Dailey Dose Volume 8


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The Dailey Dose is Dailey's very own premier newsletter, a curation of the most relevant industry trends and observations.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Dailey Dose Volume 8

  1. 1. Volume 8 • November 31, 2011 Technology Lifestyle Retail Media
  2. 2. TechnologyKids Engage in Multidimensional PlaytimeJust as adults are increasingly grabbing for their digital media devices, Sign of the times Researchers found that 40%their children are too. However, realizing children’s need for tangible of 2- to 4-year-olds, and 52%touch, toymakers are introducing games that combine screen-based of 5- to 8-year-olds have usedand tactile activity to deliver a sensory yet digital experience. smartphones, video iPods, iPads or similar devices. Observation Nearly a quarter of 5- to 8-year- olds use more than one media Disney released the first AppMATe, a Cars- most or some of the time. themed app equipped with various games and races. Required to play are real life miniature toy cars that players can “drive” along the screen. Trendcentral | 2011 LEGO Life of George is an iPhone app that challenges players to use LEGOs to build real- world replicas of digital images. Trendcentral | 2011 Via ABCnews | Oct 2011RetailPoint and KnowWith textual information now readily available to most people most Sign of the timesof the time, marketers and retailers are scrambling to come up with Popular mobile music app Shazam saw a 100% increasenew ways to bridge the gap between real-world objects and digital in downloads of the appinformation. Expect to see innovative uses of existing technogies each week in the 12 months(apps, QR codes, augmented reality) that provide consumers with preceding June 2011. Shazaminstant access to information about tangible objects. also announced that more than $100 million was spent each year on digital music via the Observation app. A similar service, Midomi Opened during October 2011, The eBay Inspiration Shop SoundHound, is now partnering in New York collaborated with a selection of tastemakers with Spotify. such as celebrities, bloggers and stylists to create a virtual storefront display. Shoppers were exposed to a range of electronic, fashion and automotive products, and were given the option to shop instantly via a QR code and Shazam | 2011 eBay’s mobile app. Trendcentral | 2011
  3. 3. LifestyleDo-It-TogetherThe do-it-yourself trend spurred by the recession has shifted towards Sign of the times TechShop, a membership-a more collaborative mindset. From art to home decor, consumers are based do-it-together venue thatlooking to each other, as well as retail partners to extend a helping provides access to machinery,hand. Brands that deliver services that either promote convenience instruction and a like-minded community to tech DIYand confidence, or facilitate communication between DIYers will likely enthusiasts, recently openedearn a lasting halo. its fourth US location, in San Jose, CA. Observation French photographer JR won the 2011 TED Prize by asking participants to upload their self-portraits to his site for free large-scale printing, then tasking them with displaying the photo in a high traffic location. More than 50,000 people Via Iconoculture | 2011 have uploaded photos across the globe. TED | 2011Media Google+ looks to music to revive popularity Sign of the times Talks of Google+’s decline into social media oblivion The average number of daily public Google+ posts declined has been circulating for the past few weeks. Google 41% between July and hopes to win over users with its new addition: September. Google Music. The new product not only offers ManageFlitter | 2011 cloud storage and streaming services, but acts as an iTunes-like digital marketplace for purchasing and discovering songs. Once someone makes a purchase on Google Music, he or she can give Google+ friends a full listen to a track, or even an Google’s musical allies album, free of charge. Google+ hopes that music can Google has secured more than 13 million tracks from about help fuel its success similar to the way gaming has 1,000 major and independent record labels, including big players such as EMI, Universal, and Sony (not Warner helped Facebook. The “Google+ is a ghost town” Music Group, though). Adweek | Sept 2011 meme, shown above, has added fuel to rumor of Google+’s decline.