will be analyzed to At the end of the trip, the application will automatically determine success. Success The number of people involved will be tracked through upload a Road Trip picture to your Facebook as a picture Measurement the Twitter website. The trending topic with the hashtag that will automatically tag your fellow caravaners. also makes it easier for State Farm to track how many searches regarding this event happen on a daily basis. 22 23
    • Your Car Wants to Say Something State Farm to the Rescue Web Banner Ad Description Convergents are surrounded by caring people, like their parents, who constantly lecture them on the importance of having good insurance coverage. Sometimes it works, but most of the time Convergents could care less. Now, what if their car was the one who spoke to them about getting good insurance coverage? The “Car Wants to Say Something” execution serves as a reminder that your car needs just Media Plan as much protection as you do. In the event of a car accident, the driver may escape Description The banner ad begins with Shane beckoning for help on the freeway with his unharmed, but the car always sustains some type of damage. wrecked car. As the user moves the cursor over the banner ad, a State Farm tow truck comes into view. When the user slides the cursor across the banner, it drags Right in front of parking spots, we place digital boards that run scripts and pre- the State Farm vehicle over the wrecked car and instantly pulls it back onto the recorded audio. When the digital board’s sound sensor picks up the sound of a car road as if the wrecked car is being towed. After the car gets back on the freeway, the door closing, it triggers the script and audio to begin playing. This makes it seem as words “that’s it.” appear. The man is then shown in the passenger seat of the tow if the car has a voice and can talk to the driver or any passerby. Immediately after truck with a smile of satisfaction. the car parks, the board speaks: Placement We target websites that are commonly used by Convergents, spanning a wide “That’s it? I gave you seatbelts. You gave me... love taps? No. That’s when you leave.” variety of genres, from novelty sites to online resource sites. “That’s it! We need to talk about my road anxiety. Not having insurance gives me Substantiation The banner simply communicates the ease of being insured with State Farm. With a low self-confidence.” single click of a mouse, viewers are able to appreciate State Farm’s message without the ad coming across in an abrasive manner. Placement Public parking spots and parking structures in high traffic areas of Los Angeles Success We will easily be able to measure how many times the banner is clicked and how Substantiation This execution will be held in Los Angeles during the first two weeks of August. Los Measurement many users come to the “that’s it.” website after clicking on the banner. In addition, Angeles is a high traffic area full of influencers; a city at the forefront in terms of we will be able to measure how much time they spend on the site. generating cultural knowledge. Our main goal is to generate positive viral buzz that will posit State Farm as original and creative. Success State Farm will track clicks on Twitter, Youtube views, and mentions of the Measurement execution on various blogs. 24 25
    • Media Overview Evaluation of Campaign Health/Success Rollout and Budget Objective We want to help State Farm achieve the following: How Obtain optimal levels through the following Continuous Quantitative growth through Young Adult auto and renters mediums: Maintenance • Use of internet cookies to identify web users policies, retain legacy Young Adult auto and renters • Observe Conversions of policy holders due to search policies, and obtain optimal reach and frequency • Placement ads and web banner ads through integration of tradition, non-traditional and • Urchin software for web traffic data digital media. Traditional Qualitative Ad Team will be taking an Integrated Offensive TV • Online forums and message boards Approach: penetrating different advertising • Feedback from Facebook Fan Page and State Farm mediums in a stream-lined format Bus Stop Ads • Formspring • Media Coverage (TV and Online) Who Convergents with no particular affinity towards Magazine Ads • Volume and quality of response to guerilla tactic (online) insurance brands as well as existing State Farm policy holders. Interactive Periodic Quantitative What Brand messages delivered in areas of high Interactive Web Banner Ads Check-ups • Online survey on www.thatsit.com opportunity and concentrated target population. Search Marketing Qualitative When May 2010-May 2011 • Pretest and post-test of campaign in focus groups PR composed of target market Pulse scheduling- Maintaining a constant flow of • Usability testing of website ad placements, catered specifically to our target Events • Creative Copy Testing market, through the entire year with higher spending during certain months . Giveaways [refer to media rationale on pg. 26] Guerilla Marketing Traditional media will be displaced during specific periods, mostly during the first two months of the launch, as well as early Spring and Winter. Where Target-specific avenues, spanning from digital to TV and print. Non-traditional media will be placed in the convergent’s cities, with focus on high car traffic/ metropolitan areas. 26 27
    • Media Rationale Partnerships Magazine Ads Bus Shelter Ads Television Ads Search Marketing Web Banner Ads Guerilla Placement: Specific Placement: Specific cities that Placement: Mix of Network TV Placement: Google Placement: Various sites Placement: Los Angeles publications catered to coincide with our 2cent taxi and Cable TV; specific placement popular to our demographic, Title Honda Title Property Management Corporations Convergents, furthered execution. on Convergents most watched Timeline: Entire duration covering a wide spectrum Timeline: The first two weeks segmented by gender. shows. of campaign (May 2010-May of site genres, such as social of August 2010 Description State Farm is partnered with national Honda and Description State Farm is partnered with Property Management Corporations Timeline: During the month 2011) media, blogsophere, lifestyle Ford Dealerships. With the purchase or lease of any near College campuses across the nation. When new renters sign a Timeline: Varies by outlet- of December (to promote taxi Timeline: Varies depending and culture, finance, as well as Rationale: Los Angeles is 2010 Honda Civic, Honda Fit, Ford Fusion, or Ford contract with these companies and bundle it with State Farm’s renters Placement varies around execution) on specific TV show, with more Rationale: Google is the niche humor sites. among the cities with the most F150 models, new buyers have the opportunity to insurance package, they receive a 10% discount on their insurance specific events with high target placement during May and number one search engine individual drivers in the U.S.. It bundle their new Honda or Ford with a new State policy as well as their monthly rate. market following. During the months of June and July November. in the nation. We want our Timeline: Varies depending is also a city comprised of many Farm insurance package and receive a 10% discount “That’s it.” campaign to on site. young culture connoisseurs. on their insurance policy as well as their car purchase Placement The apartment partnership takes place during the months where Fall and spring fashion shows for Rationale: In order to build State Rationale: We chose specific become synonymous with By performing our guerilla or lease. our demographic tends to move the most because of college women (Cosmopolitan) Farm’s brand awareness prior to the TV channels that featured shows State Farm as a brand, so we Rationale: We placed tactic in public parking spaces schedules: the months of June and September. 2cent taxi execution, we will place our that not only garner high ratings will use search marketing to banners in sites that in Los Angeles, we will not only Placement The car partnership takes place in participating The biggest technology expos print ads in public bus stops of five with inour target demographic, capitalize on “That’s it.” as it are embedded into the hit a high percentage of our dealerships nationwide during the months where Substantiation College students typically move out of dormitory housing by of the year (Wired) high traffic cities we chose for the taxi also fit in cohesively with the tone builds momentum throughout demographic’s daily digital demographic, but also tap new car purchasing is the greatest. their second or third years at school, and from that point on, execution. of our campaign. We chose May the year. media habits. By targeting a into the specific “influencer” enter the world of renting. This provides State Farm with a great Coincides with football and as a heavy TV placement month wide spectrum of genres, we segment of the “convergents”. Substantiation Honda has an established reputation for producing opportunity to introduce the concept of renters insurance basketball seasons (ESPN, Bus ads were also placed in cities with in order to launch and end our ensure that we gain the highest safe, efficient and affordable cars. By establishing a as well as make their presence more well known amongst the Sports Illustrated) a high college student population campaign, as well as November reach possible, thus managing relationship with them, we can convert new Honda college audience. as well as high bus ridership in during the “sweeps” period, when our $40 million budget buyers to switch to State Farm, while giving Honda Rationale: We placed our print order to provide our campaign with viewership is at a peak. efficiently. an opportunity to provide a lead for their dealers to Success State Farm will track the number of new conversions or ads in very curated publications visibility during months of low media sell more vehicles. Likewise with Ford, it connects Measurement insurance purchases that were bundled with the purchase of a in order to maximize our reach placement. to an iconic American brand while remaining within new rental contract. goals in a way that utilizes our a college student or recent graduate’s budget. The budget in the most efficient way Bus ridership % Ford F-series has been the most popular pick-up possible. Jersey City- 46.16% truck for nearly three decades, while the Ford Fusion Boston- 31.6% was rated Motor Trends 2010 Car of the Year. San Francisco- 26.43% Arlington- 26.28% Success State Farm will track the number of new conversions Measurement or insurance purchases that were bundled with the purchase of a new vehicle. 28 29
    • Conclusion Question: When is the best time to sing along to your favorite pop song Credits without feeling insecure about your voice? It is safe to assume that a large portion of our Convergents would answer “...in my car.” Supervisors Planning Ideas Design Megan Quint Rachel Kucera Christine Takaichi Jon Gacnik Karla Liu Jenny Ta Eloisa Julio Catherine Le Jason Owyang Kevin Tran Garret Verstegen Being in a car and cruising to deafening music has been a token of youthfulness since the 1940’s, when State Linda Jin Christine Haroutourian Farm secured its position as the leading auto insurance company. Things are no different today; State Farm Krystal Yee Yina Qiao still protects the things that govern Young Adult lives. In this day, advanced technology like smart phones and Brandon Stone Sam Milechman computers are depended upon for communication, knowledge, and self-expression. Living spaces and the Nicole Shamtoob Allen Secretov things in them are the little that proclaim young adult independence and individuality. Hannah Lewis Fredo Chen Jahan Djalali Raquel Castro Overwhelmed by the thrill of living independently and emulating their perceived notions of adulthood, young Will Lam adults get carried away and distracted from precautionary measures that are well-established for their Candice Chen safety. They fail to recognize how conditional their life is, only to be met with the unwanted, juvenile feeling of helplessness in the face of difficult situations. The only solution in times like these is to turn to a trusted expert who deals with daily mishaps day-to-day, who guides and never condemns, and will ensure that your life returns to its preferred state of ordinary. State Farm is there, and you’ll be glad that once upon a time, you listened to your great friend Shane as he encouraged you to point at a triangle made up of three red circles and undauntedly declare, “ that’s it. ” 30 31