The Hitting Stops Here! A campaign for teaching kindness and respect in schools inf...
II National statistics of children in CPS custody 2006-2011 (2012 through present: unavailable)
FLORIDA:Sheila George; Randy Kluge: Dunn:
MONTANA:Haley Mills Hall
PENNSYLVANIA:Elizabeth GriecoDeborah Justice Young:**Jazmin Banks: ww...
IV CPS and sexual abuse allegations of children in their careLove Speed;11-years-old(top rt); before being removedfrom his...
VI Background of Ms. Paula Flowe and The Hitting Stops Here!, lead coordinator of “ArizonaOperation: Let my people go!Paul...
Paula Flowe is partners with “CPS family break-up victims”:Ms. Teketa WilliamsMother of three sons taken from her by Arizo...
VII Other Resources:Websites:Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, CA, is requesting a state audit of CPS. Contact information for Don...
CPS Corruption, CA: Lawyers Blacklisted for Speaking-out Schaefer exposes...
May12 Sun Mother’s DayTune-in: “America Speaks Blog Talk Radio Mother’s Day Special” where CPS family victims will speak-o...
22 Wed“19 calls” day to John Kline, US Education Committee Chairman (empowered to protect children and youthsunder federal...
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Arizona operation let_my_people_go


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EXPOSE CORRUPT Child Protection Services (CPS)
ARIZONA OPERATION: Let my people go!
Information/CALENDAR OF EVENTS (calendar p.11):
Contact us:
Paula Flowe, lead-coordinator: 800-515-9216,, (click Facebook left column)
Karla Johnson, asst. lead-coordinator: 602-942-4148,,
This FB event posted at:!/events/574917839206814
BYOS!!! (Bring your own sign! Contact us for ideas for text.)

"Urgent cry from CPS victims!
Please view and share. Concerned citizens’ support to end Child Protective Services, a government-funded agency that destroys families – who unlawfully seizes our children, subjects them to abuse and discards them when the federal monies run out.

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Arizona operation let_my_people_go

  1. 1. The Hitting Stops Here! A campaign for teaching kindness and respect in schools 800.515.9216“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because ofthe people who don’t do anything about it.” Albert EinsteinI Child Protective Services (CPS) “legalized-kidnapping” through US government-funding:a rapidly developing US social-ill (Two American mothers, victims of CPS family break-up,” Nancy Schaefer “The Unlimited Powers of Child Protective Services”: Schaefer referred to CPS as a criminal child-trafficking empire, profiting on destroying childrenand families throughout the US and territories: to GA Senator Nancy Schaefer’s Nov. 16, 2007 report “The Corrupt Business ofChild Protective Services” - “Child Protective Services (CPS) nationwide has become corrupt andthe entire system is broken almost beyond repair…parents and families should be warned of thedangers. CPS have become adult centered to the detriment of children; it is some adult or bureaucratwho makes the decisions, based often on just hearsay…The system cannot be trusted. It does notserve the people. It obliterates families and children simply because it has the power to do so.”“The Department (CPS) has become a “protected empire” built on taking children and separatingfamilies… where children and parents caught up in “legal kidnapping,” ineffective policies. The“Gestapo” at work - the deceitful conditions under which children were taken in the middle of thenight, out of hospitals, off of school buses, and out of homes.”“Parents are victimized by “the system” that makes a profit for holding children longer and“bonuses” for not returning children; caseworkers and social workers are oftentimes guilty of fraud.They withhold evidence. They fabricate evidence and they seek to terminate parental rights. TheAdoption and the Safe Families Act offers cash “bonuses” to the states for every child they adopt outof foster care. In order to receive the “adoption incentive bonuses” local child protective servicesneed more children. They must have merchandise (children) that sell and you must have plenty ofthem so the buyer can choose. (CPS) employees work to keep the federal dollars flowing.”“Children deserve better. Families deserve better. It’s time to pull back the curtain and set ourchildren and families free.” (brief informative video:
  2. 2. II National statistics of children in CPS custody 2006-2011 (2012 through present: unavailable) CPS “legalized-kidnapping,”: a national problemALABAMA:Brad Jones – I am a parent in Alabama that has had my children kidnapped from me due to falseallegations.; Joanne Wilson: Dilbeck: [CPS & authorities ignoredevidence of sexual abuse by father] ;Ashley Ray Anderson: (CPS gave custody tosexually abusive father);Darlene Dreisch: and David Thompson....St. Johns, Arizona; Alma Gomez: "i have 5 grandchildren in the cps system myunderstanding is they don’t get as much for any children over 5"; Jon Palmer; Jermain Small; Harry Adkins;Sarah Stasium; Hunny Vogel Baker and Auz Baker; Jeanette Anderson; [grandmother]; Mashie Hajny;Jameelah Adams; Raini Ketchum; Robin Hyde [grandmother]; Josie Trapnell, Rachel Sparks;John Larson: [Colorado, Arizona and Texas];Rita Lupper: Muller - My son was taken using false statements by his abusive dad..; April Yates; Darla Watlet my fourGrandchildren taken from my daughter;Christopher and Lori Martin False allegations; D. McGowen;Diane Booth: Moore: McWhorter:**William Burns: Souza: [abused in foster care]Jeffrey Henderson: Fogerty Hardwick: [won civil rightslawsuit Atty Shawn McMillan];Tracy Nunez: Adair: [$]Nagi Elhadari: Charan: Duval: Henderson: SafapouCOLORADO:Francesca Repass: [abuse in foster care]Robin Cash: Teresa Kloth-Zanard: Labonte: ($)DELAWARE:Autumn Stevens
  3. 3. FLORIDA:Sheila George; Randy Kluge: Dunn: Moore: Patton: Scribner: Laney: [abused in foster care]Claudia Laney: [$ grandma]ILLINOIS:JoAnn Brondsema Brown – I have not seen him since Dec. 2011 but he has not been adopted yet!!!Shannon DeBacker - My daughter is now owned by foster care.Allison PennIOWA:Don Burgmaier: Cook: Buchanan/Anthony Six: RollerJulie Hatcher: Owen: Hatcher: and Buddy McBrideMAINE:George Dreisch: Taylor: :John Knoland; Marie BoydMICHIGAN:Denise Bruns: Sue Stevens: Beal: Cole: / Jose Garcia: Randazzo: Bah: [refugee]Kevin Yarber, Sally Borghese [grandmother], May Flower, Carrie Wilder, Dennis LawrenceMINNESOTA:Lea Banken: Musolf: [brother]Alexandra Musolf: [sister]Jeff Musolf: [father]Heidi Reich: [CPS refused to protect abusedchildren – given to abuser]MISSISSIPPILaura FiskMISSOURI:Sarah Lauf Black: [gag order]
  4. 4. MONTANA:Haley Mills Hall [grandmother, CPS failed to remove/protect – child died]Lorne MurphyNEBRASKA:Dee Dunbar [grandma]NEVADA:Vicki Lambou: [foster parent]Melody Nelson: [gmother]NEW HAMPSHIRE:Todd Hall - courts are wrongly accusing under Megans Law."Monique Prince: Katz: Knightly: JERSEY:Zaha Ali Y’sra El:[35 judges]Robert Fulford: MEXICO:Gail D. Schumacher: YORK:Jacqueline X Massage Therapist [FB friend]Adele Vessia: (child given to perpetrator)Mona Gudbransen: ($)NORTH CAROLINA:JoAnn Brown - CPS took our grandson Jace and refused us ANY VISITS even though my daughter signed himover to us before he was born. I was accused of making him sick. MERSA?????????;Mollie Malone: Malone: Renee Kramer Ball: Harris: Baldwin: Pastirik: [Virginia & Florida]OHIO:Lynette Thomas: [Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan $] HillOREGON:Louise Weston ParksRiver Stone: Wolf:
  5. 5. PENNSYLVANIA:Elizabeth GriecoDeborah Justice Young:**Jazmin Banks: [foster parent attacked by agency– forced to falsify documents]Janice Brown: [grandmother]**Charles Stecker: [foster care child/brother diedby foster parent]RHODE ISLAND:Phyllis Stafford [child given to abuser]Faith Torres CAROLINA:John Schafer [grandfather]TENNESSEE:Jennifer M Mayfield – I finally got min back after 10,000 and a new da. However I still have all of my evidencethey stole my kids at the time and 1 of mine was/is disabledCarolyn TubbJennifer & Larry Gates: Black: Tolman VajdaVanessa Sommerfeld: Hey: Slitor: KlineIrene Holmes: G. Walker:[child to abuser]Stephanie Lynn Flygare: Forever: Schmidt: & Kenneth Lambrecht: Smith: Curry: Anderson: Kittleson: VIRGINIA:Susan Lynne McAtee Hardy
  6. 6. IV CPS and sexual abuse allegations of children in their careLove Speed;11-years-old(top rt); before being removedfrom his loving home and placedin the custody of CPSLove Speed after beingplaced in CPS custody.According to mother, hehas contracted herpesthrough forced oral sex;visible blisters are aroundthe corners of his mouth onbothsides (two on left;one on right).Love Speed hadthis letterprepared for hismother on one oftheir visits.“...they havebeenmolesting me...”CPS took awayhis right todeliver anyadditionalmessages to hismom in writingafter we broughtthis one to thepublic’s attention.
  7. 7. VI Background of Ms. Paula Flowe and The Hitting Stops Here!, lead coordinator of “ArizonaOperation: Let my people go!Paula Flowe, M.Ed., Exec. Director, The Hitting Stops Here!, leading May/June activism for exposingCPS government-funded “legalized-kidnapping” and Arizona sanctioned school beatings through the useof wooden boards (deemed a “deadly-weapon” by the US Supreme Court Justice: is an Olelo Community Media producer of American SAFEPASS (Student Alliance For Educationin Peaceful American SchoolS), Oahu 55, Honolulu, Hawaii and show hostess of America Speaks BlogTalk Radio. After more than 27 years of teaching in public schools from Forest Hills High School, NewYork to schools in Hawaii, Florida, Los Angeles, and San Jose City College, Paula discovered sanctionedUSA school beatings during a brief Georgia sojourn, fall 2006. The Hitting Stops Here! was begunthrough this experience (90 sec PSA on The Hitting Stops Here!: 2006, The Hitting Stops Here! has played a significant role in having legislation passed for banningOhio (2009) and New Mexico (2011) school corporal punishment. Likewise, activism committed by TheHitting Stops Here! supported legislation passed in a number of Texas and North Carolina school districtshaving high numbers of school beating events. As a result of a conference call held between a supporterof The Hitting Stops Here! (and personal recipient of routine school beatings), a US government officialholding an office related to the Education Committee and myself, New York Rep. Carolyn McCarthy wasurged to introduce a bill for banning this malpractice in USA schools and she accepted. McCarthyintroduced “Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act” in June 29, 2010; when it failed, McCarthyreintroduced it September 22, 2011; it failed a second time January 2, 2013. (“Ending Corporal Punishment inSchools Act” posted at: campaign for the reintroduction of this bill through the leadership of John Kline, US Education &Workforce Committee Chairman (also member of US Armed Services) has been underway since January3, 2013. To date he has declined from taking responsible legislative action for meeting the safety andfederal “protective” needs of children and youths attending schools throughout the US and territories.Raising awareness of the growing problem of US government-funded employees sanctioned for harmingchildren and youths while they are home, attending school or placed in residents “out-of-home,” is theprimary objective of this “operation.” As board member of Parents and Teachers Against Violence inEducation (PTAVE), a national 501 (c) (3) corporation, The Hitting Stops Here! has been a project ofPaula Flowe, partner of child advocacy giant, Jordan Riak, (ofc.: 925.831.1661). Paula Flowe iscertified by Positive Discipline for effective and respectful relationship training between parent and child( Paula Flowe’s contact and media information: 800.515.9216,, website: (clickFacebook , left column, for updates), America Speaks Blog Talk Radio, American SAFEPASS, Olelo Community Media, Oahu 55:
  8. 8. Paula Flowe is partners with “CPS family break-up victims”:Ms. Teketa WilliamsMother of three sons taken from her by Arizona CPS (6, 9 & 11 year-olds) through a “false 911”allegation of police being called from her home number. Teketa has investigated her phone call accountand 911 was unlisted as a call made from her home on November 25, 2012, the day police “responded” tothis “call.” Recent videos of Teketa expressing her family’s outrageous experiences with CPS:Teketa Williams and Sanctioned US Kidnapping; You told Momma. You told!: Teketa Williams contact information:cell: 870.776.0491 email: rileyteketa@gmail.comKarla JohnsonGrandmother of three boys taken from her daughter, Sara Johnson, by Arizona CPS, supported bypolice officers when they forced their way into her home for removing the boys from the custody of themother; CPS later removed two more of Sara’s children without her having caused any harm to them,as they were taken soon after their delivery from the hospital. Reason? They already had the older son.Videos of Karla speaking-out on behalf of her daughter: Karla Johnson contact information:home: 602.942.4148 email: nteowl2@q.comPhotos of sonsin CPS custodydisplayingunexplainedmarks, skindiscoloration& bruising andneglected oralcare of teeth.
  9. 9. VII Other Resources:Websites:Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, CA, is requesting a state audit of CPS. Contact information for Donnellyand other members of the California State Assembly Joint Committee on Legislative Audit: Tim Donnelly Facebook: for Families, Karla Johnson: www.JusticeForFamilies.usA campaign for protecting children and youths from government-funded employees while attendingschools throughout the US and territories: (click Facebook and MessageBoard in left column)Documents:Forensic News Service: www.forensicnews.orgMichelle and Barack Obama Cash in on Human Trafficking Children: enormous number of American children placed in foster care under CPS are among theprimary targets for the type of abuse committed by unprofessional and criminal Americaneducators, documented in the three most recent professional and government reports of themillennium:Fatal harm (see pp 15-17): (see p. 41): and torture (see pp 3, 5): Education Committee Chairman John Kline (also member of US Armed Services) hasremained unresponsive: informative web-links regarding sanctioned abuse by government-fundedemployees: Taking on Orange County, California CPS: Kelly’s interview with parents of child taken by CPS, posted on recent national news: Orange County’s Child Protective Services A “System of Lies?: agent caught on tape kidnapping and abusing children and certified related family caregivers:www.riversidecpscorruption.blogspot.comMother Faces Swat-team & Tank to prevent loss of daughter to CPS:
  10. 10. CPS Corruption, CA: Lawyers Blacklisted for Speaking-out Schaefer exposes the evil CPS: Nancy Schaefer “The Unlimited Powers of Child Protective Services” Part 1: death of Nancy Schaefer for exposing CPS: CPS insider reveals "secret rules" that corrupt "Child Protection Services" Inc. must follow: Government Invasion of your Parental Rights: www.overruledmovie.comLegally-Kidnapped by Beverly Tran: The Financial Incentive: Corrupt & UnConstitutional: officer reveals criminal behavior of CPS: ‘A.F.’ reveals to Karla : “I worked in lawenforcement in AZ part time from 1978 until 2001 and CPS has always had a history of getting involvedwhen they didnt need to and turn their head when they were needed. I had many cases where theyremoved children when it was not necessary."_________________VI Calendar, May/June 2013“Arizona Operation: Let my people go!”sponsored by The Hitting Stops Here! A campaign for teaching kindness and respect in schools everywhere.May/June 2013 Calendar• Arizona is the capital state for “legalized-kidnapping” of children and youths for profitthrough child agencies such as CPS leading to America’s young being damaged, dysfunctional, andon numerous occasions, dead through maltreatment; many find themselves serving their childhoodin sex-traffic rings and privatized prisons and at 18-years-old dumped into the streets withoutsupport or skills for being “employable.” “Immunity” laws and “Parental Rights” legislationprotect government employees from prosecution when they commit these criminal acts.• Arizona is one of the 19 US states where unprofessional and even criminal Americaneducators may take a wooden board*, deemed a “deadly-weapon” by the US Supreme CourtJustice to strike schoolchildren and youths in their care for obedience. The Supreme Court alsodeems the practice “cruel and unusual punishment,” EXCEPT for schoolchildren (see TheUmbrella of Power, p. 52, Dr. Noam Chomsky, Harvard Professor of Law). An enormous varietyof corporal punishment** (pain-based behavior management) is widely used on USA students.
  11. 11. May12 Sun Mother’s DayTune-in: “America Speaks Blog Talk Radio Mother’s Day Special” where CPS family victims will speak-outabout their children removed from their loving MonTucson, Arizona Court hearing, regarding three children of Ms. Teketa Williams recklessly removed from theirhome by CPS; to be held at: Pima County Juvenile Court, 2225 East Ajo Way, Tucson, Arizona, 85713, 11 am;Attorney George Haskel Curtis is representing Ms. Williams under Judge Wayne Yelding14 TuesArizona, State Capital Building front entrance “sign-holding” in support of an Arizona mother of three boyswho were removed from her custody under provable false allegations made by CPS (story: WedAwareness/sign-holding, leaflet distributing at the Arizons State Capitol Bldg. rally held by Governor JanBrewer on the House lawn, for the announcement of her improved medicaid plans for Arizona’ssocioeconomically-disadvantaged. Olelo Community Media, Oahu, Hawaii event coverage provided by Oahu55’s American SAFEPASS series producer, Paula Flowe. Gov Brewer supports the Arizona Dept of EconomicSecurity, from which funding is provided for Child Protective Services employees (review: Thurs- 19 SundayPhoenix neighborhood awareness-canvassing for “Arizona Operation: Let my people go!”Dial: 800.515.9216 for regularly recorded updates or review postings at Facebook event, “Banning USASchool Beatings,”: SundayPhoenix Community Ohana Event ( family: “Ohana” in Hawaiian)2 pm - 5 pm located at the community park at 39th and Evans of ThunderbirdMon, 20th - Sun, 26th (updates posted at:“Outdoor Downtown Phoenix, Arizona 24/7” awareness-rally begins on sidewalk at KSAZ FOX 10directly next door to the Phoenix Police Department located at 620 W. Washington St., (602.262.7626;friendly and professional officer at this police department has been informed of the planned activism )20 Mon19-Block March, “Meet-up at KSAZ FOX 10” (next door to: 620 W. Washington St.) for a 19 blocksign-holding and leaflet distribution march beginning and ending at this location21 Tues“19 CPS victim-stories” day told on America Speaks Blog Talk Radio, including the story of Dr. Dillon’s7-year-old daughter (, publicized at arecent national press conference in California by Attorney Brian Claypool of The Claypool Law Firm( and the recent 5 month old California CPS kidnapping alsorecently publicized on national news (
  12. 12. 22 Wed“19 calls” day to John Kline, US Education Committee Chairman (empowered to protect children and youthsunder federal law while they attend USA schools; 202.225.2271), and Tom Horne, Arizona Attorney General(empowered to protect children and youths under Arizona state law while they are home, or in residentialplacements such as foster and group homes; 602.542.5025), urging each to lead responsibly or to resign.US governing officials commit treason when they fail to honor “God-given” rights of American citizens,protected by the US Constitution (AG Tom Horne, see article 6, par. 2 of the US Constitution) particularly the14th and 4th amendments of American children and youths; “protective” & “due process” and “unreasonablesearches and seizures,” respectively.23 Thurs“19-Stories” day of schoolchildren and youths from each of the 19 states where “sanctioned” and “lawless”physical punishment of students occurs routinely, frequently targeted at children in “out-of-home” placement--from beatings with wooden boards, to isolation, to harmful restraints & seclusions and electroshock therapy, tosexual abuse and even harm resulting in fatalities--all committed and protected by US government-paidemployees**.24 Fri“19 messages” day to CPS related employees” related to “CPS family break-ups.” (We are accepting storiesfor sharing at future events; send to: Sat - 26 SunSign-holding and information distribution in Downtown Phoenix27 Mon“Town Hall” meeting, 3 pm - 5 pm (location tba). Olelo Community Media, Oahu 55 television coverageof the weeks events, results and needs for continued success for having federal “protective” laws honored byall US government-funded employees in all environments occupied by all American children and youths, at alltimes, under all circumstances over every square foot of US soil.30 Thurs... through time at whichthe following two objectives have been met by appropriate US governing officials:1) “Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act” becomes US federal “protective” law for all Americanschoolchildren throughout the US and territoriesLove Speed, Imannuel Speed and Romeo Riley are returned to their mother, Ms. Teketa Williams; Isaiah,Josiah and “Little Freddie” are returned to Karla Johnson, Alyssa Carol Barber is returned to her mother,Alexandria Allie, Dr. Dillon, mother of seven-year-old daughter, has regained full parental custody, and allother children unjustly removed from their homes by US government-funded employees are returned to theirfamilies or placed under “safe residential living conditions,” or official documentation of the deaths of suchchildren and youths has been delivered to such families. Lastly, until Child Protective Services has beendismantled and the process of delivering justice to each “CPS family break-up victim” has begun.Locations (times/tba):ArizonaHawaiiCalifornia_____________*The wooden board is a “deadly-weapon” deemed so by the US Supreme Court Justice, yet US government-paid workers use it freely on schoolchildren in 19 US states and territories:**Letter to John Kline, US Ed. Chairman, describing outrageous maltreatment of